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Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Larry Bird ESPN SportsCentury: The Legend that never died

Larry Legend
Imagine an NBA Basketball Player from the 1980s who wasn't fast or couldn't jump very high. Who wasn't a very good individual defender and he's a good ole boy from Rural Indiana. Just based on those factors alone, how well do you think a player like that would do. How long would he even play or better yet be in the league, would he play at all. Would he even get drafted but thats only part of Larry Bird's characteristics.

Larry Legend Bird's career wasn't about Athletic Ability. The closest thing to Athletic Ability that Legend had, was his Hand Eye Coordination, the best we've ever seen in Pro Basketball. And Larry's 6'9 225 pound frame, he could play both forward positions, because of his ability to rebound, shoot, pass and handle ball. All relating to his Hand Eye Coordination not his ability to run or jump. Larry was too big for almost any Small Forward that tried to cover him, other then James Worthy or Domique Wilkins in his era.

Because he could shoot right over you and back most Small Forwards down in the post. And Larry was too quick for most Power Forwards to cover him, Larry wasn't fast obviously but quick. With excellent footwork and always knew where he was going. Larry Bird was one of if not the smartest basketball players the game has ever seen. Not a genius off the court but brilliant on the court and that was the secret to Larry Bird. To go with his Hand Eye Coordination.

Larry Bird with his brilliance and Hand Eye Coordination could see things happen before they did. And thats what made him better then everyone else, because he always knew where to be and where to go. Because he always knew where they play was going to be, where he had to be to make the play. He saw things that his coaches or even Point Guard couldn't see and being the Leader of the Boston Celtics. On the floor, he took it upon himself to always make sure he was in the right place to make the play.

Thats why he was such a great rebounder, because he always knew where the ball was going to bounce. Based on the guy shooting the ball and based on his own shots, he knew when he missed the shot. And where to go based on how he missed it and when he made the shot.. This is also why he was such a great passer, because he saw openings for his teammates. In where to go to receive the ball and would pass the ball there. Even if his teammate isn't there yet and his teammate would go to that spot. And generally be wide open for a layup or a jump shot.

The Celtics always knew they had to get the ball to Larry. At least once on every possession, because he would either get his own shot. Or set up one of his teammates. The reason why Larry Bird was such a great Leader, because he was team first and team last and everything else in between. How many games would it take to win, in order to have the best playoff position possible. To get to and win the NBA Finals, which is how he and the Celtics judged their success. In the 1980s and the Celtics knew to get on Legend's back and he would show them the way. And take them to the Promise Land.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

ESPN: Video: Adam Schefter Reporting Redskins trade with Rams for 2nd pick in 2012 Draft: Redskins making a big Las Vegas Gamble for Robert Griffin

Tom Boswell in the Washington Post today called the Redskins trade with the St. Louis Rams. For the 2nd pick in the 2012 NFL Draft a "big Bet". He puts it perfectly because the Redskins are giving up their 1st Round picks for both 2013 and 2014, as well as 2012. Unless the Redskins make other trades, after the 2nd pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. The Redskins won't have a 1st Round Draft Pick, at least since 2015. And of course there's no guarantee that the Redskins will make the NFL Playoffs. This year, 2013 or 2014, they were 5-11 in 2011 and are right now trying to sign. Peyton Manning an aging QB who will be 36 this year. Coming off of Neck Surgery, misses all of 2011 and was released by the Indianapolis Colts who were 2-14 in 2011. And Peyton will probably cost somewhere in the neighborhood of 25M$ for 2012 alone. Even if they do sign him, he probably won't be back in 2013. I'll bet you that, he's got Donavon McNabb written all over him.

I understand the Redskins being interested in the QB of the present and future. But they can make that move with the singing or trade of one QB. They don't have to trade the future of the franchise to get that. What the Redskins should be doing instead is hanging on to as many top Draft Picks as they can. Especially since we are talking about a franchise thats been in the process of rebuilding the last four years. And 2012 will be another rebuilding year, your talking about a team that was 5-11 in 2011. That had key injuries all across the board. What the Redskins need to do instead, is sign a good young QB who already has NFl Experience. And has shown he can already play, like Matt Flynn from Green Bay. Sign him through Free Agency or trade for him.

