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Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Thursday, February 16, 2012

"Baseball Great Gary Carter Succumbs to Brain Tumor": Great Player and a Great Guy RIP

When I think of Gary Carter as a baseball player, where he's one of the Top 10 all around Catchers of all time. And I think of him as a man, I think of someone who never quit. He didn't die today because he gave up on life but because his life was taken from him. He had a Brain Tumor, it doesn't get much more fatal then that. I think of the guy who put the Montreal Expos on his back in the late 1970s and early 80s. And told them we are going to be winners, we are too good to be anything else. With players like himself, OF Andre Dawson, OF Tim Raines, OF Hubbie Brooks, 3B Tim Wallach and others. And they won the NL Eastern Division in 1981, the Expos only Playoff Appearance ever. I think of the guy who went to the New York Mets in 1985, to do one thing to win a World Series. His first Base Hit for the Mets was an RBI Double, the Mets were already very good. With Manager Davey Johnson, 1B Keith Hernandez, OF Darryl Strawberry, 3B Ray Knight. The best Starting Pitching in MLB. With Dwight Gooden, Ron Darling, Sid Fernandez, Bob Ojeda. But Gary Carter put them over the top and they got real close in 1985. To the St. Louis Cardinals, who also had a great team and if there was a Wild Card back then. The Mets of the mid and late 80s, make a lot more then just. Their two Playoff Appearances on 1986 and 1988.

I think of the guy who refused to be in his own words, "the last fucking out of this World Series". The 1986 World Series, the Mets are trailing the Boston Red Sox by two runs in the bottom of the I believe tenth inning. In Game 6 of that World Series, the Red Sox are up 3-2 in the WS and obviously just need three outs without giving up two runs. To win the game and the World Series at Shea Stadium in Queens, New York. Gary Carter didn't keep that feeling a secret, he told his teammates about it. And they all took the same attitude, "I'm not going to be that last fucking out of this World Series". Wally Bachmann and Keith Hernandez are the first two outs of the inning. Gary Carter is up next and tells his teammates he's "not going to be that last fucking out of this World Series". And gets a Base Hit and scores the first run of this inning, that led to the tying run by Keith Mitchell. And of course the famous game winning run by Ray Knight, that came off of the error at 1B by Bill Buckner. Obviously a very famous play, I have this World Series on DVD still one of the best WS of all time. The Mets got something like five straight hits in the bottom of this inning. To win the game, the first coming from their Captain, their Leader Gary Carter.

Gary Carter to me not only the best all around Catcher of the 1980s, you can make a case for Carlton Fisk. But Carter was more durable, represents to me, exactly what a Leader is. Someone who'll put their team on their back, especially when they are in their worst position. And tell them guys, get on my back back because I know how to get to the Promise Land, I'll show you the way. And is someone who'll not only be missed by baseball and its fans. I'm one of them but by everyone he ever touched.