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Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Saturday, April 21, 2012

History of Fenway Park: Greatest Sports Buildings: Happy 100 to Fenway Park

When your talking about the best and closest to perfect ballparks in America. I think you have to start with Fenway Park, at least as far as the Classic Ballparks in America. Except for the Green Monster, there's nothing I don't like about Fenway Park. Except for the team that plays there, I'm an Orioles fan. I never been to Fenway, hope to do that at some point, haven't spent much time in Boston. Or in New England at all really. At any point in my life but when you think of Fenway and see Fenway, you know your at a Ballpark. And your there to watch baseball, this is not a stadium, a stadium is something that holds multiple Sporting Events. Fenway is almost exclusively for baseball, its a Ballpark. Yankee fans are of course going to say that Yankee Stadium, especially the old Yankee Stadium. Is the best of the old MLB Stadiums or Ballparks, but keep in mind Yankee Stadium is a stadium. The NFL New York Giants called Yankee Stadium home, from the early 1950s. To 1976, when they moved to Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

I'm obviously going to sound bias here as an Orioles fan, but Oriole Park thats celebrating its 20th Birthday this year. Is not just the best of the new Ballparks in baseball but its the best looking Ballpark in MLB today. As far as just watching a baseball game, I've sat in the Club Level in Left Field. And had a perfect view of the game from there, it felt like being 30 feet way from Home Plate. And Oriole Park seats 48,000 people, this unlike Fenway Park and Wrigley Field. Which I'll get to in a minute is not a small Ballpark. But Fenway is the best of the old Ballparks, as far as watching a game. And again except for the Green Monster, that probably cost Wade Boggs 150 Home Runs. Because he hit a lot of doubles off the wall. That would otherwise would've been Home Runs. I would like to know what my Sister In Law, who's from Boston thinks about that. Its almost impossible to find a bad seat at Fenway.

Its almost impossible to find a cheap seat at Fenway but that might be for a different blog. Wrigley Field to me is next as far as the old Ballparks. But again you make a case thats a stadium as well, the Bears played their home games there. Before they moved to Solider Field in the early 1970s. But Fenway to me is the best as far as the old Ballparks, so congratulations to Fenway Park. And everyone part of Red Sox Nation, happy 100.