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Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Friday, November 30, 2012

CSN Washington: Redskins Chronicles: Redskins vs. Giants Rivalry

I've been a Redskins fan for now thirty years, I started watching football and the Washington Redskins very early in life. So I've experienced a lot of this rivalry and have experienced this rivalry when it took off again in the 1980s. When the Redskins and New York Giants became very good again, not only getting back to the playoffs but becoming Super Bowl contenders. Both winning Super Bowls in the 1980s, the Redskins two in 1982 and 1987 and the Giants winning the Super Bowl. In 1986, the Redskins making the playoffs for the first time in six years in 1982, the Giants making. The playoffs for the first time in eighteen years in 1981, I don't remember that season but both teams became very good again. In the 1980s, both teams play in the same division and are only separated by roughly 240 miles, fairly short trip to either city.

There Washingtonians now living in New York and there are New Yorkers now living in Washington. So the fans of both teams are very familiar with both cities and the two cities that are involved are just one reason. That makes this rivalry great, both are big cities and both are huge centers of power with powerful. Franchises in the NFL and in major league sports, both are worth over a billion dollars, both franchises. Are essentially corporations and both are expected to do well and when they don't, the rest of the league and media. Looks down on them that how could franchises this powerful be down right now, when they should be ruling the. League, this is a big city rivalry, two of the biggest cities and markets in the country, that play in the same. Division where the fans of both teams go to the other teams stadium to watch them play each other.

Redskins and Giants fans know each other very well and every time these teams play each other, its a very. Important game or at the very least one team has the opportunity to ruin the other teams season, which provides them with all of the motivation to win the game. And of course the history, going back to the early 1930s with all of the big games they've played against each other. Including two conferences championships, with the one I remember in 1986, where the Giants won that game 17-0. Losing to the rival Giants was all the motivation in the World for the Redskins to go into 1987, believing that. They not only had to beat the Giants for revenge but that anything short of not winning the Super Bowl that year. Would've been a disappointing season, because the Giants won the Super Bowl the year before, its sorta this gotta top the other guy attitude.

A couple things that you can always count on when the Redskins play the Giants, the game will be sold out. The crowd will be loud the whole game, the players will be very intense and there will be pushing and shoving. After every play, thats how you know you are either at a Redskins-Giants game, watching it on TV or playing in the game yourself. Because the teams respect each other but they simply don't like each other which makes for very entertaining football.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Africans TV: Malcolm X- Interview at UC Berkeley: Oct. 11th, 1963

Source: Africans TV-
Source: Africans TV: Malcolm X- Interview At UC Berkeley: Oct 11, 1963

Part of Malcolm X's message was about the right to self-defense. Which is in the U.S. Constitution, that Americans have. Which means that if you are under attacked, you have the constitutional right to defend yourself to your best ability to prevent your attacker from hurting, or destroying you. Which is a perfectly legitimate thing to believe in. The problem with this philosophy is that it was sort of short-term and a good thing for African-Americans is that more of them didn't take this message to heart and I say that for this reason.

Martin L. King, was a pacifist all around. At least when it came to civil rights and part of that was because Dr. King thought long-term. He was a visionary in the civil rights struggle and understood the power of the media and that African-Americans were undermanned in this struggle as far as their own population. And that they needed the support of non-African-Americans to advance this cause. And that if they were seen as dangerous or violent in this struggle, it would be harder for them to gain additional support.

I believe that part of Malcolm X's message rose from frustration as far as how Africans were treated in America. And that African-Americans had took it too long and that it was time to rise up and fight back. He was right that it was time to rise up and to fight back. Which is what Dr. King believed in as well. But they just had different approaches in how to fight back, Dr. King's approach was more about using the power of media and message. Malcolm had that as well, but it also came with the right to physical self-defense.

Friday, November 23, 2012

NFLN: A Football Life-John Riggins- The Diesel Engine That Powered a Team and Career

I guess I'm very lucky as a Redskins fan, because my first year as a Redskin fan and I'm not even seven years old, yet a couple months away from that, was in 1982 the year the Washington Redskins win their first Super Bowl. I still remember John Riggins touchdown run like I saw it yesterday. Him breaking through that hole, that was designed on purpose to have one free Miami Dolphin defender, who was a safety a guy named Don MacNeil, who may have weighed 200 pounds back then. It was designed this way because Redskins OL coach Joe Bugel tolled JR, "look, there's going to be one free Dolphin defender who'll have a clean shot at you, but there isn't a DB in football that can tackle you by themselves." JR was called the Diesel for a reason, because thats the type of power he had. I think a better comparison would be a horse. Big, tall and strong, who could run like a horse. He would run through you or he could run by you. You try to tackle him, you have a better shot at hurting yourself.

