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Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Bill Parcells on List of Hall of Fame Finalists: The Big Tuna Finally Going in

When I think of the Big Tuna perhaps better known as Bill Parcells, the long time NFL Head Coach and General Manager. I think of the ultimate Tough Love Head Coach, that goes back to the days of the 1960s and 70s. Even though Bill Parcells started his Head Coaching career with the New York or as GOV. Chris Christie calls them. The New Jersey Giants, as a Redskin fan myself, I have no problem with New Jersey Giants. Bill Parcells being an Italian American and Native of New Jersey, I'm guessing probably doesn't have a problem with that either. The Big Tuna and his Coaching Philosophy goes back to the 1960s and 70s, the Tough Love approach. From the Vince Lombardi, Tom Landry, Paul Brown, Chuck Knoll Head Coaches. Of guys who as long as you gave them everything you had and didn't make Mental Mistakes. Didn't take plays off, your Head Coach was the nicest guy in the World but if you screwed up. Because you weren't paying attention and you weren't giving your best effort. He could be the meanest son of a bitch you ever met, not like an abusive father but who would make it clear how pissed off and disappointed he was with you. That he would lose trust with you very quickly, all Bill Parcells wanted from you was your best effort. He wanted you to maximize your talent and ability, which is what he got out of players like Phil Simms, Lawrence Taylor, Marc Barvaro, Harry Carson and others.

Bill Parcells teams weren't successful because they could overwhelm you with talent. And had complicated and dynamic offenses and defenses, that their opponents couldn't figure out. Bill Parcells wanted a few stars that he could build his teams around, like the guys I just mentioned. Lawrence Taylor and Harry Carson are both Hall of Fame LB's and Phil Simms I believe should be a Hall of Fame QB. But thats a different blog and then Parcells. Would surround them with a bunch of hard working Blue Collar, nothing special but all good players. That came to kick ass and win and that all they were about. Mike Ditka called players like this the Grabowski's but this was in North Jersey not Chicago. So maybe the Parcells Blue Collar Crew would be called the Damato's or O'Malley's or something like that. And then as far as the games themselves, Bill Parcells Game Plans were even simpler. But almost sick in how effective they were, when the Giants executed. Doesn't matter who your playing, we win the game by running the ball, stopping the run. Protecting the QB, attacking the opponents QB, protect the ball and get a couple takeaways. You win the football game at the Line of Scrimmage, the team that does that wins a lot more then they lose.

Bill Parcells Giants teams had a very simple formula but again was almost sick in how effective it was. Ball Control Offense, with a Power Running Game, with Joe Morris, Otis Anderson and others. And then take shots downfield off of Play Action Passing, where Phil Simms was about as effective of a QB that ever did that. To players like WR Lionel Manuel and TE Marc Bavaro, had Bavaro stayed healthy he might of gone down as the best TE ever. He was the Dave Capser all around TE of the 1980s. And on defense he ran what is called the Elephant Defense. Its a 3-4 where you have a stud Nose Tackle like a Jim Burt or Eric Howard. Who's job is basically to eat up two OL the Center and a Offensive Guard. Which frees up the LB's like Lawrence Taylor, Carl Banks, Harry Carson. And DE's like Leonard Marshal to make plays both in the Running and Passing Games. Had Bill Parcells just retired and took some time off, he would've been in the Hall of Fame 5-6 years ago. Because I believe he was the best Head Coach of his era and one of the best ever.

A few things to remember about Bill Parcells, he coached the Giants, Patriots, Jets and Cowboys. And took teams that were awful before he got there and made all of those teams much better,winners and contenders. And in the case of the Giants and Patriots he made them champions. He took teams that needed a kick in the butt and gave all of them big butt kickings. While at the same time teaching them how to play football and what it means to be a Professional Football Player. Thats the Legacy of the Big Tuna.