Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Saturday, June 16, 2012

New York Mets 1986: A Year To Remember: No Longer The Miracle Mets But The Great Mets

The most famous games of the 1986 New York Mets, are obviously Game 6 of the World Series against the Boston Red Sox. Where the Red Sox were up in the I believe 10th Inning, where a ground ball goes through 1B Bill Buckner's legs, a ball that should've been the third out and given the Red Sox the World Series. Games 7 of that series where again the Mets come from behind to beat the Red Sox and win their first World Series since 1969.

Game three back at Fenway Park in Boston, where the Mets are down 2-0 in the WS, after losing the first two games at Shea Stadium in Queens. And come back and blow out the Red Sox, with Pitcher Bob Ojeda shutting down the Red Sox. Game 6 of the National League Championship against the Houston Astros, at the Astrodrome, where especially no team wanted to play on the road and where the Astros were very well suited to play there. With their pitching and speed. The Mets were already up 3-2 in the Series and needed just one more win but felt they needed to win Game 6, because Mike Scott was due to pitch for the Astros in Game 7 and the Mets felt they couldn't beat him, who was almost Un hittable in 1986. And they came back and beat the Astros in Game 6 in Extra Innings.

The 1986 Mets got their share of breaks in 1986 but they were a lot more then that but if you look at the 1986 Mets, you see so much more with then then just a bunch of breaks. You look at their Pitching Staff, the best starters in MLB, with Dwight Gooden, Sid Frenandez, Ron Darling and Bob Ojeda. A very good Bullpen with two guys that could close for them in Jess Orosco and Roger McDowell, one of the best lineups in baseball with two guys at the top of the order that can get on base.

Run the bases with a lot of speed, steal bases and field their positions, with CF Lenny Dykstra and 2B Wally Bachmann and then when they get on, you got 1B Keith Hernandez, a borderline Hall of Famer, C Gary Carter who is in the Hall of Fame, RF Darryl Strawberry, who was a Hall of Fame talent and 3B Ray Knight who was a very good clutch hitter. To drive these guys in. The Mets also had a very good defense that the year, they didn't make a lot of mistakes, you had to beat them.

The 1986 Mets remind me of the Baltimore Orioles of the 1970s and 80s, teams that were very good all around, that really didn't overwhelm you. They just beat you everywhere and beat you in so many ways, constantly putting pressure on their opponents because they kept coming after you with so many different players, as the Red Sox found out in 1986. They didn't rely on a few guys to beat you but could beat you with everybody. And they also had Manager Davey Johnson who I believe should be in the Hall of Fame, running the show, a great team and one of the best ever.