Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Monday, June 20, 2011

Liberty Pen: The Mike Wallace Show 1959: Ayn Rand- Liberty vs. Statism

This piece was originally posted at FRS FreeState: Liberty Pen: The Mike Wallace Show 1959: Ayn Rand- Liberty vs. Statism

If you’re a Liberal such in my case, or a Libertarian/Objectivist in Ayn Rand’s case, you believe in individual liberty. That the people have the right to essentially govern themselves. Now, my approach to liberty compared with Ayn Rand’s, is much different, but our objectives are the same. Ayn Rand, is exactly what a Classical Libertarian is. Keep government completely out of the economy. No taxation, regulation, or a safety net coming from the government. I however, believe that government has a role in not regulating how people live their own lives, but how they interact with each other. To protect innocent people from those who would hurt them, but not try to protect people from themselves.

If you’re a Socialist, you essentially believe that the country is in it together and that no one should have a lot more than others. Even if they created that material wealth on their own. And that government should heavily tax those who make a lot. For one, to give to those who don’t have much. And that government essentially knows best in what the people need to live and should be the one providing those service for the people. That government’s role is essentially to spread the wealth throughout society through high taxes. But not just high taxes on high earners, but everyone in general.

If you’re an authoritarian, or statist, lets take Communists for example, you essentially believe that government’s role is to protect people from themselves, but also to protect people from the government. And that power comes and rests with the government. That if people have liberty, they won’t know what to do with it, which will cause instability. This is essentially the argument that the Chinese Communist Party and the Iranian Theocratic Islamists have made since they’ve been in power.

Despite all the stereotypes that Liberals have now about being about the welfare state and centralized power, especially coming from the right-wing and being bought in by the mainstream media, that’s really not what liberalism is about. Liberalism, is not about the welfare state, centralized power and government control. Those things relate to socialism and statism. Liberalism, is about individual liberty and equality of opportunity for the individual. Liberalism, has more in common with libertarianism like in Ayn Rand’s case, but different from libertarianism and socialism.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Passionate Patriots: Video: 1968 DNC Nightmare in Chicago

This post was originally posted at FRS FreeState on Blogger

The Democratic Party cost themselves the presidential election of 1968 and a chance to win the White House for a third straight time and 8-10 presidential elections, going back to 1932 with FDR. To go along with another Democratic Congress because of how divided they were on the Vietnam War. A lot of that can be blamed on President Johnson’s handling of the Vietnam War, but this can also be blamed on the Far-Left flank of the Democratic Party that’s anti-war period. Even when we are attacked and they can take their anti-war feelings to extreme at times, as we saw with the 1968 riots at the Democratic Convention.

The New-Left in the Democratic Party doesn’t deserve all the blame here. The Chicago Police didn’t do a very good job of handling the situation either. And of course Richard Nixon being the master politician that he was, jumped all over on the Democratic division and moved himself to be a unity candidate. Which of course he wasn’t. By the time President Nixon left office in August of 1974, America if anything was even more divided. 1968 was a crazy year with a lot of bad for the country with some good in it. But all bad for the Democratic Party.

A year where President Johnson announced he wasn’t running for reelection as President because of how unpopular he was. But even had he run for reelection, he would’ve had a very hard time getting renominated by a party that had moved away from him. And had moved into an anti-war socialist direction. That wanted to bring all of our troops home from Vietnam and use that money to build the country.

1968 was also a crazy year for democrats who once they moved away from LBJ, the Far-Left flank of the party went searching for their own candidate to take on the GOP in the fall. First it was Senator Eugene McCarthy until Senator Robert Kennedy declared his candidacy for President, then they threw all of their support behind him up until he was assassinated in June of 68. And then of the party went behind Vice President Hubert Humphrey, the establishment wing of the party.

But some New-Left support went back to Senator McCarthy, as well as Senator George McGovern. Another candidate from the Far-Left flank of the party. As it turned out even though 1968 might have looked like a fluke, it clearly wasn’t. Because in 1972 Democrats had similar issues. They were disorganized, didn’t have a clear leader with more divisive presidential primary’s and once again the Far-Left flank deciding who the Democratic presidential nominee would be. Senator George McGovern taking on an establishment GOP Candidate President Nixon and losing 49 States in a landslide.