When you think of John Riggins athletically, just don't think of the Super Bowl champion or the Super Bowl MVP. Or the Hall of Famer or even all of the records he held at least one point. Think of the athlete, think of the 18 year old who at the time was already 6'2  220 pounds, who was the Kansas state track champion in high school. Think of a fullback with tailback speed, who could out run WR's and DB's. And also think of JR from the perspective of a defender. "Even if I do catch this guy, if he's not at full speed, how am I supposed to bring him down. Maybe I should practice by trying to tackle a horse." A couple examples of JR's greatness, a regular season game against the Dallas Cowboys in December 1979. The winner of the game wins the NFC East and goes to the playoffs. It was the third or fourth quarter, QB Joe Theisman calls a trap play or a run up the middle. The problem is that JR out ran his OL. And turns the play into a sweep and bounces outside and takes the play for a sixty yard touchdown run. No Cowboy in sight trying to catch him until the end when a little Cowboy DB makes light stab at him.

Jim Brown is the best RB of all-time, the power back of all time as well, but JR is right behind JB as the best power back of all-time. And if you are number two to JB in anything when it comes to football, you are a Hall of Famer. The only thing was that JR was under utilized for probably half of his career. The New York Jets were awful in the early and mid 1970s and the Redskins tried to make JR a FB in his first two seasons in Washington. So my question would be had JR been a full-time TB for his entire career, how great would he have been.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Mike Goodpaster-CBS Sports: The Violent World of Sam Huff

Source: CBS Sports- NY Giants LB Cliff Livingston-
Source: Mike Goodpaster-CBS Sports: The Violent World of Sam Huff

Back in 1960 the National Football League was just starting to become popular, especially with the help of the 1958 NFL Championship between the Baltimore Colts and New York Giants. Still the most important game in NFL history. Where a lot of Americans for the first time were getting to see how great of a sport American football or gridiron was. And got to see great players like Colts QB, John Unitas, RB, Lenny More, WR Ray Berry, DE Gino Marchetti. Giants RB Frank Gifford, LB Sam Huff and many others. But by 1960 NFL was still fairly new in America as far as its popularity. Baseball was still king and college football was probably more popular than the NFL at this point. Part of this had to do with the fact that NFL franchises were still not drafting and signing African- American players. Leaving them short on talent, a big reason why the American Football League was so important, because they were interested in the best players possible. Not race or color but films like the Violent World of Sam Huff were also important.

What this film did especially produced and shown by CBS Sports to be broadcasted by CBS and narrated by the great CBS News anchor Walter Cronkite, was to let Americans into the world of pro football and to show Americans exactly what football players have to go through to be as good and as successful as they were and show Americans why its the ultimate team sport that it is. And how much each player has to rely on their teammates and units to be as successful as possible. The Violent World was like a football camp for non-organized football players. For guys especially who didn't play college and pro football and perhaps didn't even play high school football. Perhaps were just fans and junkies of the sport like myself. Who wanted to see exactly what it was like for the players and teams that they watch every week for five months of the year and what they go through. Pro football was similar to what to what the MLS or NHL is today, but back in the 1950s and a certain extent the 1960s. Something people were somewhat interested in, but didn't go out-of-their-war to follow.

