Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Thursday, May 31, 2012

AP: Raw Video: U.S. House Rejects Sex-Selection Abortion Ban: The Day in Big Government

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Looks like women won't have to ask Uncle Sam's permission to use the bathroom or interfere with her and her doctor in decisions they make regarding her health. A Federal appeals court rules that DOMA, the Defense of Marriage Act that President Clinton signed into law back in 1996 that the Republican Congress passed, that President Clinton now says was a mistake to sign into law, is ruled Unconstitutional by a Federal appeals court. Because it violates the Equal Protection Clause of the U.S. Constitution. A familiar ruling and why I predict that all same-sex marriage bans will be ruled unconstitutional in the future. 

New York City bans sweet drinks, how Mayor Mike Bloomberg was ever a Republican, I'll never know. Lately he doesn't look like a Democrat either, but governing as a Progressive or Democratic Socialist or Green. And apparently he feels he knows best what New Yorkers should drink, eat or smoke. I can understand no smoking sections in bars and especially on planes, as a non-smoker myself, but to tell people they simply can't smoke, interferes with their freedom of choice. According to the Los Angeles Time, California a state that almost passed marijuana legalization in 2010, that's now losing ground in the Golden State and with taxes going up, big government is on the march in California. 

Whether big government is coming from statists on the Far-Left or its coming from statists on the Far-Right, it's still big government. And it's too big, because it interferes with how free adults live their own lives, not how we live amongst each other. But how we live our lives as individuals. Whether it involves health care, with abortion or telling people they have to take government health insurance. Or outlawing same-sex marriage, because you don't like homosexuals and it violates your religious freedom to allow them to get married. 

How same-sex marriage violates anything to me, is a mystery that could make for a good book or movie. And maybe I'll write about that in the future or telling people they can't have soft drinks, because it's unhealthy for them, again interfering with how free adults live their own lives. We are a liberal democracy and because of that we have the liberty to live our own lives.  Statists whether they are on the Far-Left or Far-Right, seem to have such boring lives, that minding their own business puts them to sleep. So they feel the need to mind other people's business. What health care they can have, who they can marry, what they watch on TV, what they can eat and drink etc. And it's undemocratic because you are saying with these laws, that end up getting thrown out, is that you know best how to live the lives of the people you represent, better than them.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

NFLN: Walter Payton- A Football Life

If you are familiar with Walter Payton the Running Back and got to see him play football and run the ball. But you didn't know what his nickname was and you asked someone what do they call him and they say Sweetness, you might be confused by that. Sweetness, why he runs so tough, he never gives up, he's so strong and runs with such desire, how could anyone like that be called Sweetness but then you take another look at why Walter Payton is called that and you understand football. You'll figure it, his greatness was so sweet, the ray he ran the ball was so smooth and ran with grace, even though he could run over anyone.

Not a big man for a RB, 5'10-5'11, 205 pounds or so, not even in the 1970s and 80s but the guy bench pressed. Somewhere around 400 pounds probably North of that, if you were going to try to tackle Payton, you had to try to tackle all of him and take those extra yards away from him , you had to beat him. Because he didn't give you anything, if there was an extra yard to get, he was taking it, you had to stop him to get that yard. Running out of bounds or going down, was for wimps, you had to take Walter Payton down.

I don't consider Walter Payton to be the greatest Running Back of all time, perhaps the greatest all around RB of all time. And there's a difference that I'll explain, Jim Brown is the greatest RB of all time and I wrote a blog about him last summer. Not the greatest runner but as far as running the ball, receiving the ball and of course blocking, at least as far as picking up blitzes. Sweetness was the best, if you put all of those things in one package, except for blocking you will not be a great RB in the NFL, if you can't block.

Because every time you are in the game, the defense will stack the Line of Scrimmage, knowing you won't pick up the blitz and will get to the Quarterback. You blitz Walter Payton, you might get knocked out of the game, because he'll hit you with his Rock Solid body. Walter Payton believed in two things when it came to football, play every play until the whistle blows and whatever it take to win, thats Walter Payton.

