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Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Monday, July 23, 2012

AP Analysis: The Future of Penn State Football: Penn State Avoids The Death Penalty but still has a huge hill to climb

Penn State clearly deserved to be sanctioned for their actions in the Joe Paterno/Jerry Sandusky sexual abuse case. And I only name Joe Paterno in this, because he's clearly guilty for not either reporting what he knew about Jerry Sandusky in this case or not being on top of the ball as a supervisor and the head of the Football Program. And keeping track of the actions of his deputies, which of course is what Jerry Sandusky was, as Coach Paterno's Defensive Coordinator for all of those years. Sexual abuse is not something that can tolerated in America, by the NCAA or anyone else. If you are guilty of, either not reporting what you know about it or covering up or actually being the person who committed these acts. You'll not only lose a job over it, be fired but generally it involves jail time or being sent to prison for what amounts in Jerry Sandusky's case, a life sentence. Because of all the years he was sentenced to and his age not sixty eight years old. So the sanctions that have been handed down on Penn State is not surprising to me and hopefully will be a wake up call to the Football Program and Administration. That they have to be more about winning and that they have to be on good behavior as well as far as how they treat people involved in the program.

I never like the term Death Penalty when it comes to sports as far as how it relates to a franchise or program. Unless someone involved with the franchise or program like player or other employee, has murdered someone and faces the possibility of the Death Penalty. The Death Penalty is not something you recover from to state the obvious, when you are dead, you are dead. Southern Methodist's Football Program was given the so called Death Penalty in the 1980s in a different scandal. And they were back playing football by the early 1990s, it would be like a judge sentencing a Convicted Murderer to death and then telling that person. You are sentenced to death for five years and then you can come back to life, if you meet certain standards. No Judge in their right mind would give out a sentence like that, because of how crazy it would be and impossible it would be to carry out.

So one reason why I'm glad Penn State didn't receive the Death Penalty, is because its not a real Death Penalty. Its bad language, what the proper term would be would be suspension, we are suspending the Football Program for 3-5 years and after that point you can reapply for membership into our organization. What these sanctions will do for Penn State is buy them time for them to clean up the Football Program.