Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Jamie Trudel: The Today Show- Katie Couric vs. Ann Coulter

Source: Jamie Trudel-
Source: Jamie Trudel: The Today Show- Katie Couric vs. Jamie Trudel

Ah my first piece about Ann Coulter and hopefully my last. Maybe she'll grow up or gain some sense in the future. And maybe the Pacific Ocean will go dry, whatever happens first. Don't plan your schedule around either of those things happening.

Listening to Katie Couric do this interview, is what I like about her professionally. Her ability and willingness to not only interview ignorant people, but people who quite frankly lie to advance their careers and to put down the other side. And there are people on both sides of the isle who do these things. Thats what Anne Coulter is in the business to do. She clearly dislikes and that might be putting it lightly anyone to the left of her, which is about 250 million people. Which puts her in a lonely but loud faction in American politics of people who love expressing their First Amendment rights but can't stand people who disagree with them, which is again most of the country when they express there's. This is what Katie Couric was doing in this interview, bringing and ignorant hateful person out into the public, to show the country how ignorant some people are. Similar to what Bill Buckley did in the 1960s and 1970s on Firing Line by interviewing people on the Far-Left in America.

Just to lay out what Ann Coulter thinks about Liberals, according to her.

We are Un-American, Atheist, Socialists, who love criminals. Or see it as our role to defend them and who are looking to destroy America as it is. So we can transform it into some fascist socialist utopia, where people who disagree with us aren't welcomed. Thats Ann Coulter's view of liberalism or at
least what comes out of her writings.

Ann Coulter sees her politics, that she would describe as conservative, but her politics are only conservative in the sense, that she wants to conserve and protect peoples ability to live and think just like her, not the whole country. And that the First Amendment is for people who think just like her. According to the Pluto size planet The World According to Ann Coulter. Again, a lonely small world, where the whole country would think and probably look just like her. Even though liberal comes from the word liberty, she sees it as communist. And probably couldn't tell the difference between the two. Thats what's called a blind political eye, not being able to tell the difference between one faction and the other.

Again, if you follow my blogs, you know that I'm a big believer in the First Amendment, as well as education. That when both are working, there's room for the Ann Coulter's and Bill Maher's of the world. Because people will have the knowledge to know who these people are and what they are doing. Trying to advance their careers at the expense of others. People they seriously dislike and perhaps to advance the political ideology they follow. They are essentially political hatchet men and women and this is how they make their living. And there are enough people in the country, that follow them to keep them in business.