The one play that I believe defines how great a player Payton was, was a Monday Night Football game back in 1985, the Bears playing their Division Rival Vikings. Bears down late in the game, QB Jim McMahon drops back, looking to throw deep, Vikings are blitzing. You look at the highlights of that play, you see a big TD Pass from McMahon to I believe WR Willy Gualt. But if you look closely at that play, you see Payton taking the head off of a Vikings Linebacker. With a vicious block, Payton doesn't doesn't make that block, McMahon gets killed on that play and doesn't make the throw.

Thats Walter Payton, not the great runner, which of course he was but Walter Payton the great football player, doing whatever he could to help his team win. Team first, team last and everything in between with Walter Payton and what separates great players from very good players. When Walter Payton was drafted in 1975, the Chicago Bears were one of the worst teams in the NFL. And that includes the great history of course that they have, they didn't become good overnight but they were no longer a joke, because they added a few other players in the 1970s.

Like RB Roman Harper, WR James Scott, Safety Gary Fencik and a few others but they had Sweetness and his teammates knew how great he was and that told them, that if Payton is going to work that hard to be great, then they can at least work as hard as to be as good as they can be. Walter Payton changed the mindset for the Bears and they were no longer a joke after he got there.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Patrick Ewing Knicks Tribute: The Warrior who could never quit

I started watching College Basketball around 1984 or 1985, grew up in the Washington Area in Bethesda, Maryland. And got to see the last season or so of Patrick Ewing at Georgetown University and remember him being drafted by the New York Knicks in the NBA. Pat Ewing at the time was 7'0 235-240 pounds, already had an NBA body but decided he need to get bigger and stronger. To go up against guys like Moses Malone, Robert Parish, Kareem Abdul Jabbar and other great Centers. Ewing was a giant of a man that could run like a horse, even after he hurt his knees in the early 1990s. Could still run like a horse, easily one of the most gifted big man the NBA has ever seen. But you gotta remember he was a product of Georgetown, great school as well as being a product of Head Coach John Thompson. Who was the Dean of the John Thompson School of Basketball, that produced great big man like Pat Ewing, Alonzo Mourning, Dikembe Mutoumbo and others. You weren't going to graduate that School, if you just had great talent, you had to know how play the game, You had to be able to learn about the game of basketball, because the teacher, had already forgot more about basketball, then you'll ever know.

Pat Ewing in his prime was 7'0 255 pounds all muscle, he had the body that was as solid as a statue but could run like a horse. One of the few NBA Centers that was both a dominant offensive and defensive player, you had to contend with him on both sides of the court. So he was a great player on both ends and he was also a very solid rebounder. Before he hurt his knees in 1992 or 1993, he was the best Center in the NBA at the time, after he gets hurt. Hakeem Oliajuwon took that spot from him but after he hurts his knees, Ewing doesn't become a mediocre player or quits. But adjusts his game, instead of just being a dominant Low Post scorer, he develops an Outside Shot and becomes one of the best Outside Shooting Big Men the game has ever seen. Pat Ewing just doesn't become a great basketball player in New York, he brought basketball back to New York, basically on his own. And gave New Yorkers another reason to go to Madison Square Garden because they were one of the worst NBA Clubs before he got there.

What Patrick Ewing's legacy should be, not as a player that never won the NBA Finals. A lot of great NBA players have never accomplished that but someone who was so great of a player. That he could a franchise on his back and take a bunch of solid but nothing special players. Except for their heart and work ethic and get them to the Promise Land and play for the NBA Finals Championship, the Larry O'Brien Trophy, where they were came up a few baskets short.

Monday, May 21, 2012

AP: Raw Video: NATO Protesters Target Boeing: Socialists on the March

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Occupy Wall Street announced last week or a few weeks ago, that they were planning I guess what would be a spring offensive. And we've seen evidence of that already with their marches in Chicago this weekend, not just going after Wall Street, but now Boeing. They are mad as hell at corporate America and perhaps American capitalism all together and aren't going to take it anymore. To paraphrase one of my favorite movies.

