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Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz Reads Rep. Gabrielle Giffords' Resignation Letter: A Great Tribute to a Sweetheart

Today marked the last day that Rep. Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona will serve in the US House of Representatives and US Congress. Deciding to go back home to Tucson, Arizona. So she can fully recover form her injury's from being shot in the head at a Campaign Event in Tucson. In January, 2011 and has spent the last year recovering from that horrible shooting. And wants to go back home to make a full recovery and be the best Public Servant she can be to her constituents. I wish her well and hope she's able to make the best recovery thats humanly possible. And wish her well for her to be able to do whatever she decides to do with they rest of her life. Before the Tucson Shooting, I didn't have much of an idea who Gabrielle Giffords was. And I'm an admitted Political Junky who can name every US Senator and a lot of the US Representatives, not all 435 but a lot of them. The US House shortly after Republicans took control and John Boehner was sworn in as Speaker. The week this happened last January, the House had a Reading of the US Constitution. With several different Members being able to read parts of the Constitution. I saw part of this on C-Span and Rep. Giffords was one of the readers, I remember seeing her name and face. As she was reading her Section of the Constitution. Don't remember what she said but thats the first time I saw her name and face and knew she was a US Representative. The ironic thing was she was shot in the head about a week later.

Again I don't know much about Gabrielle Giffords, this is what I do know. Her name is Gabrielle Giffords from Tucson, Arizona, she represents that city in the US House. She's a three term Democrat in the House elected in the Democratic Revolution in 2006. That saw Democrats take back the House that Republicans controlled from 1995-07 and take back the Senate. That Republicans controlled from 2003-07, 30 seat pickup in the House and a 6 seat pickup in the Senate. Gabrielle Giffords was part of the 2006 Midterm Wave as a Freshmen Representative. Rep. Giffords has a lot of respect and has been an inspiration for both Congressional Democrats and Republicans. In both the House and Senate, because she was able to work across the isle. Rep. Jeff Flake from Mesa, Arizona a Republicans, is one of Gabby Giffords best friends in Congress. The whole Arizona Congressional Delegation is very close to Gabby Giffords. Because she's very sweet, charming, honest, works hard and puts her constituents and family. Over everyone else which is why she resigned today, so she can make a full recovery. And be the best Public Servant that she can be in the future.

What we saw in the House of Representatives today, is something we almost never see anymore. We saw 435 people not Democrats or Republicans but people honoring one person. That they all love and will all miss, we saw this last night. At the State of the Union Speech with not just 535 Members of Congress. The President, Vice President, the Cabinet, the Supreme Court, Joint Chiefs. And Distinguished Guests, all honoring one person, Gabby Giffords three term Representative from Arizona. I would guess half of the people in the House Chamber last night never met Rep. Giffords. But read and heard about her and are all inspired by Gabby Giffords and wanted to give her their just due. And last night and today is something that we don't see enough of in this Divided Congress and Divided Nation.