The Redskins are making a huge gamble on QB Robert Griffin, hoping to sign him through the draft. And making him the future QB and even if they are able to sign Griffin. He better not turn into a bust, where the Redskins are looking for the next QB of the future. In 2014, because they won't have a lot of options by then to replace him. Without more trades.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

"Baseball Great Gary Carter Succumbs to Brain Tumor": Great Player and a Great Guy RIP

When I think of Gary Carter as a baseball player, where he's one of the Top 10 all around Catchers of all time. And I think of him as a man, I think of someone who never quit. He didn't die today because he gave up on life but because his life was taken from him. He had a Brain Tumor, it doesn't get much more fatal then that. I think of the guy who put the Montreal Expos on his back in the late 1970s and early 80s. And told them we are going to be winners, we are too good to be anything else. With players like himself, OF Andre Dawson, OF Tim Raines, OF Hubbie Brooks, 3B Tim Wallach and others. And they won the NL Eastern Division in 1981, the Expos only Playoff Appearance ever. I think of the guy who went to the New York Mets in 1985, to do one thing to win a World Series. His first Base Hit for the Mets was an RBI Double, the Mets were already very good. With Manager Davey Johnson, 1B Keith Hernandez, OF Darryl Strawberry, 3B Ray Knight. The best Starting Pitching in MLB. With Dwight Gooden, Ron Darling, Sid Fernandez, Bob Ojeda. But Gary Carter put them over the top and they got real close in 1985. To the St. Louis Cardinals, who also had a great team and if there was a Wild Card back then. The Mets of the mid and late 80s, make a lot more then just. Their two Playoff Appearances on 1986 and 1988.

I think of the guy who refused to be in his own words, "the last fucking out of this World Series". The 1986 World Series, the Mets are trailing the Boston Red Sox by two runs in the bottom of the I believe tenth inning. In Game 6 of that World Series, the Red Sox are up 3-2 in the WS and obviously just need three outs without giving up two runs. To win the game and the World Series at Shea Stadium in Queens, New York. Gary Carter didn't keep that feeling a secret, he told his teammates about it. And they all took the same attitude, "I'm not going to be that last fucking out of this World Series". Wally Bachmann and Keith Hernandez are the first two outs of the inning. Gary Carter is up next and tells his teammates he's "not going to be that last fucking out of this World Series". And gets a Base Hit and scores the first run of this inning, that led to the tying run by Keith Mitchell. And of course the famous game winning run by Ray Knight, that came off of the error at 1B by Bill Buckner. Obviously a very famous play, I have this World Series on DVD still one of the best WS of all time. The Mets got something like five straight hits in the bottom of this inning. To win the game, the first coming from their Captain, their Leader Gary Carter.

Gary Carter to me not only the best all around Catcher of the 1980s, you can make a case for Carlton Fisk. But Carter was more durable, represents to me, exactly what a Leader is. Someone who'll put their team on their back, especially when they are in their worst position. And tell them guys, get on my back back because I know how to get to the Promise Land, I'll show you the way. And is someone who'll not only be missed by baseball and its fans. I'm one of them but by everyone he ever touched.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whitney Houston: Greatest Love Of All: The Voice of a Generation: 1963-2012 RIP

When I think of Whitney Houston, I think of the greatest voice I've ever heard at least coming from my generation. And songs like the Greatest Love of all, with lyrics like The Children are our Future. Teach them well and let then lead way, show them all the beauty they posses inside. Give them a sense of pride. As well as songs like I will always love you from the movie The Bodyguard that she did with Kevin Costner. From 1992, I saw that movie in my Junior Year in High School. The song I Have Nothing from the same album. And her performance at Super Bowl 25 from 1991, her rendition of the National Anthem. Which came at the time of the first Gulf War and I remember her singing that song so well. And giving the country something to be proud of, to the point that there was an older gentlemen in the crowd at Tampa Stadium. Who came to tears, perhaps it just wasn't because of Whitney's performance. Perhaps this man has a grandson or granddaughter in that war. Perhaps he was a veteran himself but that performance came at the perfect time. And was delivered by the voice, no one could've sung that song any better at that time. And maybe not as well either and perhaps which is why Whitney was chosen for that performance. I also remember from when I was 10-12 years old seeing a very young Whitney, 25 maybe. Guest starring on the NBC Sitcom Silver Spoons, with Rickey Schroede. From 1985 to the late 90s, Whitney Houston was big professionally, because she had the voice and had great material to sing. She was able to to give her best performances at the perfect time.

