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Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Monday, January 16, 2012

Martin Luther King: I Have A Dream Speech: The Vision of The Dream

Once again on this January, 16 now 2012 we take this day to celebrate one of the greatest Leaders and people. The United States has ever produced, the man who laid the vision down for Civil Rights. And what it meant to enforce the Constitutional Rights of all the American People, not just the Selective Few. And what it meant to treat people as individuals and not members of groups. Judge people by the Content of their Character, not by the Color of their Skin. What a dream to have but my question is why is it as a nation, the greatest Nation on Earth. The best Liberal Democracy on Earth, that we only take one day as a Nation to celebrate this great man. Why is it as a Nation that we don't spend the whole year trying to accomplish this dream. What we haven't yet, that Dr. Martin Luther King set out to accomplish over sixty years ago. And even though we've made some progress in Race Relations in America to the point. I would say the overwhelming majority of americans aren't racist. Sure a lot of us of all races and ethnicities, still stereotype Racial and Ethnic Groups. And we still crack jokes about other Races and Ethnicities but generally speaking. Americans don't feel they are better or hate other people based on race or ethnicity and don't judge people based on their race or ethnicity. Which by itself is a huge accomplishment, because forty years ago we weren't there yet. And the "New South" is the "New South", there still bigots there. But they don't have the power that they use to.

Back during the 1950s and 1960s, Public Officials could get away with looking like a racist. Because thinking bad about someone because of their race, wasn't considered racist. That was gone probably by the mid or late 1970s, when if you were a Public Official. Even in parts of the South, you could lose your job over it. To the point now that if a politician is seen as a racist or even making a Racially Insensitive remark. They can drop in popularity or lose their job, just ask former Sen. George Allen. When back in 2006, on the Campaign Trail, he called an Asian American in the audience. Who was asking him a question, Makaka and Sen. Allen went on to lose is Senate Seat. A Seat that was considered safe at that point. And because of this Senate Democrats won control of the Senate in 2006, picking up six Senate Seats. So we've made a lot of progress as a country in how we treat people of other races. All Racial Groups have made progress in this area and all Racial Groups have some areas that they can improve in. But we haven't done a very good job of full filling the rest of the MLK Dream Part 2 as I would call it. Building a society that works for all americans and having an Economic System that we can all benefit from. That empowers all of us to get the skills that we need to be productive and successful in life.

The MLK Holiday is one of my favorite Holidays in America, because it celebrates the life of one of the greatest americans. We've ever produced but I just wish as a country we did. A better job of honoring this great man instead of just one day in America. But as a Nation we spent everyday of the year working to bring about the MLK Dream. To build a country and Economic System that empowers all of us. To get the skills that we need to be productive and successful in life. Based on the quality of our work and we still have a long to go as a country to achieving the MLK Dream.