Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Roger Dolittle: Revolution Volume I- The Late 60s

Source: Roger Dolittle- Dr. Martin L. King- 
Source: Roger Dolittle: Revolution Volume 1- The Late 1960s

Radicalism is certainly not new in American history. This country was certainly not founded by Moderates. But radical Liberals and Libertarians who wanted to be free from the United Kingdom and set up a Democratic Republic. Where the people would be free to live their own lives and not be subjects of the state or monarchy. So it was Liberal-Libertarians versus the British Monarchy in the late 1700’s that probably would’ve never given the British in the American colonies their freedom. And these new Americans were tired of living under the dictatorship of the British Monarchy and fought back and we had the American Revolution.

So back then radicals were part of the radical left. This crazy idea back then of individual freedom, was so foreign to really anywhere else in the world. And that’s how the American Republic was founded. So we’ve had radicals on the Left back in the 1700’s as well as the 1850s and 60s. Liberals pushing for freedom in the 19th Century they were pushing for freedom for all Americans. And fought to free the African slaves, which is one reason how the Civil War came about. Where Liberals wanted the African slaves free. Right-wingers wanted the Africans in the South to remain as slaves and property and the Federal Government trying to keep the union together.

Radical leftism went from a form of liberalism or libertarianism in the 1700 and 1800s to a form of socialism in the 1900s. And creating a safety net or even welfare state which started with the Progressive era in the early 1900s. And graduated to the New Deal in the 1930s and Great Society in the 1960s, to the anti-war movement of the 1960s. And then Liberals came back in the 1950s and 60s with the civil rights movement for racial minorities as well as homosexuals. And of course the environmental and women’s movement of the 1960s and 70s.

The establishment is sort of like the center the people with the power and anyone in this country whether they are Center-Left or Right. And the fringes of the wings are seen as radical because they are pushing for change and reform. And when the establishment is unwilling to change and even listen to the concerns and demands of the radicals, things can get very violent as we saw in the 1960s. But radicalism and violence in this country is certainly not new, but something that we’ve been able to tolerate.

We have a country the size of the United States both physically and in population, we are simply a huge country and power that has all the freedom that we have, both socially and economically. Including the constitutional right to self-defense and determination. So violence is always a possibility when people are unhappy and frustrated with the establishment to the point that they feel the establishment needs to be taken down.

ESPN: MCBL 1985: Final Four: Georgetown Hoyas vs St John's Red Storm

Back when the Big East was the NFC East of college basketball with all of the great rivalries

Monday, December 24, 2012

Sunday, December 23, 2012

NFL Films: Running Back Chuck Foreman: A Great Horse That Ran Out of Steam

If you are talking about the most talented running backs of all time, running with power and speed . With great hands the ability to hold on to the ball without fumbling as well as receiving the ball. With great quickness and the ability to make you miss with great footwork, someone who can block as well. Pick up blitzes and give their backfield mate an opportunity to run as well and even be able to. Block downfield as well, the speed and power to get down there as well, then Chuck Foreman would. Certainly be on my list if not the top of it and it might be between him and Marcus Allen if you are. Talking about the most talented running backs of all time but talent alone doesn't get you to the. Hall of fame, just ask Herschel Walker, you need to have a great career and not just a great stretch. If running backs were judged alone as far as how great they are in a decade in making the Hall of Fame. Then Chuck Foreman would make it because he's clearly one of the best running backs of the 1970s. Even though he burned out by 1978 or 79 and not much has been heard from him since, Chuck Foreman's. Greatness was really from about 1973-77 or 78 and he and the Minnesota Vikings were basically done as NFC contenders.

To be a Hall of Fame running back, you not only have to be one of the best RB's of your era and you. Need a lot of big games and put some serious numbers if not great numbers but your games and stats have. To mean something and Chuck Foreman had that for a short period of time but you also need a 7-8 year stretch. Where you were a great running back, which is what Walter Payton had, Tony Dorsett and others had. And Chuck Foreman didn't have that, what he had was about a great five year stretch and thats not enough.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

NFL Films: Eric Dickerson: A Football Life

John Robinson & Eric Dickerson
6'3 225 pounds of muscle who could run a 4.3 with very little effort who also had a great vision. Perhaps the most talented runner of all time.

Friday, December 14, 2012

NHL Video: NHL 1987: Philadelphia Flyers' Road to the Stanley Cup Finals

Anytime you have a team from Philadelphia playing a team from New York on a regular basis. You are going to have a great rivalry. Just the nature of the two cities.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

David Spada: Slingin Sonny Jurgensen- The Redskins Gunslinger

Source: Washington Redskins- Sonny Jurgensen-
Source: David Spada: Washington Redskins Sonny Jurgensen

To look at some of the shortcomings of former NFL QB Sonny Jurgenson, before I get into why he’s one of the top 10 QB’s of all time, maybe top five, those shortcomings are more about the teams that he played for. He played for very good teams in Philadelphia in the early 1960s and they started sliding by the mid 60s. The Eagles were annual losers by the late 60s and early 70s and Sonny gets traded to the Redskins in 1964. Who hadn’t had a winning season even since 1955, which would go on for another five seasons in Washington.

