Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Jon Stewart, Bill Maher, Rory Bremner on Satire: The Purpose of Political Satire

I don't have a lot of experience on writing Political Satire or any form of Satire. I've only written Political Satire on my blogs but the purpose of Political Satire to me. Is to critique something or someone or people but in a humorous and constructive way. To me Political Satire is a humorous form of Constructive Criticism. I don't just write Satire about someone or something or people, just to put them down. Because that would just make me a jerk to put it mildly but I do it in a way. That yes lays out in a factual way and I try to stay as close to the facts as I possibly can. The flaws in whatever or whoever I'm critiquing about but do it in a way. That people will yes find funny, even the subject of my critique will find funny. And perhaps even throw it back at me, I believe people with glass chins, shouldn't be throwing punches. To use a boxing analogy but my whole point is to do it yes to be funny. But also to get the subject to change they're behavior, I do it in a way to help them improve themselves.

I'll give you an example, I've been critiquing Mitt Romney a lot in this Presidential Election. Nicknaming him Flip Flopper and saying things his positions change as often as the Washington weather. You might need to be a Washingtonian or at least familiar with the area to get that. But I do it in a way to say yes, Mitt is Flip Flopper but I know enough about him. To know where he basically is on the Political Spectrum. Which is a Northeastern Republican, a Reagan Conservative. Which ironically is why the Republican Party isn't in love with Mitt. Because its become a Religious and Neoconservative Big Government party. And my whole point about Mitt is, that when he takes some of these positions to appeal to the Far Right. Even though thats not where he is on the Political Spectrum. Otherwise the Republican Leadership would've never backed him. He's being something other then he is and where he's been in the past.

My whole point about Mitt Romney is that he should be himself, screw off the Far Right. Target Conservatives, Independents and Libertarians. And he would be a much harder Presidential Nominee for Democrats to beat, which I expect we will anyway. My Flip Flopper jokes about Mitt, have to do with his weakness's as a Presidential Candidates. I critique them in a satirist way but then I lay out what he should do instead. To me thats what Political Satire should be about. Not to destroy someone or something but to lay out the flaws in a factual way. And what they should do instead.