The idea that CBS Sports would donate an entire film or documentary about what the National Football League was like and what it was like to be a pro football player, at least from the perspective of Sam Huff and the New York Gants, goes to show you the vision that, that sports division had and the potential that they saw in the NFL. A league other than for really four years in the 1990s they've been a big part of as far as coverage going back to the 1950s. They had the best pre-game show in The NFL Today, the best game of the week covering the NFC in the 1970s and 1980s and the best announce in Pat Summerall and best analyst in John Madden. These things obviously don't happen without the NFL becoming the sports and business giant that it became by the early 1970s. And The Violent World was one of the first looks and glimpses for a national audience of what the NFL was like and what real reality TV and not celebrity/tabloid TV looks like. And what good documentary television is. 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

NBA Entertainment: Vintage NBA: Wes Unseld, Solid as a Rock

Not many big man made more of an impact on basketball without being a high scorer then Wes Unseld. The man is in the Pro Basketball Hall of Fame as well as he should be, being one of the best center/power forwards of all time. Yet he averaged only around ten points a game for his entire career, when you think of great NBA big man, you are talking about guys generally. Who average around twenty points a game or more, like Moses Malone, Patrick Ewing and many others but with. Wes he made such a huge impact, with his rebounding, consistently getting his team the ball back or. Second opportunities to score, setting up his teammates to score with his passing and setting screens so his teammates. Could get easy scores and with his defense, his guy for the most part not being a huge impact on the game. Because Wes would consistently stop him and Wes could also score when his team needed him to do as well. Not many other big man made as much of an impact on the game as Wes Unseld, without being big scorers. Guys like Bill Russell and Dennis Rodman come to mind, who are both in the Hall of Fame.

Wes Unseld played power forward and center in the 1970s a time when 6'9 was short for a center and yet. He was 6'7 consistently having to cover player who were 4-6 inches taller then him like Kareem Abdul Jabbar as far as I'm concern. The greatest center of all time but Wes had a lot of intelligence and a lot of bulk, sorta like a taller version of Charles Barkely who at most was. 6'5 but height per height perhaps the best all around rebounder of all time, Wes knew what he had to work with and made the most out of it and then some. Which is why he's one of the greatest basketball players of all time.

BulletsTV: Washington Wizards @ Chicago Bulls: 10/26/84, Michael Jordan's NBA Debut

Michael Jordan's first NBA game back when the Wizards were actually good

Monday, November 19, 2012

Leathered Life: Chrissie in Leather Jeans

Source: Leathered Life-
Source: Leathered Life: Chrissie in Leather Jeans

Great outfit, but the girl is a little too petite for me. Imagine a women 5'6-5'7 or taller or maybe only 5'4, which would make her average height, but with great legs. Strong thighs, tight round butt and everything else, wearing this outfit. Because that is what leather jeans which are basically skinny jeans, but made from leather instead of denim, are made of. Skinny denim jeans, are common with beautiful sexy women especially if they're tall. Because it's a great way for women to show off their legs and show off their butt. "Check me out in my tight jeans, because I have a great body." Which I believe is what sexy women are saying when they wear those pants. Especially with boots and a tucked in blouse or short top. They can also bring too much attention for women in they're in a more formal setting, but that's a different discussion. Leather jeans are also a great way for sexy women to show off their bodies. To bring positive attention to them, as well as negative.The women in this video, great outfit, but a little small at least for me.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The New Republic: Opinion- Chuck Thompson- On Texas Secession: Be Careful What You Wish For

Source: The New Republic-
Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS FreeState

Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas even seceding from the United States. Who the hell needs them from my point of view. They need us so they can fund their own roads and for all that welfare insurance they get from taxpayers in wealthy states. So their people don’t starve and so their kids can go to school and so-fourth. And do we really need a Alabama and a Mississippi in the union, couldn’t we get by with just one of them, or how about they combine and become one state. And we would have on less ignorant state in the union. And do we really need to Carolinas and two Virginia’s? I’m not looking for Virginia to leave the union, but do we need a Virginia and a West Virginia.

West Virginia, is not seceding. Even they know like the rest of the country that they need America more than America needs them. But South Carolina might be a different story and the idea of an African-American, not only being elected, but reelected President of the United States, is appalling to a certain percentage of South Carolinians. And they may leave the country, some of the nuts in that state. My whole point about this is that the people in these states that are considering leaving the United States, good riddance. As far as I’m concern and maybe they can move somewhere and start some new Confederate Republic like they tried in the 1860s. And even if these states were to secede, which will never happen because even these states have enough intelligent people in them to know better.