When the Democratic Party is united it tends to win and do very well. Because its bigger than the Republican Party and represents more people in the country. But when it’s divided like it was in 68, 72, 80 and 84, it loses very bad. Because a faction of their party doesn’t show up to the polls to vote.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

AP: Raw Video: U.S. Representative Anthony Weiner Resigns in Wake of Sexting Scandal

Today U.S. Representatives Anthony Weiner, Democrat from New York, New York City to be specific, stepped up to the plate and hit a home Run. (Sorry for the baseball analogy for you non-sports fans) And did the right thing by resigning his seat in the House of Representatives. As I’ve said before it’s not what Representative Weiner did that was wrong with his own private time, (well his wife might disagree with that) and yes members of Congress do have private time, they are not always at work, just look at the U.S. Senate, I rest my case. When do they ever work?

It’s not what Representative Weiner did with his free time that’s the problem with me and a lot of other people. As a liberal I could care less with what people do with their free time. With what Representative Weiner did is between him and his wife and their family if they have one yet. It’s the consequences of his actions that are the problem, the fact of how public he alone made them by sharing them on Twitter and professional status that’s the problem. We are not talking about Joe Jones truck driver, not that there’s anything wrong with Joe Jones truck driver. I’m sure he’s a fine man, I’m not trying to sound like a snob or something here.

We are talking about a U.S. Representative and a member of Congress, a constitutional officer and a public official. The fact in today’s information age, what people do in public especially public officials, the whole world literally gets to see it. And in a way is all of our business whether that’s the right thing or not. Because of the fact that we all have the ability to weigh in on it. As I’m doing now by blogging about it, but blogging is not the only way to weigh in on stories like this. WordPress, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace go down the line. And that’s enough plugs on my part, no wait I forgot my personal favorite Blogger.

Because of Representative Weiner’s irresponsible actions to post in public his affairs so to speak, the U.S. House especially the Democratic Leadership and the rest of the Democratic Caucus, are forced to deal with it in one way or the other. Either take questions about it, or take official actions, which is apparently what the House as a whole was preparing to do. Which is to file and investigation into the Weiner story. (The big Weiner story) Politically this would be bad for everyone, House Democrats for having to deal with this story with hearings and investigations as well as the House GOP.

But it would be a huge distraction especially for the House Democratic Leadership who as of right now are in good position of retaking the majority in the House in 2012. And pushing their own agenda once they were to retake the majority. Thanks to House GOP mishandling of Medicare back in April, but the House Democratic Leadership were already breaking records in fundraising and recruiting candidates to take on the 62 Republican freshmen from 2010.

And the House GOP Medicare fiasco just reinforced that, but with the Weiner story, instead of concentrating on their own agenda they have to concentrate on Representative Weiner instead. So I’m glad Representative Weiner stepped up to the plate today and did the right thing and stepped down from office. Which I hope will bring and end to this story, which I think will continue, but at least he did his part to close this ugly chapter.
Anthony Weiner

Monday, June 6, 2011

FRS Daily Press Plus: Woman- In Skinny Jeans in Boots At The School

Source: FRS Daily Press Plus-
Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Press Plus

Here’s a tall gorgeous curvy sexy blonde that proves that the myth that all blonde women are rail-thin is a myth. Yes blonde women have curves as well and this blonde is proud of hers and showcases them very well. In her tight denim jeans in leather boots. As well as a leather jacket. Gorgeous sexy women that’s very proud of how she looks and wants the world to see it. 

Skinny women to me aren’t sexy. I’m not interested in stereotypical valley girls or stereotypical rail-thin models. I’m not interested in obese women who’ve never missed and opportunity to eat or never turned downs seconds as well. I’m interested healthy women, women who take care of themselves. Who eat well, balanced meals who work out as well, who take care of themselves. 

Healthy women to me are sexy women as you see in this video. Beautiful sexy women in a very sexy outfit that combines both worlds of leather and denim into one very sexy package, a pleasure to check out. Tall gorgeous sexy blonde because she takes care of herself and is proud of that and lets the world see how healthy she is. 