It's not just Wall Street that they are pissed off at, but now corporate America as a whole and perhaps anyone who's wealthy and part of the 1% in America. That they don't see as progressive, but my question is what do they expect to get out off all of this other than venting on American capitalism. Do they believe any of the marches where their members get arrested for holding up traffic and disturbing the peace, do you think that comes across well with anyone, who can make a difference. And what they are trying to accomplish, putting a freeze on American capitalism, in order to buy time for them to install whatever they want to replace it with in the future. 

Leftists lets say, people who are further left than FDR Progressives and JFK liberal New Democrats, like to complain and bitch. And a lot of times only seem happier, or not as depressed when they have something to bitch about. There is a term for people like this and Democrats like this that was popular in the 1980s. Doom and Gloom or Doom and Gloomers, people who can only see the empty part of any glass that is not completely full that they try to drink out of. That is what OWS looks like to me. Mental patients that are never happy, always depressed and don't want to go home.

Then Candidate Obama when he was still a U.S. Senator and running for President in 2008, early went for lets say New-Left or even Far-Left McGovernite Democrats for their support. Which might make up the majority of OWS, to go along with some Progressives and perhaps Libertarians who are pissed off as crony capitalism, but aren't on board with what Socialists would replace it with. Because then Senator Obama believed that would be the easiest way to the Democratic nomination and to overcome Hillary Clinton, who had the backing of the Democratic Leadership. 

But after Candidate Obama secured the Democratic nomination, quickly pivoted to the center and ran as a center-left Liberal or Progressive Democrat in the general election. Like the smart or even slick politician that he is, get Far-Left on board to win the presidential nomination. And then run to the middle so you don't look crazy yourself and can appeal to Independents. And its pretty obvious he didn't want to be seen as closely linked to the Far-Left in the Democratic Party who look like nuts or aliens from another planet frankly to Independents as well as Democrats such as myself. 

People who live on communes, share a bedroom and perhaps even a bed with complete stranger so everyone has a place to stay and don't fit in with the country. I have no problem with people being different, hell I'm pretty different myself. But it's another thing to look like, or even be serious  about trying to take down something thats worked very well in this country. Which is private enterprise and education so people have what they need to do well in that economic system.

One thing that OWS is against, a lot of people actually agree with them, which is crony capitalism. But only a fringe of the country wants to replace American capitalism, with democratic socialism. We don't want to as a country, take apart companies that are very profitable and have produced a lot of good in this country, or nationalize private companies as well. And because of this OWS is just speaking amongst themselves and looking nutty compared with the rest of the country.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Barack Obama: Mitt Romney- "I Stand by What I Said Whatever it Was": The Multiple Personality Presidential Candidate

Mitt Romney- Pro-Multiple Choice on All Of The Key Issues
This is the number one problem that Mitt Romney has going for him, that he’s a multiple personality presidential candidate. That if his real name was Flip Flopper, no one who knows who he is or has some idea who he is, would have no problem believing that. The line “I stand behind what I said, whatever it was”, could be Mitt Romney’s campaign slogan. Standing behind something you said and not even knowing what you said.

That would be like saying something in a bar when you were drunk and you can’t even remember anything from that night. And you said a bunch of things and someone who was at the bar, holds you to that statement and you tell them, “well I stand behind that. Even though I have no memory of actually saying that.” President Obama has a problem, but I guess it’s a good problem, which Mitt Romney does he run against and he’ll see more than one in this presidential campaign. Does he run against Liberal Mitt from 1994, Moderate Mitt from 2002, Religious-Conservative Mitt from 2007-08, Neoconservative Mitt from this years Republican primaries, or whatever Mitt decides to run for President in the general election.

President Obama, could say. “I kinda like the Mitt from 2002-04, the successful businessman, big believer in economic freedom. Liberal and tolerant on social issues.” Which is how Northeastern Republicans tend to be, but he could also use that Mitt against whatever Mitt we see in 2012. And he could tell Mitt, “you know I kinda like that guy from 1994 and 2002, whatever happened to that guy?” Independent voters would like that Mitt as well. And Mitt if he answered the question honestly, which is about as likely as Pat Robertson coming out for same-sex marriage, would say, “oh that Mitt is still there, I just keep him hidden, when I’m around Neoconservatives, who hate that Mitt and see him as an Un-American Socialist.”