I knew Whitney Houston was screwed up, with the dramatic weight loss in the of 10-15 years ago. Probably having something to do with the drug abuse and perhaps the alcohol as well. Its been a while since Whitney has released a big album or new album. But she had so much going for her, still a great singer. At least when she was healthy, she had a man who loved her, who might be worth a blog himself. And they had a great family, more money she could ever spend in the rest of her life. But she had a bad addiction and perhaps a low self esteem. She also had an Acting Career, despite all of her issues, she had the voice and I hope thats what she's remembered by. Not her so called Reality Show, that kinda portrays her as part of a screwed up family. That thankfully is no longer on the air but she should be remembered as the great singer with the voice. Of course all of these other issues in her life have to be there as well, all the drama that went with being Whitney Houston. She was basically a one person Real Life Soap Opera, an actual Reality Show based on Real Life. With her Drug Addictions and the weight loss and everything else. But thats not the whole story, nor his her death from Saturday. There's a lot more to Whitney Houston then her Soap Opera. And I just hope thats remembered as well and put at the for front.

The closest I've heard to sounding as good to Whitney Houston, at least in my generation. Would be Mariah Carey who I believe is a better song writer and perhaps with better all around talent. Then Whitney, without nearly as much baggage as that came to being Whitney Houston. Mariah was actually being compared to Whitney when she broke out in the early 1990s and Whitney had already. Been around a few years by then but there's only Whitney Houston. And she had the greatest voice of them all.

Friday, February 10, 2012

The Master Illusion: Real Time With Bill Maher- New Rules- Occupy Wall Street

Source: Real Time With Bill Maher-
Source: The Master Illusion: Real Time With Bill Maher- New Rules- Occupy Wall Street

The 1960s Hippie movement not that I'm from that generation or even old enough to remember it happening, even though I wouldn't of mind living through it and even being part of it, marching for civil rights, marching against the Vietnam War, marching against the War on Drugs, which the Federal Government officially launched in 1971, perhaps President Nixon was high himself when he declared that War, which would explain a lot of strange decisions he made as President, but thats a different blog. The Hippie movement of the Boomer Generation, was about individual liberty basically. There was nothing socialist about it, sorry today's so-called Progressives, but thats what it was. The ability for free adults to live their own lives and be individuals. Again as long as they aren't hurting others with what they are doing. All things that make Rick Santorum (excuse my French) shit in his pants when he thinks of it. He's still having nightmares about college students having sex on campus, women actually defending their country in combat. But again thats another blog, just throwing a few ideas out there off the top of my head.

The Hippie movement of the 1960s and early 70s, was of course not perfect and they made their mistakes like a lot of others. The Manson Crime Family comes to mind, the whole notion of free love, which of course is bogus. Because babies get made out of free love, consequences come from it. There's nothing free about it, but the broader point had to do with again free adults being able to make those decisions for themselves. Gay and women's rights was part of the Hippie movement. Interracial dating and marriage didn't seem strange anymore. The President of the United States is a product of this. This is a movement that Liberals and Libertarians should love, because it was about individuals being able to live their own lives. And they didn't like the establishment and didn't feel they fit into it and wanted to live their own lives and be individuals. Whether the establishment and even their parents approved of their lifestyles or not and is something that Religious and Neoconservatives hate. Makes them want to get plastered and high themselves, just thinking about it.

Because of the individualism in it and the fact that people wanted to live their own lives, what we have now is a modern Hippie movement, which isn't a liberal movement. Not fighting for individual liberty, but a movement that wants to dramatically change the economic, as well as government  system in America to put in their own agenda and make America less individualist or more collectivist like Europe. The Generation X and Y Hippies resemble the Boomer Hippies, in a few senses. They like sleeping in tents, they like pot, they hate the War on Drugs, they hate bigotry (at least for most people) and they hate are current military operations. But ideologically they are a lot different. It's great to see especially with young people, people getting behind a cause and organizing behind a broader movement. Especially with all of the modern distractions we have today, with New Technology and everything else.

Whether I agree with what they are trying to do or not, which I don't as far as what they would do instead, but to compare both Hippie movements as if they are similar, is a stretch. Yes they are both made of young people. (Who else would they be made up of), senior citizens living in nursing homes) and yes they both sleep outside like homeless people, but do it by choice. They both smoke pot and are both anti-war. But they are different in what they were organizing for. And based on what the modern Hippies would like to do instead, if they came to power, perhaps less pot in the future and do your policy planing with more sober minds. I think Hipster would be a more accurate term for the so-called modern Hippie. People who'll do anything to seem hip and have a far-left bent in their politics. Because Hippie means someone who is very free-thinking and non-establishment and collectivist. Who doesn't fall for whatever the current fad is. And is able to think for them self even if the so-called popular will disagrees. 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Meso Steros: Real Time With Bill Maher- Bill Maher on Education