Friday, June 3, 2011

IBob 1983: Blonde Woman in Denim Jeans in Boots

Source: IBob 1983-
Source: This post was originally posted at FRS Daily Press Plus

I saw a video on YouTube a year ago of a beautiful sexy looking women I guess out shopping for the day. Looking very sexy with a very tight body. She was about as sexy and well-built a women as I had seen in a while. She looked great in a sweater, tight denim skinny jeans in black leather boots. Out shopping or that is what the video wanted to portray and she looked great. 

This women knows she’s beautiful and sexy, knows she has a great body and how she looks in tight denim jeans. And is apparently very proud of that, I’m guessing so is her husband or boyfriend, who I believe shot this video. And I can’t blame her, she really knows how to get guys attention and why not. She is not ashamed or her sex appeal and why should she be, she’s obviously proud of it, as she should be. 

I doubt it’s the only quality she has going for her. But physical appearance at least for sighted people is the first thing that we notice about people. Both men and women and she has a very sexy physical appearance, so why not highlight that. And with skin-tight blue denim jeans with her body and how they showcase her butt and legs. 

Plus throw in a tight sweater and jacket and black Leather Boots. She did about as good of a job that could be done, in highlighting her physical sex appeal. Sexy women out for the day is a YouTube video I would suggest if you're interested in sexy women that know and are proud of their sex appeal. 
IBob 1983: Blonde Girl in Denim Jeans in Nice Boots

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Blondes in Boots: Sexy Women Take Care of Themselves

Source: Blondes in Boots-
Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Press Plus

I love confident women who know they look good and sexy. Women who know that they are sexy and know men know they are sexy. And want the world to know that they are sexy and have the confidence to show people that they are sexy. I’m not talking about arrogance or women thinking they are more than they actually are. But beautiful well-built women who take care of themselves, who eat full-balanced meals and workout. 

Not women who starve themselves or eat like there’s no more food around. But women who take care of themselves and have the confidence to show others how healthy they are. Sexy women to me love wearing tight jeans, whether they are denim jeans or leather jeans. Leather jeans on women being more popular in Europe than in America. Unfortunately from the perspective of an American man. 

Tight jeans are a perfect way for a sexy women to show off their body. Because they highlight their curves so much. But they have to be careful with them and make sure they are wearing the right pair of tight jeans, denim or leather. Because if they have an aspect they don’t want the world to see, if they are wearing the wrong pair of tight jeans, everyone will know. 

Because of tight jeans highlight a women’s curves. Sexy women should have no problem showing the world how they look. Because they are sexy and a lot of people, especially men would like to see that. But if you are rail-thin, or you are lets say twenty-pounds or more overweight and even obese, you'll look even much more so, especially if you are wearing skin-tight or skinny jeans. 
Blondes in Boots: Sexy Woman in Jeans in Boots

Miss Sixty Girl: Denim Jeans, Brown Belt and Boots

Source: Miss Sixty Girl-
Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Press Plus

Gotta love women who are physically confident and are confident because they know they are sexy. They know they are beautiful and sexy because they have natural sex appeal. Natural beauty with a great natural body, or they work hard at taking care of themselves, or both. It's depressing to me to see beautiful sexy women who look ragged by the time they reach their mid 30s, or in Marilyn Monroe’s case dead by 36. 

Or in Whitney Houston’s case a beautiful women one of the best looking in the music industry, looking very unhealthy because of drug abuse and perhaps not eating properly and starving herself, in her 40s. But it's very impressive to me to see gorgeous Sexy Women in their 40s, take Mariah Carey for example. Or in their 50s with Catherine Bach or 60s like Jaclyn Smith’s case or 70s in Raquel Welch’s and Tina Turner’s case. 

Because these sexy women take care of themselves, they don’t take drugs. They eat properly, balanced meals, they get enough sleep, they workout and they have a good time. Which relieves stress and many of these middle age, or upper middle age women look better than a lot of these younger women. And they don’t burn out because they take care of themselves. 

And don’t get swept away in the Hollywood lifestyle and celebrity culture. They have ability as far as their job and are always able to find work. But they also always look great because they work at it. It's great to have natural beauty and a great natural body, but that only goes so far. Just like a car or a house you have to be able to maintain it, to keep looking great. 
Miss Sixty Girl: Denim Jeans, Belt and Boots