Imagine that a successful businessman whose a Socialist, that’s today’s Republican Party for you. Please someone bring back Barry Goldwater and Ron Reagan. Those guys seem completely reasonable to today’s GOP. I’ve said this for over a year now, the best thing that President Obama has going for him, is his competition or lack of it. With enemies like this, who needs friends, they would be the best members all of them, of the Obama Reelection Committee. Working for the President behind the backs of the GOP. Like Democratic espionage agents, screwing the GOP. And Mitt Romney is the Leader of this pack.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

MSNBC: Stone Philipps- Jeffrey Dahmern's Last Interview

Source: MSNBC-
Source: MSNBC: Stone Philipps- Jeffrey Dahmer's Last Interview

I guess any serial murderer has to have a secret life or they couldn't be serial murderers. Because people would know who they are and they would have a hard time, just committing the first murder. They would get caught well before they would commit the 2nd murder. Because again people would know who the murderer is and more importantly Law Enforcement would know who they are.

By a lot of accounts, Jeffrey Dahmer was a good decent intelligent person, who was even charming. Thats the person he was on the outside, someone who could get along with other people and even like them . But thats not the Jeff Dahmer who killed all of those young men that he liked and was even attractive to. The Jeff Dahmer who killed those young men, was someone who enjoyed murdering young men, so he can make them his properties. Collect these male bodies and be able to keep these guys for his pleasure and even continue to have sex with them. Thats the Jeff Dahmer who killed all of those young men, not the Jeff Dahmer that his family and friends knew. There were two Jeff Dahmer's, each with their own personality.

There was the public Jeff Dahmer who people liked, that even though he was somewhat shy and quiet. Loved his family and friends and someone that people like being with and even socializing with. And then there was the Jeff Dahmer, that the lights went out ( so to speak ) would go out looking for young men to bring home and back to his apartment. To keep for himself, kill them and keep them as their collections. The private Jeff Dahmer was evil someone who murdered for pleasure and represented why serial murderers are so dangerous, because they are two-faced. Otherwise they again probably wouldn't become serial murderers, because people and law enforcement would know to look out for them. And why we need to do a better job as a society to know who are friends and relatives really are. So we get a better idea of the people that we see, are also the same people in private.

Jeff Dahmer wasn't pure evil, even the serial murderer side of him wasn't pure evil, but he did have a side of him that enjoyed murdering people. And I'm not a phycologist or anything but to me thats sounds like some type of mental disease. Not excusing anything that Jeff Dahmer but trying to explain why he did it, because he's clearly responsible for all the murders that he committed. And paid the same price that his victims paid.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Malcolm X Network: Malcolm X- You're Afraid to Bleed

This piece was originally posted at FRS FreeState: Malcolm X Network: Malcolm X- You're Afraid to Bleed

All Americans have the constitutional right to defend themselves to the point that they stop that threat. Doesn’t mean they have the constitutional right to kill someone exactly. But to stop the threat that’s opposing them. Which is what I would like to believe is the message that Malcolm X was trying to convey to African-Americans. But I know better than that and he was trying to tell them to take it a step farther. When racist law enforcement were abusing African-Americans for protesting, even peacefully. He wanted the people to physically fight back, even if that meant getting a big beating and ending up in jail. Where Martin L. King was saying, “don’t fight back physically. We have just as much of a constitutional right to free speech and assembly. We are more than within our rights here. And if we are attacked, it’s the racist law enforcement that’s breaking the law. And should be arrested and filling the jail cells of the peaceful civil rights protesters. Not the protesters themselves.”

