Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Saturday, August 25, 2012

GOP: Wendell Willkie For President- '1940 Campaign Film Exposes The New Deal'

Source: GOP-
Source: GOP: Wendell Willkie For President- '1940 Campaign Film Exposes The New Deal'

Wendell Willkie a Classical Liberal speaking out against big government socialism. Imagine that, a Liberal winning the Republican Party nomination for President, which might sound like the Cleveland Browns winning the Super Bowl and Ku Klux Klan coming out in favor of more immigration from both Africa and Asia today, but back in the 1940s when the Dixiecrats were still in the Democratic Party and before the Christian-Right had any real power in or outside of the Republican Party, a Classical Liberal ( Liberal in the real and classic sense ) could do well in the Republican Party.

Liberals who were against all forms of discrimination especially ethnic and racial discrimination. Someone who believed in the U.S. Constitution and our individual rights. Like free speech, right to privacy, self-defense, property rights., federalism. Personal as well as economic freedom. That was the Democratic Party pre-late 1960s when the right-wing Dixiecrats in the Democratic Party, moved over to the Republican Party.

Back in 1940, the Democratic Party had Progressive President Franklin Roosevelt as their presidential nominee. The man and administration who gave us the progressive New Deal safety net in America. The Republican Party had a Liberal who wasn't opposed to a safety net and believed in civil rights laws and was even to the Left of President Roosevelt on no civil and equal rights, civil liberties in general, in private businessman and lawyer Wendell Willkie.

Wendell Willkie even viewed his own politics as liberal, but said he was opposed to socialism. Which Liberals are at least as far as a governing political philosophy. The 1940s presidential election basically gave America a choice between two center-left presidential candidates. President Franklin Roosevelt for the Democrats and Wendell Willkie for the Republicans.