Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"Andrew Sullivan Is Wrong About President Obama's Progressive Critics": Progressive need to Grow Up about Barack Obama

If your a Progressive Democrat and may only be a Democrat because you believe Socialist Third Parties can't get elected in America. And you want a Presidential Candidate to Nationalize the Healthcare System. Nationalize Big Banks, the American Auto Industry. Create a 21st Century New Deal which would be the Fair Deal. That would essentially double the size of the Federal Government and what the Average American would be paying in taxes. Reverse the Bush Tax Cuts for everyone and go back to the Eisenhower Tax Rates that ranged from 25-90%. To invest in all of these new Federal Agency's, gut the Defense Department. All these things that Progressive have been wanting to do, basically since the New Deal and Great Society. And I didn't even mention the things that have to do with rewriting the US Constitution, basically so a Progressive Government. Would have the authority to do these things, as well as repeal the 2nd Amendment and probably the 10th Amendment. That limits the authority of the Federal Government and perhaps even amend the 1st Amendment. As it relates to Freedom of Religion and Hate Speech. Then these are the type of politicians you should be backing and trying to get elected. Good luck getting any of those people elected by the way, you would probably be better off with praying and hoping for miracles. Perhaps finding religion, because these things aint happening. You don't race a mule in a Nascar Race and you don't hire a Liberal to do the work of a Socialist.

Is Barack Obama perfect, of course not, do I have disappointments with him, of course I do. Which mainly relate to the War on Drugs, Patriot Act, Indefinite Detention and until recently. Perhaps being the worst negotiator we've at least seen in a long time. As far as how he deals with an Opposition Party, who believes they have all the power. And not very familiar with the Separation Clause of the US Constitution. But I don't see President Obama as the devil or a traitor or a Democrat in disguise as a Moderate Republican. As Progressive Democrats do, some of these Progressives are so far to the left. That they can't see the center with a telescope and because of this, everyone who doesn't think like them. Is either a Conservative or a Libertarian, both things I've been accused of myself. And I'm a Liberal Democrat, I'm Pro Choice but not just on Reproductive Rights. But a lot of other issues that I see as Freedom of Choice issues, like Prostitution, Gambling, Marijuana, Same Sex Marriage, Doctor Assisted Suicide, Gay Adoption. But also support pulling our troops out of Developed Nations in Europe, Saudi Arabia, Japan and Korea. I would like to see the Defense Budget cut but 200-300B$ a year. I support the Public Option in Healthcare Reform just not Medicare For All. Leaving the Public Option out of the Affordable Care Act is one of the disappointments that I have with the President.

Barack Obama is the guy that Progressive Democrats other then the Nader Raiders and the Kucinich Supporters backed in 2007-08. And had they've done their research and given how Tech Savvy most of these people are. It would've been nothing more then a Homework Assignment for them. They would've seen that Barack Obama is not Ralph Nader or Bernie Sanders, two Progressives they love. Thats why the Nader and Kucinich Supporters didn't support Barack Obama. They saw him as another New Democrat in the mold of Bill Clinton or Jack Kennedy.