People who were perhaps educated outside of these states, to understand that they need America more than we need them. That as much as they may bash the U.S. Government and public assistance, a lot of their people still need that. Just to get by. Which makes this whole discussion a little ridiculous, because this will never happen. Texas, won’t leave the United States. They have the most uninsured people in the country per-capita. They need us again for the public assistance that they collect. America, needs Texas to become energy independent. And get off of foreign oil. Which would be a boom for both our economy and foreign policy. But if these third-world American states in the Southeast want to take a hike, I’ll help them pack. And see how well they can do on their own.
The Centrist Word: Hardball With Chris Matthews- Governor Rick Perry on Texas's Right To Secede From The U.S.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Gay Rights Celebration: Twosome Showing Their Love

Bria Parks: Malcolm X Project History

Source: Bria Parks-
Source: Bria Parks: Malcolm X Project History

I don’t believe Malcolm X was a racist at least at the point when he died. And I don’t believe he was a segregationist, meaning that people of different races should never interact with each other. But he was a separatist. Someone who did believe that integration wasn’t the magic bullet to the problems of African-Americans. He believed that this community should be empowered and even empowered themselves to be able to handle their own problems and issues and stand up for their rights. And not be put down by racist Caucasians, or anyone else.

And the African-Americans should stand up for their constitutional rights and not expect that others will give them to them or give them anything else. As well as treating people as people and not members of groups. But that he believed in empowering African-Americans to be able to handle their own affairs. Because this was his community, and not expecting others to empower them, or be dependent on government and others who are already independent to take care of them for them. Malcolm X’s message was truly about African-American freedom. Not some violent revolution.

Unlike Fidel Castro, who was a Marxist and someone who believed the central state should be in complete control and that the state should be responsible for everyone’s well-being, Malcolm X was a true freedom fighter. Someone who wanted to empower an entire community of Americans to take charge and complete responsibility over their own lives. Today’s Conservatives and Libertarians, should actually at least respect Minister Malcolm and not put him down as some racist thug. Because he was someone who truly believed in individual freedom and not government dependence for his community.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Leathered Life: Michaela's Black Leather Suit

Source: Leathered Life-
Source: Leathered Life: The Beauty of Leather

Short quick video. Perhaps a little redundant to say that this video is both short and quick. Unless the video was short vertically or something, but you get the idea. And no I haven’t seen a tall video yet. But I think you get a pretty good idea of what this women is wearing here and how good she looks. A black leather suit, with a black leather jacket, black leather jeans, black leather boots. A very sexy black day for this gorgeous women. As I said before you need the right body for leather jeans. Especially skin-tight or skinny leather jeans. The body is even more important in skinny leathers than skinny denims. Because even if you do have beautiful legs and a beautiful butt and leather jeans make your body look even better and tighter. But if you’re a little weak in the lower body and either overweight or underweight, skinny leathers will over highlight those weakness’. You’ll look even fatter or skinnier in skinny leathers if you’re overweight or skinny, because the pants ae made from such a thin material. The women you see in this video looks great in this leather suit, because she has great legs and a great butt. And those jeans and boots just showcases her physical qualities.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Leathered Life: New- The Best Girls Wearing Leather Jeans

Source: Leathered Life-
Source: Leathered Life: New- The Best Girls Wearing Leather Jeans

Laura is my second favorite model at Leathered Life or Leather Babes. Not sure if they are two different sites, or one site that has changed its name. But whatever the case Laura only trails Lena for me at least as far as being their best and sexiest model. They both have height and not little cuties or petite women with out curves even if they are tall. They both have curves and tight curves. Two sexy women who look great in tight jeans, as well sexy women do. And they look great in leather jeans and Miss Sixty leather jeans. Laura has beautiful legs and a big beautiful butt, as you see in this video. And she knows how to showcase her features, as you see in her leather jeans in boots. And is a great model for them and I would just like to see more of her in leather jeans in boots.

Leathered Life: Rare Miss Sixty Leather Jeans

Source: Leathered Life-
Source: Leathered Life: Rare Miss Sixty Leather Jeans

Love biker women for multiple reasons. And two of them having to do with the facts that they tend to be in great shape, because they have to be because of the lifestyle they live being on the road so much and having to manage their motorcycles. But the other having to do with the wardrobe. You see a lot of leather, denim and boots, with their wardrobe. Tight leather, tight denim, tight boots. Skin-tight leather and denim jeans with boots. With a leather jacket, or sometimes just a tank-top or t-shirt. And the great leather biker boots. And then the combinations with biker women wearing biker leather jackets, with Levis denim jeans or other denim jeans, and the biker boots. Or going all leather with a biker leather jacket, skin-tight leather jeans and biker boots. Jim Morrison, is not the only person to wear leather suits and boots a lot.