I’m not making excuses for Sonny, because he did play a long time without leading a team to a championship. Eighteen seasons from 1957-74 but for the most part, he played for a lot of mediocre teams. Where a good year was 7-7 or 7-5, 8-6. These are records that generally doesn’t get teams to the playoffs. So even as Sonny was playing for mediocre teams, he was a great QB on those teams, the best player on these teams. Doing every he can for teams that weren’t very good, had good players, great even, but not very good all around teams. Teams that struggled to win every week.

The way I describe Sonny Jurgenson, was a championship caliber QB who played on a lot of mediocre and even bad teams. I still believe that had Sonny played in Super Bowl 7 against the undefeated Miami Dolphins the Redskins would’ve given the Dolphins only loss that year. Because the Redskins did have a great team on both sides of the ball and I believe a better all around team than the Dolphins. That at least had more talent.

But of course Sonny was hurt with a busted ankle, so that didn’t happen, but the Redskins didn’t win championships in the 1960s and 70s because of Sonny Jurgensen. They weren’t very good in the mid and late 1960s because of the players they had around Sonny. No running game, a weak offensive line and a defense that probably gave up more points than Sonny and those great receivers put up every week. To where they were one of the highest scoring teams in the NFL every year, despite not having much of a running game.

I believe Dan Marino is the best QB of all time as far as just throwing the football. And had he had the running game and defense that Joe Montana had in San Francisco with the 49ers, Marino leads the Dolphins to four Super Bowl championships or more in the 1980s and 90s. We’ll never know that of course, but that’s how great Dan the man was. But no one handled the ball better than Sonny, as far as play action and knowing exactly when to throw the ball. And what to put on the ball, than Sonny.

I don’t believe a QB ever had better eye-hand co√∂rdination than Sonny. The ability to pick spots on the field as far when to throw the ball, how much to on the ball and where to throw the football. He was sort of like the Larry Bird of the NFL when it came to ball handling. And had great eye-hand co√∂rdination which is why he was such a great QB. Even though he never led a team to winning a championship.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Shout Factory: Joshua Tree 1993- Cops Are Bad, Bad Guys Save the Day

Source: Shout Factory- Dolph Lundgren & Kristian Alfonso-
Source: Shout Factory: Joshua Tree 1993 Official Trailer

I gotta admit, Joshua Tree or Army of One and this movie for some reasons has two titles depending on how you see it, or what network it is on, but this movie is not a very good movie. Sure it has a decent car chase and there are some pretty good action scenes and perhaps I'm just not much of a Dolph Lundgren who is mostly famous for Rocky 4, (sorry, I'm horrible with Roman numerals) fan. But this movie is worth watching for other reasons. George Segal is his usual smartass funny self. And Kristian Alfonso plays a great sexy tough cop, looking for her big case.

Dolph Lundgren plays an escape convict who of course is innocent of why he was put in prison. But he's hardly innocent of much else and gets a break and manages to escape from prison when their bus breaks down. He is a career criminal and learns that his best friend and partner has been murdered by the crooked cop, sergeant or lieutenant that put him away played by George Segal. So while he's out of prison he's on the run and kidnaps a rookie or somewhat inexperienced police officer played by Kristian Alfonso who it out of uniform and steals her pickup with her in it.

They are on the run together because he doesn't want to go back to prison and has her as her hostage. He won't hurt her though if she doesn't give him any reason to. She later takes his side even after attempting to escape from him and gets ditched by him in the desert when he believes he doesn't need her anymore. But she now believes that he's innocent of why he was put in prison and that the crooked cop and his crew are the bad guys here and does what she can to help him as a cop.

Not a good movie except for a few parts, but Kristian Alfonso simply looked great in it. The hot sexy baby version of Kristian that I wish she brought out more on Days of Our Lives is the Kristian we see in this movie. And she looks great and adorable kicking ass in her classic Levis denim jeans and boots and plays a hot sexy cop that I can't imagine any man his right mind would want to ditch. And she and Dolph save the day sort of and the bad guy and gal put away some bad cops.

