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Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Monday, February 6, 2012

Giants Beat Patriots in Super Bowl 46: The 2011 Giants, One Hell of a Ride

I had mixed feelings about Super Bowl 46 because even though I wanted to watch it and was expecting a great game. As it turned out to be but my fixed feelings have to do with both teams. The New England Patriots and New York Giants, because I'm a Die Hard Washington Redskin fan, thirty years as a Redskin fan. And the Redskins and Giants are obviously big rivals going back to the early 1930s. So you might think that I should root for the Patriots, especially since. Both the Redskins and Giants have three Super Bowl titles but the thing is I don't like the Patriots. I see them as cocky and overconfident, a bunch of guys that expect to automatically succeed. And believe that they don't have to play their best to succeed. And that they can get away with having a lousy defense, especially when their offense scores thirty points a game. And Tom Brady is their QB, Tom Brady is clearly the best QB of his generation but he's not GOD as we've seen the last few years. And when they play complete teams, that can match them on offense but have a very good defense as well. Especially a defense that can Pass Rush the QB with just their DL and can stop the run. Like the Giants, the Patriots become very vulnerable as we saw tonight and teams like the Patriots to me at least. Are basically looking for a Butt Kicking for someone to bring them down to Earth. Same thing with the Green Bay Packers, which is what the Giants did to the Packers three weeks ago.

Going into the game, I was expecting the Giants to win by 10-14, I was expecting a 28-17 game. That the Patriots Defense was going to have to really step up. Play a bend but don't break defense and at least contain the Giants Running Game. Just for the Patriots to have a shot at winning the game. Get a few takeaways, because the Giants were going to move the ball well in this game. Just a matter of how many points they were going to score. And could the Patriots Defense at least take the big play away from them. To avoid a shootout, because as the Giants Defense showed they could stop the Patriots Offense. Only giving up 17 points, I believe the Patriots Defense for the most part did what they had to do. And the Patriots Offense blew a few opportunities, especially on the last drive with a could dropped passes. As well as a couple of turnovers, the Giants Defense did exactly what they needed to do. Take the big play away from Tom Brady, contain the Patriots Running Game. Rush the QB and get some takeaways, a safety, INT and Fumble Recovery.

Super Bowl 46 was a great game to watch, especially for someone without a dog in the fight. Because you could watch it as an Objective Observer, without being crushed. By the result and coming out of this game, Eli Manning probably has taken the next step. As being one of the Top 5 QB in the NFL and Tom Coughlin will be recognized as the great Head Coach that he is.