Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Friday, January 27, 2012

HBO: Real Time With Bill Maher- Republicans Are Like Children

Source: HBO: Real Time With Bill Maher- Republicans Are Like Children

In the last few years the Republican Party has done a solid job as far as coming up with ideas. Giving people things to think about and advancing their agenda so far. That all of 2010 and 2011, the national debate was fought on Republican territory. Congressional Republicans had home field advantage for basically all of 2011. Getting President Obama to concede on a lot, especially as it related to the Federal budget. And they probably would've won a lot more, but here was the weakness in the Republican execution. And I'm not talking about a Texas death row case. But when the President said you know what GOP, they have a good idea here. Like on the debt commission a couple years ago. Its so good in fact, that he agreed with that and went along with that idea. Its as if the Republican Party likes their own ideas, until Barack Obama and other Democrats support it.

And the health care reform debate of a few years ago perfect example of it. Like with the health care mandate, requiring everyone in America to put some money down for their health care. Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Bob Dole, the Heritage Foundation and others, all supported the health care mandate, at least at some point in their careers. Its as if some Republicans can't take yes for an answer. "All right fine, we give in. We'll give you everything you want. And someone says, "no! I change my mind, I no longer want that." Or they change the rules in the game. Which is why President Obama should be playing the role of the negotiator or director. "I've laid out where I can work with the Republican Party. Because I now have to in order to get anything done, because they now control the House of Representatives. And we now have a divided Congress and this what I'm willing to give up. But they have to come to me as well or we'll never get anything done."

The adults in the Republican Party need to step up and take control of their households. Tell their kids, (the Tea Party) they can't skip school and spend all of their time on the internet or iphone. That they can't have cake for dinner, that they can't spend the night with their girlfriend or boyfriend, etc. That the parents have to take control of their households and tell their kids to shut up. "I can't give you everything you want, for one I don't agree with everything you want to do. And I don't have the power to give you everything you want. We have a Democratic Senate and a Democratic President and there's a limit to what we can do with divided government." Which is what we finally got to see with Speaker John Boehner during the payroll tax cut extension in early January. I'm not a parent and perfectly comfortable with that, but I've seen parents in how they operate, including my own. And have some idea what they go through and I have a pretty good idea what leadership is about.

What it takes to be a good leader, is exactly that someone who leads. A parent is a form of a leader and they lead their kids, so if you're a leader especially in Congress, you have to be able to tell your caucus, (your children) that you can't give them everything that they want. That it comes a time when the adults have to step up and tell their kids. "That this is how its going to be." The Republican Party lost in 2008 both the White House and Congress, because a lot of this Far-Right base that now calls themselves the Tea Party, stayed home. With millions of new Americans, especially young Americans, coming out instead and voting for then Senator Barack Obama for President and a lot of House and Senate Democrats and giving Congressional Democrats bigger majorities in Congress. Now the GOP has their fringe back as far as voters who are very active politically and aren't in the business to negotiate and cooperate, but simply to stop what they don't like. And try to defeat anyone who disagrees with them at any time, including Republicans. And this has present a serious challenge to the Republican Leadership.