Source: Real Time With Bill Maher-
Source: Meso Steros: Real Time With Bill Maher- Bill Maher on Education

Twenty years ago the United States was somewhere in the top 10 in education. I really should look up exactly where, but thats about right, today according to the United Nations and I believe the World Bank. Today we are 39th, despite having the largest economy in the world and being the most powerful and important. The Daily Caller reported in a study today 30% of South Carolinians can't name the current Vice President of the United States. But probably 99% of them know who Steve Suprrier and if you're not a college football fan, too bad for you. Now I realize that South Carolina is not known for producing genius's, if you can read, write, add and subtract in either English or Redneck, you're considered educated there. But still when 3-10 people in any state can't name who the Vice President of the United States, the First Officer of the Executive Branch, but can tell you what Kim Kardashian had for lunch today, or what are her favorite shoes, but don't know where the Pacific Ocean is, even if they live in Hawaii, you have a low-educated public.

These are excellent clues on how far America has been dumbed down and what a lot of Americans see as important and not important. If its something they enjoy doing and is cool, its important, but if its something that makes them think and requires more than a sound bite answer to answer the question or be intelligent, then its not important. And thats where we are as a country and why are kids aren't learning, because a lot of them don't consider education important enough to actually get one. Because it takes time away from their activities that they enjoy doing. I'm not a parent and glad not to be, but as Bill Maher another man without kids said he cares about our kids not being well-educated for selfish reasons, because their stupidity effects us. For example some dumbass kid crashing into you, because he was texting while driving. That one message that he or she had to deliver at that exact moment, was more important to them, than paying attention to what they were doing.

Our educators are partially at fault for the lack of educated workers we've produced the last ten years. And why we are importing people to take the jobs, that not enough Americans are qualified for. But a lot of our educators are working in a bad system that rewards seniority over work product. And the parents have a role in this as well, devoting more effort in keeping their kids busy and entertained. So they aren't bothering them with whatever they have to do. And that gets to things like entertainment centers, i-phones, ipads, laptops, etc, things that use to be gifts and rewards for good behavior. Like turning in a good report card, but now they are seen as needs to get kids your kids to do something, they are like bribes now. Because the kids are in charged and their parents are worried about losing them. I'm all for new technology and entertainment and everything else and generally those are positive things. Until they take the place of things that are more important. Like making sure you get a good education so you can be productive in society. And not have to live on public assistance for most of your life. Because you didn't get yourself the skills that you need in order to take care of yourself. Getting a good job and paying your own bills.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Matthew Ives: Real Time With Bill Maher- The Hypocrisy of Evangelical Christians

Source: Real Time With Bill Maher-
Source: Matthew Ives: Real Time With Bill Maher- The Hypocrisy of Evangelical Christians

The more and more I see "Conservative Christians", the more I believe they don't understand what Christianity is about. Or understand Jesus Christ and have ever even read the Bible or the 10 Commandments. Because Christianity is supposed to be about love, treating people the way you want to be treated, love vi neighbor and all of that, do on to others what you would want done to you. Its supposed to the opposite of hate. And the more I see "Conservative Christians", the more I believe these aren't religious organizations, but more like religious cults. People who are completely warped out like PCP addicts. Who don't understand the world for what it is. And a religion they are supposed to be love and try to convert people to their religion. Even as going as far to the Middle East to covert people to their Religion. These aren't religious groups, but political groups, trying to get into power to pass their political agenda.

Passing a bunch of new laws and limiting the freedom and rights of people that they don't like, just because they don't like them. Its really as simple as that. The same-sex marriage debate, perfect example of that. It wouldn't surprise me if they have at least one lawyer, whose not high or drunk. Actually has a few brain cells left and has told these groups, "look, we don't have a legal case here, if these cases are decided in court. We are going to lose, we can't pass laws restricting people in how they live, because you don't like them." There are probably some sober lawyers working for the Christian-Right telling their clients that because of the U.S. Constitution, they simply don't have the facts on their side. And their best chance to passing all of these restrictions on people, is through the ballot box. And hope it doesn't get overturn in court, that there's a judge who doesn't understand the Constitution.