You have to have a great body to look even good and not embarrass yourself in skinny leathers. Which are skin-tight leather jeans. If you’re worried about how you look in skinny denims, because of how they showcase your legs for good and bad and make you look ever heavier or skinnier than you actually are, skinny leathers, might be twice as risky. Obese women, look even fatter in skinny leathers and rail-thin women look even skinnier. Because they’re cut so thinly to showcase great legs on women and the butt as well. And if you’re weak in those areas, you’ll look even weaker in skinny leathers. Every time I see rail-thin women in skinny denims, she looks about a hundred pounds to me and perhaps has just lost even more weight. A fat women in those pants will look like she’s grown another ass. (To be frank)

My point about this is a big reason why biker women and lets say mature biker chicks and not the porn stars who like to model motorcycles, is that they tend to have great bodies and know exactly what they’re doing. How to look sexy while not looking like they have to look sexy in order to pay their bills, because they also have style and class and know bikes very well. Biker women tend to be professionals, but in other fields. Law enforcement, teaching, military background, even law, but they’re also very attractive and very sexy. And love showing the world that and their bikes on their free time. And these are just a few reasons why I’m so attractive to them. Because they’re so healthy and sexy, but with class and style as well and a pleasure to check out.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

CBS: The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson- Raquel Welch in 2010

Source: CBS- Raquel & Craig-
Source: CBS: The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson- Raquel Welch in 2010

Raquel Welch, really is a true goddess. A women now in her early seventies is still this hot, cute and sexy. Who is also a hell of an actress and entertainer in general, who is not just about her hot sexy looks. But had made a great career with her looks, but ability to act and entertain as well. She’s someone who was born with goddess looks and features, which probably got her in the door in Hollywood and got her a lot of work early on.

But I sort of her look at her like I look at a great talented athlete who gets noticed real quickly, but then takes full-advantage of that and make a great career for them self. Raquel, is a very good actress whose used her physical talents, lets say to get herself parts and work, because directors want to work with her and use her. Because they know she’ll sell their movies and projects. But then does a great job in the roles that she gets. Because guys simply want to see her, but then they also can see that she can act, sing and make people laugh as well.

Raquel Welch, has truly made a great life and career for herself as a Hollywood goddess. Showing women of all sorts of backgrounds that if they work hard and take care of themselves and are responsible, they to can make a great career and life for themselves. Perhaps not age as gracefully as Raquel, but age well and not have to look like a senior citizen even if they already are one in years. The old cliche, “age is only a number”, could have been written for Raquel.

She’s not someone who was discovered in her twenties, but then burned out in her thirties, or dead in her thirties. She’s someone if anything is doing better now in her seventies than she did in her thirties. In some ways perhaps even sexier with great curves now. A women at her age whose still a sexy baby, a hot baby-faced adorable women, in her seventies. Who can probably make women young enough to be her granddaughter jealous. Only a goddess, or some made up Hollywood figure could still have that at this point in their life. But Raquel is the real thing who fully taken advantage of all of her abilities.

Levi's: 2001 Bellybutton Commercial

Source: Levi's: Levis 2001 Belly Button Commercial

Back in the late 1990s and certainly by 2000, low-rise jeans, or as some others called including myself when you see women's butt cracks and tattoos when they were sitting down and just standing up, when they would wear these very tight jeans, what were called low-rider jeans came out. By 2005 they were changed somewhat and we now have skinny jeans that we've been with ever since. And Levis was all over this with the designer denim revolution that remerged in the late 1990s and came back in style after going away by 1986 or so after they were in style from the late 1970s all the way up to 1985 or so. These beautiful dark wash designer denim jeans. Back then the main designers were Jordache, Gloria Vanderbilt, (if you're familiar with Threes Company and Mork and Mindy) Calvin Klein and of course Levis jeans. Today those designer denim jeans would be Seven For All Mankind, Express, True Religion and many others. That is what you see with this commercial here. A beautiful sexy woman, wearing a short top and super low low-rise Levis jeans, on beautiful summer day.