Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How Ron Paul Is Feared By The GOP Establishment: Libertarianism can no longer be ignored

Back in August during the GOP Iowa Straw Poll, Rep. Ron Paul finished 2nd behind what's her name. Uh oh yeah Rep. Michelle Bachmann, I've been trying to forget about Rep. Bachamann. After she did America the Public Service of ending her Presidential Campaign. Ron Paul finished 2nd with something like 200 votes and a Percentage Point behind Michelle Bachmann. I had actually predicted that Rep. Paul would win the Iowa Straw Poll and came damn near close. Not to pat my own back but I have an itch. But who was FNC's and the GOP Establishment promoting after the Straw Poll. Bachmann obviously every Mental Patients and Conspiracy Theorists Presidential Candidate. GOV. Rick Perry who was enjoying his fifteen minutes of fame and looked like was going to be the Tea Party Candidate. But his Presidential Campaign bombed as bad as a Jean Claude Van Damn Movie Festival. Mitt Romney the aka Flip Flopper himself seen as the Electable Presidential Candidate. And there was some talk about Rick Santorum the former US Senator and Representative who lost reelection in the Senate in 2006, but in a close call 18 points. They were saying about Sen. Santorum that considering how he lacked Campaign Funds. Only because most Republicans believe that he can't win. That he had a strong showing in the Straw Poll, getting around 12% of the vote.

You know how about the guy who finished 2nd in the Straw Poll and almost won the damn thing. Where's the respect for Ron Paul, oh wait he's a Libertarian Republican. Who actually takes Individual Liberty, Limited Government and the US Constitution seriously. Unlike the Religious and Neoconservatives who run the GOP today. So he doesn't get any until recently. What does a man have to do to get a little love in the Republican Party. This is a Party that speaks about Individual Liberty, Limited Government and the US Constitution all the time. But actually speaks in favor of those things but scares the hell out of the GOP Base. Because those things are just things to say in order to get elected. Because if voters learned about what Religious and Neoconservative Republicans wanted to do. Once they were in office, which is what the American People finally woke up to in 2006. After being in hibernation and in a National Coma, by finally throwing out the Republican Congress. And in 2008 finally throwing out a Republican Administration, they lose votes and cant be elected. So when someone like Ron Paul comes around who has a thirty year history of doing and saying what he believes in. It scares the hell out of the GOP Establishment because they know the man and know that he actually believes in what he says.

And thats what scares the hell out of the GOP Establishment and everything they've worked to accomplish. No more Patriot Act, no more Indefinite Detention, no more Corporate Welfare, Individual Liberty for real. No longer government trying to protect people from themselves. Because all these things goes against today's GOP Bible, of National Security and National Morality. Trumps Individual Liberty, Limited Government and the US Constitution. A party that wants people to be free, as long as they are living their lives. As Religious and Neoconservatives want them to. Which goes against everything that Ron Paul stands for.