Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Friday, November 30, 2012

CSN Washington: Redskins Chronicles: Redskins vs. Giants Rivalry

I've been a Redskins fan for now thirty years, I started watching football and the Washington Redskins very early in life. So I've experienced a lot of this rivalry and have experienced this rivalry when it took off again in the 1980s. When the Redskins and New York Giants became very good again, not only getting back to the playoffs but becoming Super Bowl contenders. Both winning Super Bowls in the 1980s, the Redskins two in 1982 and 1987 and the Giants winning the Super Bowl. In 1986, the Redskins making the playoffs for the first time in six years in 1982, the Giants making. The playoffs for the first time in eighteen years in 1981, I don't remember that season but both teams became very good again. In the 1980s, both teams play in the same division and are only separated by roughly 240 miles, fairly short trip to either city.

There Washingtonians now living in New York and there are New Yorkers now living in Washington. So the fans of both teams are very familiar with both cities and the two cities that are involved are just one reason. That makes this rivalry great, both are big cities and both are huge centers of power with powerful. Franchises in the NFL and in major league sports, both are worth over a billion dollars, both franchises. Are essentially corporations and both are expected to do well and when they don't, the rest of the league and media. Looks down on them that how could franchises this powerful be down right now, when they should be ruling the. League, this is a big city rivalry, two of the biggest cities and markets in the country, that play in the same. Division where the fans of both teams go to the other teams stadium to watch them play each other.

Redskins and Giants fans know each other very well and every time these teams play each other, its a very. Important game or at the very least one team has the opportunity to ruin the other teams season, which provides them with all of the motivation to win the game. And of course the history, going back to the early 1930s with all of the big games they've played against each other. Including two conferences championships, with the one I remember in 1986, where the Giants won that game 17-0. Losing to the rival Giants was all the motivation in the World for the Redskins to go into 1987, believing that. They not only had to beat the Giants for revenge but that anything short of not winning the Super Bowl that year. Would've been a disappointing season, because the Giants won the Super Bowl the year before, its sorta this gotta top the other guy attitude.

A couple things that you can always count on when the Redskins play the Giants, the game will be sold out. The crowd will be loud the whole game, the players will be very intense and there will be pushing and shoving. After every play, thats how you know you are either at a Redskins-Giants game, watching it on TV or playing in the game yourself. Because the teams respect each other but they simply don't like each other which makes for very entertaining football.