The Christian-Right in America is the largest religious cult and even though they aren't very large in numbers, maybe 10-15% of the American electorate, almost all of them living in the Bible Belt, they are still very powerful, because they have one major political party in their back pocket. The Christian-Right is so excuse the expression), far up the GOPs ass, that if the Republican Party couldn't get rid of them (even (by taking a huge shit) they need each other for their survival. It comes down to that. Without the Republican Party, the Christian-Right is a third-party in American Politics. Well maybe a major party in Alabama or Mississippi. And without the Christian-Right and the Republican Party appealing to other voters, lets say Independents and Libertarians to replace the Christian-Right, the GOP would become a third-party as well or maybe still a major party. But the Democratic Party would have most of the power across the country. Except in the Bible Belt and we would essentially become a one-party state. Like Mexico 15-20 years ago, which isn't good for any liberal democracy.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"Andrew Sullivan Is Wrong About President Obama's Progressive Critics": Progressive need to Grow Up about Barack Obama

If your a Progressive Democrat and may only be a Democrat because you believe Socialist Third Parties can't get elected in America. And you want a Presidential Candidate to Nationalize the Healthcare System. Nationalize Big Banks, the American Auto Industry. Create a 21st Century New Deal which would be the Fair Deal. That would essentially double the size of the Federal Government and what the Average American would be paying in taxes. Reverse the Bush Tax Cuts for everyone and go back to the Eisenhower Tax Rates that ranged from 25-90%. To invest in all of these new Federal Agency's, gut the Defense Department. All these things that Progressive have been wanting to do, basically since the New Deal and Great Society. And I didn't even mention the things that have to do with rewriting the US Constitution, basically so a Progressive Government. Would have the authority to do these things, as well as repeal the 2nd Amendment and probably the 10th Amendment. That limits the authority of the Federal Government and perhaps even amend the 1st Amendment. As it relates to Freedom of Religion and Hate Speech. Then these are the type of politicians you should be backing and trying to get elected. Good luck getting any of those people elected by the way, you would probably be better off with praying and hoping for miracles. Perhaps finding religion, because these things aint happening. You don't race a mule in a Nascar Race and you don't hire a Liberal to do the work of a Socialist.

Is Barack Obama perfect, of course not, do I have disappointments with him, of course I do. Which mainly relate to the War on Drugs, Patriot Act, Indefinite Detention and until recently. Perhaps being the worst negotiator we've at least seen in a long time. As far as how he deals with an Opposition Party, who believes they have all the power. And not very familiar with the Separation Clause of the US Constitution. But I don't see President Obama as the devil or a traitor or a Democrat in disguise as a Moderate Republican. As Progressive Democrats do, some of these Progressives are so far to the left. That they can't see the center with a telescope and because of this, everyone who doesn't think like them. Is either a Conservative or a Libertarian, both things I've been accused of myself. And I'm a Liberal Democrat, I'm Pro Choice but not just on Reproductive Rights. But a lot of other issues that I see as Freedom of Choice issues, like Prostitution, Gambling, Marijuana, Same Sex Marriage, Doctor Assisted Suicide, Gay Adoption. But also support pulling our troops out of Developed Nations in Europe, Saudi Arabia, Japan and Korea. I would like to see the Defense Budget cut but 200-300B$ a year. I support the Public Option in Healthcare Reform just not Medicare For All. Leaving the Public Option out of the Affordable Care Act is one of the disappointments that I have with the President.

Barack Obama is the guy that Progressive Democrats other then the Nader Raiders and the Kucinich Supporters backed in 2007-08. And had they've done their research and given how Tech Savvy most of these people are. It would've been nothing more then a Homework Assignment for them. They would've seen that Barack Obama is not Ralph Nader or Bernie Sanders, two Progressives they love. Thats why the Nader and Kucinich Supporters didn't support Barack Obama. They saw him as another New Democrat in the mold of Bill Clinton or Jack Kennedy.

Monday, February 6, 2012

NFL Hall of Fame Announcement 2012 Class: Nice Class but they left a few People Out

Pretty good Pro Football Hall of Fame Class for 2012, with Chris Doleman who should've been in the Hall of Fame 5-6 years ago. One of the most dominant Pass Rushers and Defensive Ends of the 1980s and 90s. Had somewhere in the neighborhood of 150 sacks. RB Curtis Martin a no brainer one of the best Workhorse RB of the 1990s and last decade. With 14,000 Yards Rushing and 100 TD. Willy Roaf another no brainer one of the best Offensive Tackles and Offensive Lineman of the 1990s and the last decade. Right there with Jon Ogden of the Baltimore Ravens but what stood out with me. Was not the guys who made it to the Hall of Fame but the guys who haven't yet. Bill Parcells easily one of the best Head Coaches and General Managers of the last thirty years. Taking struggling franchises like the Giants, Patriots, Jets and Cowboys and turning them into contenders. Turning the Giants and Patriots into champions, winning two Super Bowls with the Giants. Winning an AFC Championship with the Patriots, has won somewhere around 200 games. In his first year of eligibility, he should've gone in the Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility. Just like Redskins Head Coach Joe Gibbs did in the 1990s, Parcells was a better all around Head Coach then Gibbs and this is coming from a Redskin fan who hates the Giants. And had to watch the Giants beat the Redskins six straight times from 1988-90 and 8-10 from 1986-90.

