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Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whitney Houston: Greatest Love Of All: The Voice of a Generation: 1963-2012 RIP

When I think of Whitney Houston, I think of the greatest voice I've ever heard at least coming from my generation. And songs like the Greatest Love of all, with lyrics like The Children are our Future. Teach them well and let then lead way, show them all the beauty they posses inside. Give them a sense of pride. As well as songs like I will always love you from the movie The Bodyguard that she did with Kevin Costner. From 1992, I saw that movie in my Junior Year in High School. The song I Have Nothing from the same album. And her performance at Super Bowl 25 from 1991, her rendition of the National Anthem. Which came at the time of the first Gulf War and I remember her singing that song so well. And giving the country something to be proud of, to the point that there was an older gentlemen in the crowd at Tampa Stadium. Who came to tears, perhaps it just wasn't because of Whitney's performance. Perhaps this man has a grandson or granddaughter in that war. Perhaps he was a veteran himself but that performance came at the perfect time. And was delivered by the voice, no one could've sung that song any better at that time. And maybe not as well either and perhaps which is why Whitney was chosen for that performance. I also remember from when I was 10-12 years old seeing a very young Whitney, 25 maybe. Guest starring on the NBC Sitcom Silver Spoons, with Rickey Schroede. From 1985 to the late 90s, Whitney Houston was big professionally, because she had the voice and had great material to sing. She was able to to give her best performances at the perfect time.

I knew Whitney Houston was screwed up, with the dramatic weight loss in the of 10-15 years ago. Probably having something to do with the drug abuse and perhaps the alcohol as well. Its been a while since Whitney has released a big album or new album. But she had so much going for her, still a great singer. At least when she was healthy, she had a man who loved her, who might be worth a blog himself. And they had a great family, more money she could ever spend in the rest of her life. But she had a bad addiction and perhaps a low self esteem. She also had an Acting Career, despite all of her issues, she had the voice and I hope thats what she's remembered by. Not her so called Reality Show, that kinda portrays her as part of a screwed up family. That thankfully is no longer on the air but she should be remembered as the great singer with the voice. Of course all of these other issues in her life have to be there as well, all the drama that went with being Whitney Houston. She was basically a one person Real Life Soap Opera, an actual Reality Show based on Real Life. With her Drug Addictions and the weight loss and everything else. But thats not the whole story, nor his her death from Saturday. There's a lot more to Whitney Houston then her Soap Opera. And I just hope thats remembered as well and put at the for front.

The closest I've heard to sounding as good to Whitney Houston, at least in my generation. Would be Mariah Carey who I believe is a better song writer and perhaps with better all around talent. Then Whitney, without nearly as much baggage as that came to being Whitney Houston. Mariah was actually being compared to Whitney when she broke out in the early 1990s and Whitney had already. Been around a few years by then but there's only Whitney Houston. And she had the greatest voice of them all.