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Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Customer Service at its Funniest and Worst: A Lesson on how not to Treat Customers

Here's a story on how not to treat customers and then just to be fair, later on. If your still awake, I'll show you how not to treat employees who work in these business's. When your a customer but a guy walks into a Car Rental Agency, lets call this place Cash for Clunkers. To well if you guessed to rent a car, you would be correct sir or mam. If he was looking for a Chili Dog he went to the wrong place. He went to the up to the counter and was greeted by this gorgeous baby face brunette. Played by Annette Millan who looks like that in Real Life and is a Fashion Model. Hopefully expanding her Acting Career as well, she could be the next Sophia Vergara but we'll see. And tells her she would like to rent a car, she tells him we don't have any cars to rent. You can only rent cars here through reservation by calling ahead. He points out to her, because he can see and read, that the sign says as Cash for Clunkers says. Cars available to rent, she says that true she sees the sign, the guy asks so can I rent a car. She tells him we don't have any cars to rent, you have to make a reservation and then points out we have a phone here that you can use to call us. Shows the guy the phone and he has this puzzled look on his face, like he's dreaming us this right now. It can't be real but walks up to phone to calls the Rental Office that he's standing in right now. Calls the office, Baby Annette the lady he had been speaking to, answers the phone. Imagine calling someone on your Cell Phone and this person is standing right next to you. They are talking to each other on the phone, even though they are literally ten feet from each other.

Now I doubt this situation would happen in Real Life and I hope I'm not the only one who doubts this would happen. Unless there was actually a Car Rental place called Cash for Clunkers. All right so lets say there's actually a place like that, maybe there would be brainless person working there. Who's not even aware when they are talking to someone on the phone and that they are talking to someone. Thats literally in the same room as them. But here's the problem, what customer would put up with that kind of treatment. You would have to be the biggest Punching Bag in the World to put up with that. Someone who can't figure out when someone is actually insulting them and takes insults as complements. But again to be fair I know what its like to be on the other end of that situation. We all know what its like to deal with rude employees and employees who don't know what they are doing. Who are suppose to be helping you but don't know the store well enough to find what your looking for. Even if they work in that department but how many of us know what its like to be an employee. Who knows what they are doing but has to deal with customers that don't know what they are doing. And are just so damn rude or having such a bad day. That they decide to take it out on the first person they see which is you.

I have about twelve years experience working in Customer Service, I worked at a Grocery Store, Movie Theater and in Retail. Had to deal with rude and stupid people or at least people who were out of their minds. And have been asked some of the most ridiculous questions that you can imagine. Like walking up to cashiers and asking them if they are open, nah I'm not open I'm just standing here enjoying the view. Of people like you standing in line. Or someone who's clearly works at that store or theater, doing work wearing a Name Tag or some cheesy uniform. And someone will ask that person do they work here and I would say something like. I better work here or I should stop helping them out and not getting paid for it. Or no I don't work here, I do this in my Free Time so its not work. Or I don't work here and I should give back this uniform because its not my style. We've all had to deal with incompetent rude employees but how many of us have had to deal with customers like that.