Other people who I believe should be in the Hall of Fame, WRs Andre Reed with the Buffalo Bills. Has over 900 receptions and something like 13,000 yards receiving and 90 TD. Easily one of the best go to WR of his generation. Played in four Super Bowls, WRs Chris Carter and Tim Brown will both be there, with their stats its almost impossible to keep them out. LB/DE Charles Haley one of the best Pass Rushers and all around LB/DE of his era, who made the 1990s Cowboys a great Defense. The Cowboys Defense was already very good but he made them great. This is going to sound bias as a Redskin fan but WR Gary Clark deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. He was the 2nd best WR behind Art Monk on those Redskin teams. But he was 2nd to the 2nd best WR of that era only behind Jerry Rice. And Lynn Swann was the 2nd best WR on those Steelers teams of the 1970s behind John Stallworth. And Lynn Swann is in the Hall of Fame, Gary Clark was a complete all around WR. Both a great Possession WR, a Big Play WR and a Big Game WR, especially if you look at those playoff games and the Super Bowls. Tom Flores Head Coach of the Oakland Raiders, 100 wins and two Super Bowl Championships. The only Head Coach two win at least two Super Bowls and not be in the Hall of Fame.

The 2012 Pro Football Hall of Fame Class is a very good Class and all the people who are on it. Deserve to be in the Hall of Fame but they are still leaving people out. Who should've been in the Hall of Fame a long time ago and its time they do right by these people. And give them what they deserve.

Giants Beat Patriots in Super Bowl 46: The 2011 Giants, One Hell of a Ride

I had mixed feelings about Super Bowl 46 because even though I wanted to watch it and was expecting a great game. As it turned out to be but my fixed feelings have to do with both teams. The New England Patriots and New York Giants, because I'm a Die Hard Washington Redskin fan, thirty years as a Redskin fan. And the Redskins and Giants are obviously big rivals going back to the early 1930s. So you might think that I should root for the Patriots, especially since. Both the Redskins and Giants have three Super Bowl titles but the thing is I don't like the Patriots. I see them as cocky and overconfident, a bunch of guys that expect to automatically succeed. And believe that they don't have to play their best to succeed. And that they can get away with having a lousy defense, especially when their offense scores thirty points a game. And Tom Brady is their QB, Tom Brady is clearly the best QB of his generation but he's not GOD as we've seen the last few years. And when they play complete teams, that can match them on offense but have a very good defense as well. Especially a defense that can Pass Rush the QB with just their DL and can stop the run. Like the Giants, the Patriots become very vulnerable as we saw tonight and teams like the Patriots to me at least. Are basically looking for a Butt Kicking for someone to bring them down to Earth. Same thing with the Green Bay Packers, which is what the Giants did to the Packers three weeks ago.

Going into the game, I was expecting the Giants to win by 10-14, I was expecting a 28-17 game. That the Patriots Defense was going to have to really step up. Play a bend but don't break defense and at least contain the Giants Running Game. Just for the Patriots to have a shot at winning the game. Get a few takeaways, because the Giants were going to move the ball well in this game. Just a matter of how many points they were going to score. And could the Patriots Defense at least take the big play away from them. To avoid a shootout, because as the Giants Defense showed they could stop the Patriots Offense. Only giving up 17 points, I believe the Patriots Defense for the most part did what they had to do. And the Patriots Offense blew a few opportunities, especially on the last drive with a could dropped passes. As well as a couple of turnovers, the Giants Defense did exactly what they needed to do. Take the big play away from Tom Brady, contain the Patriots Running Game. Rush the QB and get some takeaways, a safety, INT and Fumble Recovery.

