Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Raw Video: Hollande Beats Sarkozy in French Vote: A Day of Socialist Celebration

The Socialists are coming! The Socialists are coming! Everyone hide their wallets and mattress's and Bank Accounts, Swiss Bank Accounts are still available! Quick hurry before you the Socialists take what's ever left of your Personal Finances. Well this is France, so the French are use to having Socialists in power, perhaps even like it. They pay high taxes with smiles on their faces and then complain when they are only taxed 50, 60 or 70%. And say no I can give you more, I'm not completely broke yet. Quick take the rest of my money, before I do something with it. Like pay the rent, buy groceries or actually enjoy life. This is France with a lot of opportunities to do that, most of them legal by the way. If Socialists came to power in America or someone who's not a Socialist. But where there are millions of Americans dumb enough to believe he is a Socialist. Are you getting warmer, have you figured out who I'm talking about yet. There would be riots in the streets.

If there were actually real Socialists coming to power in America. Lets say the Progressive Caucus came to power in Congress. And one of their members gets elected President. And if we are going to imagine this, lets also imagine a July Blizzard in Phoenix, Arizona. About the same odds, there would not only be riots in the streets but people fleeing to other countries. And to them a foreign country would be Hawaii or Puerto Rico. And then they would be shocked that the people there speak English. Americans go out of their way to not pay taxes, wouldn't surprise me if most of the Swiss Bank Accounts are owned by Americans. With Americans shoving the Swiss out of the way to get a Swiss Bank Account. We cry for days after filing our Tax Returns, going only if I had that money. That Uncle Sam took from me, what I could've spent it on. Just some of the differences between France and America.

When Socialists come to power in France, its a cause of celebration. When Conservatives come to power in France, the people there freak out. And complain about the Populist Party trying to transform France into America. And freak out about having to make more decisions about their lives. Oh no more Freedom! What am I going to, I can't take this! I need the Federal Government telling me what to do! Just some of the differences between the two countries.