Martin King’s message, was more about unity, not just uniting African-Americans. But the country as a whole, to bring non African-Americans into the movement, to make it look like a mainstream movement that it became, where you saw all the civil rights legislation that was passed in the 1960s, so the civil rights movement couldn’t be portrayed, “as a bunch of unhappy Negro’s, looking for special rights and are people who are un-American and need to be stopped.” Similar, but different in a way that gay Americans are being debated against today as well. Even though I don’t see both movements as equal, but both important. I see people fighting for civil rights, so they aren’t discriminated based on their race, ethnicity, or gender as more important than people being discriminated based on their sexuality. But that’s something worth debating about, I’ve had this debate between a friend of mine who’s gay.

Malcolm X’s main contribution to the civil rights movement, at least as I see it, was advocating for self-reliance and freedom for African-Americans. So they can live their own lives in freedom and not be harassed by government. And not have to live off of public assistance and be trapped in poverty. He would’ve made a hell of a Conservative Republican or Liberal Democrat today. And based on these notions, I actually have more respect for him than Dr. King. Because of what he was trying to accomplish for African-Americans, was long-term. Which is to empower them to get out of poverty.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Malcolm X Network: Malcolm X 1964: An American Nightmare

This piece was originally posted at FRS FreeState: Malcolm X Network: Malcolm X 1964: An American Nightmare

What Malcolm X was laying out in this speech, was what Africans-Americans have gone through since they were given their freedom and no longer slaves. And what they’ve gone through, since being free as slaves. All the racial discrimination that followed them, since being free. He was also telling African-Americans, not to fall in love with the Democratic Party. Which was a very important message especially in the 1960s. When the Southern Caucus in the Democratic Party, had so much power in Congress. The so-called Dixiecrats, that could kill legislation on their own. To the point had it not have been for Congressional Republicans, classical Conservatives in that party, the civil rights bills of 1964, 65 and 68 do not get past. Because the Southern Caucus would’ve blocked them. Dixiecrats, today are now Southern Republicans, religious and Neoconservative Republicans. So he was telling his community, don’t fall in love with the Democratic Party. Because they haven’t done a hell of a lot for you.

Malcolm X’s, message about not falling in love with one party. Was not only very important back in the 1960s, but probably just as important today. Because once you put all of your eggs in one basket so to speak, you can be taken advantage of. Because the party can take the attitude, “why do we have to respond to their concerns. Why do we even have to listen to them, where do they have to go without us. Are they going to become Republicans, a party that’s lost the African-American vote overwhelmingly the last twenty years or so. It’s really President Reagan, who was the last Republican President, that could win any substantial votes in this community, with his two landslide victories in 1980 and 84. The problem with the Republicans Party, is that they’ve become the Dixiecrats and haven’t given the African-Americans much incentive to vote for them since the 1960s.

African-Americans like any other community needs to have choices in who to vote for. The Democratic Party now monopolizes this community because they’ve reached out to them. And we now finally have an African-American President. But Africans Americans tend to be somewhat Conservative on Social Issues, especially in the South. And believe in things like Small Business and being Self Reliant. Not being forced to live off of Public Assistance. And the GOP hasn’t done much to take advantage of that and believe to their loss.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Onion: Minnesota Braces For The Return of Michele Bachmann: The Week in What Didn't Happen, This Time Not From Fox News

Source: The Onion- U.S. Representative Michele Bachmann, R, Minnesota-
The State of Minnesota has had five months to recover from the return of Representative Michele Bachmann, who thank God doesn’t represent the whole state, only 600K or so Minnesotans have to put up with her. And a lot of those people are mental patients, which is Representative Bachmann’s base of support, being that she’s one of them, just on the lam. You would think that she would be easy to track down, seeing that she’s a U.S. Representative who works in Congress. But that’s perhaps a different story.
I thought I would give a status report on the damage that Representative Bachmann has caused. Report what’s she been saying and then report on what’s actually been happening. This week she endorsed Mitt Romney for President and within five minutes of that, Governor Romney’s polls with Independents plummeted and he lost ten points. The Flip Flopper in Chief, managed to bring those numbers back by supporting a constitutional amendment to make same-sex Marriage the law of the land. Which won him support with the homosexual community, something that only Mitt Romney can do. Being that he has a clones of himself.