Super Bowl 46 was a great game to watch, especially for someone without a dog in the fight. Because you could watch it as an Objective Observer, without being crushed. By the result and coming out of this game, Eli Manning probably has taken the next step. As being one of the Top 5 QB in the NFL and Tom Coughlin will be recognized as the great Head Coach that he is.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Bill Parcells on List of Hall of Fame Finalists: The Big Tuna Finally Going in

When I think of the Big Tuna perhaps better known as Bill Parcells, the long time NFL Head Coach and General Manager. I think of the ultimate Tough Love Head Coach, that goes back to the days of the 1960s and 70s. Even though Bill Parcells started his Head Coaching career with the New York or as GOV. Chris Christie calls them. The New Jersey Giants, as a Redskin fan myself, I have no problem with New Jersey Giants. Bill Parcells being an Italian American and Native of New Jersey, I'm guessing probably doesn't have a problem with that either. The Big Tuna and his Coaching Philosophy goes back to the 1960s and 70s, the Tough Love approach. From the Vince Lombardi, Tom Landry, Paul Brown, Chuck Knoll Head Coaches. Of guys who as long as you gave them everything you had and didn't make Mental Mistakes. Didn't take plays off, your Head Coach was the nicest guy in the World but if you screwed up. Because you weren't paying attention and you weren't giving your best effort. He could be the meanest son of a bitch you ever met, not like an abusive father but who would make it clear how pissed off and disappointed he was with you. That he would lose trust with you very quickly, all Bill Parcells wanted from you was your best effort. He wanted you to maximize your talent and ability, which is what he got out of players like Phil Simms, Lawrence Taylor, Marc Barvaro, Harry Carson and others.

Bill Parcells teams weren't successful because they could overwhelm you with talent. And had complicated and dynamic offenses and defenses, that their opponents couldn't figure out. Bill Parcells wanted a few stars that he could build his teams around, like the guys I just mentioned. Lawrence Taylor and Harry Carson are both Hall of Fame LB's and Phil Simms I believe should be a Hall of Fame QB. But thats a different blog and then Parcells. Would surround them with a bunch of hard working Blue Collar, nothing special but all good players. That came to kick ass and win and that all they were about. Mike Ditka called players like this the Grabowski's but this was in North Jersey not Chicago. So maybe the Parcells Blue Collar Crew would be called the Damato's or O'Malley's or something like that. And then as far as the games themselves, Bill Parcells Game Plans were even simpler. But almost sick in how effective they were, when the Giants executed. Doesn't matter who your playing, we win the game by running the ball, stopping the run. Protecting the QB, attacking the opponents QB, protect the ball and get a couple takeaways. You win the football game at the Line of Scrimmage, the team that does that wins a lot more then they lose.

Bill Parcells Giants teams had a very simple formula but again was almost sick in how effective it was. Ball Control Offense, with a Power Running Game, with Joe Morris, Otis Anderson and others. And then take shots downfield off of Play Action Passing, where Phil Simms was about as effective of a QB that ever did that. To players like WR Lionel Manuel and TE Marc Bavaro, had Bavaro stayed healthy he might of gone down as the best TE ever. He was the Dave Capser all around TE of the 1980s. And on defense he ran what is called the Elephant Defense. Its a 3-4 where you have a stud Nose Tackle like a Jim Burt or Eric Howard. Who's job is basically to eat up two OL the Center and a Offensive Guard. Which frees up the LB's like Lawrence Taylor, Carl Banks, Harry Carson. And DE's like Leonard Marshal to make plays both in the Running and Passing Games. Had Bill Parcells just retired and took some time off, he would've been in the Hall of Fame 5-6 years ago. Because I believe he was the best Head Coach of his era and one of the best ever.

A few things to remember about Bill Parcells, he coached the Giants, Patriots, Jets and Cowboys. And took teams that were awful before he got there and made all of those teams much better,winners and contenders. And in the case of the Giants and Patriots he made them champions. He took teams that needed a kick in the butt and gave all of them big butt kickings. While at the same time teaching them how to play football and what it means to be a Professional Football Player. Thats the Legacy of the Big Tuna.

Atheist Blog: Real Time With Bill Maher- If Jesus Ran The Republican Nomination

Source: Atheist Blog: Real Time With Bill Maher- If Jesus Ran The Republican Nomination

There's new evidence that the Christian-Right and I need to think twice about using that term, because Theocratic-Right or Theocratic-Cult, may be a more accurate way to describe Religious Conservatism in America, because these people don't represent Christianity the way it actually is. But having said that, the Religious-Right in America might not have complete control of the GOP nomination process. Why, because a Mormon is there frontrunner and unless he ends his presidential campaign prematurely, or suddenly dies or something, or for whatever reason can't continue his campaign before the presidential election, Mitt Romney will be the Republican nominee for President in about four months in Tampa, Florida. The reason why I say that, is because Religious Theocrats or as I prefer to call them American Theocrats, that would like to see the United States governed by their interpretation of the Bible, consider Mormonism a religious cult. Which is funny because I consider Religious Conservatism to be a religious cult.

