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Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Friday, October 1, 2010

Venus: M*A*S*H- Alan Alda Through The Wisecracks: The Style of Off The Cuff Humor

I’m the biggest smartass that I know and not just physically. I try to find humor in everything and everyone that I see. My mind is always on and sometimes I just can’t help it and I have to say what I’m thinking. Humor, is almost always running through my head whether I’m in a good mood or not. Generally good mood, but I only tease people who I like and know well. So if I’m teasing you it’s because I like you not, because I’m trying to put you down. If I’m not teasing you, it’s because I don’t like you, or know you very well. See humor to me is a form of communication, not just a way to make someone laugh. It’s also a way for me to show affection.

A lot of people say I’m sarcastic, but I don’t think so. Sarcasm is mean trying to put someone or something down. Funny sure, but mean. I’m flip and flip is spontaneous, off the wall, no time to prepare. You see something, or someone and you right away analyze it & comment on it. That’s my humor from the top of my head what I’m thinking at that moment. Not something that I heard in the last five most popular movies that were just made, or the current most popular sitcoms. That everyone is repeating and not thinking for themselves. Which leads into my next point. There was a sarcasm revolution started in the mid 1990’s started by NBC’s Must See TV. Which was four sitcoms in a row on a Thursday night.

There were four different sitcoms, but all 4 shows had very similar lines almost like they all had the same writers working for all four shows. Also most of the movies the last 10-15 years have had very similar humor and it’s like watching the very same movie over and over. Not a lot of originality. Again, the same writers working for the same movies. You know it was all cookie-cutter humor. There have been some exceptions like True Romance, Jackie Brown, Big Lebowski and Hurly Burly. Four of my favorite movies all-time and a lot of that is, because of the writing. See when I’m watching a movie or a sitcom and I here a funny line, I want to hear a line, or see something and, “go aw! That’s good I didn’t think of that.” Rather than, “wait a moment, didn’t I just see something very similar, or hear that line in another movie that I saw recently?”

MASH, is my favorite sitcom of all-time, because of the writing and Alan Alda is one my favorite comedic actors of all-time. But also because of the writing. They could find humor everywhere and it was humor that you hadn’t heard before. Which is my style of humor. They would see a situation, or somebody and right away spontaneously find the humor in it. Rather than borrowing a line from someone, or something else. A lot of the sitcoms and movies today, they find something that works like in a focus group and they repeat over and over, in show after show and movie after movie. So you wind up hearing the same lines on the street, because they heard those lines on some show, or movie they just saw. Rather than thinking for them self. Hollywood’s gotten lazy with its humor, so the people on the street have gotten lazy with there’s. That’s just not me, my humor is spontaneous, off the cuff, from my own brain, rather than someone else’s.