In other news Representative Bachmann announced that there isn’t a Republican War on Women. Five minutes later she came out for a law that would ban women from the workforce. Her husband Marcus Bachmann also came out of the closet and supports Governor Romney’s constitutional amendment to make same-sex marriage the law of the land as well. He also endorsed Mitt, but endorsed his clone Mitt, the liberal Mitt by accident. So the liberal Mitt picked up points in the homosexual community as well. Which doesn’t do much good for the real Mitt, whoever that person is.

The real Mitt is MIA and there’s an all points bulletin now to try to track down the real Mitt. Officials believe they know what the real Mitt looks like. They’ve seen pictures of him and have talked to Mitt’s other clones. Neoconservative Mitt, Moderate Mitt and Conservative Mitt. But have been unable to track down the real Mitt so far. So the week in what didn’t happen, this time not from Fox News, Fox News is currently on vacation, actually in court. Dealing with libel lawsuits filed against them by Democrats. But announced they’ll be back next week reporting everything that didn’t happen next week. Including a special report from Sean Hannity, on the Democratic War on Memorial Day. Honoring the service of our servicemen and women.
The Onion: Minnesota Braces For The Return of Michele Bachmann's Full Attention

The Onion: Andrea Barret & Piper Cahill- Mitt Romney to Travel Back in Time to Kill Liberal Versions of Himself

Source: The Onion
Source: The Onion: Andrea Barret & Piper Cahill- Mitt Romney To Travel Back In Time To Kill Liberal Versions of Himself

Imagine if Mitt Romney could travel back in time to change more liberal positions he use to have, that me as a Liberal respect. Like when he supported civil unions for same-sex couples just six years ago. Just one position that has pissed off the Christian Right when he was Governor of the Democratic State of Massachusetts. Or back in 1994 and I’m guessing even before that, when he was running for U.S. Senate against Senator Ted Kennedy. Being pro-choice on abortion, or back in 2005-06, signing the twin brother or sister of the Affordable Care Act. Better known as ObamaCare.

But telling the difference between ObamaCare” and RomneyCare, is like telling the difference between the Olsen twins, seeing them for the first time. Or better yet imagine if Mitt could clone himself, when he’s running in Massachusetts. He’s the Liberal Mitt, when he’s running for president in a religious and neoconservative GOP. He’s a more Conservative Mitt, but not far enough for the Far Right. That he scares off independent voters, which is where he is right now.

If Mitt could clone himself, he would be the perfect unbeatable politician. Liberal on social issues, conservative on economic policy. Keeps your taxes and spending down, somewhere in between. Somewhere in between depending on if he listens to himself, or his clone. On foreign policy, he would be exactly where independent voters are. The Christian-Right, would hate him because he’s not trying to tell Americans how to live their lives. Progressives would hate him because he’s not spending every dollar Uncle Sam takes in, or increasing taxes on everyone. But if this were 1988 or 1980, the Romney Campaign wouldn’t even have to consider creating a time machine, or cloning Mitt. Because this is where the Republican Party use to be politically.

The GOP, so much liberal on social issues. But took the attitude that government shouldn’t be telling Americans how to live their lives. Which is actually conservative politics as well. Could the time machine be Mitt Romney’s secret weapon to winning the presidential election? What happens after he’s nominated by the GOP and sees independent voters that liked his liberal positions on social Issues? Wait! It’s a time machine, so he would be able to go back in time and delete his ass-kissing of Christian-Right Voters in the Republican primaries. A time machine would be a hell of a secret weapon, if only it existed. The problem is Mitt is stuck with whoever he is. At times its hard to tell with his flip-flopping. I’m not sure even he knows who he is at this point.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Raw Video: Hollande Beats Sarkozy in French Vote: A Day of Socialist Celebration

The Socialists are coming! The Socialists are coming! Everyone hide their wallets and mattress's and Bank Accounts, Swiss Bank Accounts are still available! Quick hurry before you the Socialists take what's ever left of your Personal Finances. Well this is France, so the French are use to having Socialists in power, perhaps even like it. They pay high taxes with smiles on their faces and then complain when they are only taxed 50, 60 or 70%. And say no I can give you more, I'm not completely broke yet. Quick take the rest of my money, before I do something with it. Like pay the rent, buy groceries or actually enjoy life. This is France with a lot of opportunities to do that, most of them legal by the way. If Socialists came to power in America or someone who's not a Socialist. But where there are millions of Americans dumb enough to believe he is a Socialist. Are you getting warmer, have you figured out who I'm talking about yet. There would be riots in the streets.

