Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Report: Every Potential 2040 President Already Unelectable Due To Facebook

This whole satire is about the fact that employers are now demanding to see they're employees. Facebook Passwords, to see what they are up to on Facebook. And perhaps what they are up to online as a whole. What videos they post of themselves, as well as other videos, what they are doing while they are not at work. To me this is a invasion of privacy, which is currently legal but I believe it should be illegal. Employers will argue that they need to know this info, to be able to judge they're employees. To get a better idea of they're character and how they conduct themselves in they're free time. And that they represent the company and organization, even when they are not at work. But unless your a Public Official, Law Enforcement officer, a doctor. Something like that, your not always on call, you have your work time and your free time. You have certain control over your schedule and your time. And what you do on your time, is your business, what you do on your employers time. Is also your time but your work time is also your employers time. And that they can and should be able to use to judge you as an employee.

With the current system as it, everyone out there who Social Networks, be careful what you post. And how you carry yourself in public, because now unless this is changed. Could be used to hold against you, now and into the future. Its not longer Uncle Sam and Aunt Jane as I would call her but Big Daddy and Big Momma, the people you work for. That have they're eyes on what you do in your own time. Perhaps having spies out there patrolling they're employees. That they feel may be suspicious of what Rick Santorum would call, Immoral Behavior. And a threat to our National Morality, another words having a good time. Getting drunk, going to wild party's, having your photo taken of you as your doing these things. So the next time your at a party like this and you see someone with an Iphone. Taking a picture of someone at the party, keep in mind, this person my be a Corporate Spy and you should be on your best behavior.

Unless your a Republican and your thinking about running for office in the future. And you may need Religious and Neoconservatives to vote for you. The Republican Cult as I call them, who by the time your looking at Public Office. Would've by then had hopefully of died off. I wouldn't worry about what you do now, as long as you stay out of trouble. And don't hurt anyone, as far as it hurting a future career in Public Service. But if your not looking at Public Office and work in the Private Sector. Think twice about being drunk in public and what you say online. It could come back to bite you in the ass. A Big bite from Big Daddy and Big Momma, the people you work for.