If Religious Conservatives were in charge of the Republican presidential process, Rick Santorum would be the Republican frontrunner. Because Rick fits this religious cult like Karl Malone fit John Stocton with the Utah Jazz. (Remember the phrase Stocton to Malone?) He fits their religious ideology perfectly other than being a Catholic and not an Evangelical. Rick believes that pornography, heavy metal music, condoms, should all be illegal. He supports a constitutional amendment to allow the Federal Government to takeover marriage. But then has the balls to speak out against Big Government. Which is like Jim Morrison speaking out against the dangers of alcoholism. Assuming Jesus Christ is as swell of a guy that his followers claim he his, Ron Reagan or Barry Goldwater would be the Republican Frontrunner today. And he would've brought one of those guys back to life.

Some might say Abraham Lincoln is the best Republican the Republican Party has ever produced. Pretty damn close, its hard to find a better one and even though he freed the African slaves and saved the United States, he was essentially a racist. He believes Africans weren't equal to Caucasians. But didn't believe they should be the property of anyone. And assuming he had those beliefs today, wouldn't fit in very well in American politics today. Someone like Ike Eisenhower, Gerry Ford, Barry Goldwater or Ron Reagan, all these guys are people the GOP should be looking up to today. Not Rush Limbaugh or any other Neoconservative or Tea Party Nationalist. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

"Jon Stewart Tears Glenn Beck's World Apart!": Life on the World of Glen Beck

If you take Glen Beck seriously especially when it comes to Politics and Current Affairs and use him as a News Source. And get a lot of your news from the Becker, then I have Real News for you. Listen up because you might actually learn something, I hope that hasn't scared anyone away. If this is the case then your one ignorant person, your one of the biggest dumbass's in the World. Your ass is so big and dumb, you can't name what State Florida is in. Or what county Los Angeles is in or you can't find the Pacific Ocean from a San Diego Beach even with eyesight and a map. And someone giving you directions in your First Language. And also this is even worse, you probably watch a lot of Fox News. And take them as a serious News Source, when I and I'm sure a lot of other people. Take Fox News as seriously as Onion News or the AlterNet, a Far Left publication that promotes Conspiracy Theories. Glen Beck is a not a News Reporter or a News Anchor, he's barely an editorialist. He's a comedian an entertainer and a lot of times even entertaining, as well as Libertarian. Who uses his comedy to make his arguments and points. But a lot of the things he says, just isn't true and he knows it, he uses humor to make his real points. And if you listen to him often enough, you might actually learn something. Because he does throw in facts from time to time and even makes good points. But he shouldn't be taken as a serious News Anchor, because he isn't. Watching Glen Beck is not like watching ABC Nightline, which is Hard News and very informative. Watching Glen Beck is like watching the Daily Show but not as entertaining.

Glen Beck one of the Progressive Movements biggest whipping boys, for a few reasons. For one he's a Libertarian who believes in Limited Government. That there's a limit to what the Federal Government should be doing in peoples lives. That we should be free to live our own lives, as long as we are not hurting others with what we are doing. Thats scares the hell out of Progressives that live in the World of Big Government Progressivism, where there's no such thing as a problem. That the Federal Government can't solve and who are collectivists that believe we should all be the same. No better or worse but the same that we should be a community not individuals. Another thing that Progressives don't like about Glen Beck. Is that he doesn't live in their World of Political Correctness, Beck is not a bigot. But he's not afraid to offend people which really pisses off Progressives. Who like to label anyone a bigot that offends people they like or says something they disagree with. I'll give Progressive Commentator Larry O'Donnell as I call him from MSNBC The Last Word credit. Because he knows what Glen Beck is and understands his whole act. Doesn't agree with him on anything probably, even the price of gas. But sees Beck as an entertainer and actually finds him funny.

Glen Beck is clearly an easy target that can be made fun of, kinda like throwing rocks at the ocean. Because he does at times seems like he went to Outer Space and never made it back. My whole point about the Becker, is when he does his editorials. Don't take anymore seriously then when your looking at Political Satire. Take as the act that is and even listen closely if you like him. Because from time to time you might learn something.