If there were actually real Socialists coming to power in America. Lets say the Progressive Caucus came to power in Congress. And one of their members gets elected President. And if we are going to imagine this, lets also imagine a July Blizzard in Phoenix, Arizona. About the same odds, there would not only be riots in the streets but people fleeing to other countries. And to them a foreign country would be Hawaii or Puerto Rico. And then they would be shocked that the people there speak English. Americans go out of their way to not pay taxes, wouldn't surprise me if most of the Swiss Bank Accounts are owned by Americans. With Americans shoving the Swiss out of the way to get a Swiss Bank Account. We cry for days after filing our Tax Returns, going only if I had that money. That Uncle Sam took from me, what I could've spent it on. Just some of the differences between France and America.

When Socialists come to power in France, its a cause of celebration. When Conservatives come to power in France, the people there freak out. And complain about the Populist Party trying to transform France into America. And freak out about having to make more decisions about their lives. Oh no more Freedom! What am I going to, I can't take this! I need the Federal Government telling me what to do! Just some of the differences between the two countries.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Jamie Trudel: The Today Show- Katie Couric vs. Ann Coulter

Source: Jamie Trudel-
Source: Jamie Trudel: The Today Show- Katie Couric vs. Jamie Trudel

Ah my first piece about Ann Coulter and hopefully my last. Maybe she'll grow up or gain some sense in the future. And maybe the Pacific Ocean will go dry, whatever happens first. Don't plan your schedule around either of those things happening.

Listening to Katie Couric do this interview, is what I like about her professionally. Her ability and willingness to not only interview ignorant people, but people who quite frankly lie to advance their careers and to put down the other side. And there are people on both sides of the isle who do these things. Thats what Anne Coulter is in the business to do. She clearly dislikes and that might be putting it lightly anyone to the left of her, which is about 250 million people. Which puts her in a lonely but loud faction in American politics of people who love expressing their First Amendment rights but can't stand people who disagree with them, which is again most of the country when they express there's. This is what Katie Couric was doing in this interview, bringing and ignorant hateful person out into the public, to show the country how ignorant some people are. Similar to what Bill Buckley did in the 1960s and 1970s on Firing Line by interviewing people on the Far-Left in America.

Just to lay out what Ann Coulter thinks about Liberals, according to her.

We are Un-American, Atheist, Socialists, who love criminals. Or see it as our role to defend them and who are looking to destroy America as it is. So we can transform it into some fascist socialist utopia, where people who disagree with us aren't welcomed. Thats Ann Coulter's view of liberalism or at
least what comes out of her writings.

Ann Coulter sees her politics, that she would describe as conservative, but her politics are only conservative in the sense, that she wants to conserve and protect peoples ability to live and think just like her, not the whole country. And that the First Amendment is for people who think just like her. According to the Pluto size planet The World According to Ann Coulter. Again, a lonely small world, where the whole country would think and probably look just like her. Even though liberal comes from the word liberty, she sees it as communist. And probably couldn't tell the difference between the two. Thats what's called a blind political eye, not being able to tell the difference between one faction and the other.

Again, if you follow my blogs, you know that I'm a big believer in the First Amendment, as well as education. That when both are working, there's room for the Ann Coulter's and Bill Maher's of the world. Because people will have the knowledge to know who these people are and what they are doing. Trying to advance their careers at the expense of others. People they seriously dislike and perhaps to advance the political ideology they follow. They are essentially political hatchet men and women and this is how they make their living. And there are enough people in the country, that follow them to keep them in business.