CBS: CSI Miami- Rest in Pieces: Raquel Welch Guest Stars

Source: CBS- Raquel Welch & David Caruso-

Raquel Welch was in her early 70s at this point and I guarantee you she was the best looking women on the show, at least that night. And CSI Miami has Eva Larue, who is also gorgeous and baby-face and well-built. And Emily Proctor, very attractive with a nice body, whose as cute as a little girl and at times at least sounds like one. But what makes Raquel a goddess for all-time, is that she doesn’t seem to age, at least in public. She’s always been hot and has always been baby-face adorable. It’s just that the years she’s lived have gone up every year. I haven’t actually seen this show, so I couldn’t tell you how Raquel did on it. But I can tell you how she looked and the star power she still has on it, or CBS doesn’t promote the show the way it did. An actress at this point when this episode came out in her early 70s, who still commands that much attention and who is still a goddess physically, looking better than beautiful women young enough to be her daughter and perhaps even her grand-daughter, was probably unheard of twenty-years ago. But Raquel makes it seem so natural.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

ABC News: Good Morning America- Robin Roberts Interviews Raquel Welch: Then and Now

Source: ABC News-
Source: ABC News: Good Morning America- Raquel Welch: Then and Now

Raquel made one interesting point that stood out with me in this interview. And perhaps she made others, but one thing definitely which is really true and perhaps especially in her case, is that men have a tendency with women to not so much listen to what they are saying, but how they say it and watch them say what they are saying. I simply love watching Raquel talk, because she’s still hot and always has been, but then you look at that big baby-face, with those beautiful round eyes and big cheeks and dimples and sweetie pie voice. She just makes guys want to go, awe! Mariah Carey, speaking of hot baby-faces, has the same affect on me, but they are both interesting as well, so it is not as if I’m not hearing what they say.

Raquel is gorgeous baby-face adorable women who still has a great voice and probably still sings very well, but she also has a great personality and is very funny and intelligent. And that is what she also wants the world to see, that even though she’s still a sex symbol and a Hollywood Goddess, that those things aren’t just physical with her, that there is more about her that people should pay attention to.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

NHL Video: NHL 1990: Washington Capitals Patrick Division Run

This song is pretty lame, even for 1990 but this was a huge year for the Capitals. Because they finally made it to the Eastern Conference Finals.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

CSN Washington: Redskins Chronicles: Redskins-Cowboys Rivalry: Why its The Best in The NFC East

I'm sure a lot of other Redskin fans disagree with this but the Redskins-Cowboys rivalry is not the. Best in the NFL, perhaps the second best but the Bears-Packers Rivalry is better and longer and you might. Be able to make a case the Raiders-Broncos rivalry is better then the Redskins-Cowboys and perhaps the Raiders-Chiefs as well. And maybe even the Giants-Eagles as well but the Redskins-Cowboys Rivalry is the best in the NFC East and big reason. Why is that over the years, the Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys have been good at the same time. And they play in the same division, which means they play each other at least twice a year every. Year and their games directly effect each other and over the years they've tended to play for the same thing that only one. Team can win every year, which is the NFC East championship and the right to host at least one home playoff game. This rivalry was never better then in the 1970s and 1980s and again why because both franchises were good at the same time. Both franchises made the NFC Playoffs on a regular basis during this period.

You can't have a great rivalry and I would even argue a good rivalry, unless both teams are good, who wants. To see a couple of 3-7 teams play each other, except for the fans of both teams or a 7-3 team play a 3-7 team. Again except for the fans of both teams and except for the last 10-15 years, when both the Redskins and Cowboys have. Slipped into mediocrity, both of these franchises have been good at the same time since the rivalry took off. When George Allen came to Washington and not only make the Redskins a winner but make them champions and. Super Bowl contenders but why has the rivalry slipped in the last 10-15 years, Its not because the. Redskins and Cowboys especially the fans have started disliking each other less or the games are. Now seen as just another game but because the teams haven't been contenders in the NFC for the most part in this time period. Instead of worrying about how are they going to win the NFC and go to the Super Bowl, they are both concern but how to just make the NFC Playoffs.

Again great rivalries have to have two good teams playing each other on a regular basis that don't like. Each other but at least respect the others abilities enough to give that team their best effort into beating them. And winning that game and then winning that game is so important that its a difference in whether those teams. Have a successful season or not and of course the Redskins-Cowboys rivalry is a great historic rivalry but its not what it use to be. Because the teams just haven't been very good in the last 10-15 years, the Redskins have a losing record. In this time period and the Cowboys are about 500, which is why right now as a Redskin fan I've been. Getting up more for the Redskins-Giants games or the Redskins-Eagles game, two other franchises. That the Redskins have great rivalries with, because both of those clubs are where the Redskins want to get back to. Which are champions and contenders.

Just some personal moments of this great historic rivalry, 1982 the NFC Final at RFK Stadium, when. Cowboys QB Danny White drops back to throw the ball and Redskins DE Dexter Manley beats his man overwhelmingly. And literally crushes Danny White into the ground and sacks him so hard he knocks White out of the game. And in the same game when Cowboys backup QB Gary Hogeboom drops back again to throw a pass and Dexter comes around again. And tips Hogeboom's pass into the air and DT Darryl Grant catches it and takes the ball into the end zone for a touchdown. This rivalry is full of moments like that for fans of both teams.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

CSN Washington: Redskins Chronicles: Eagles vs. Redskins Rivalry: Why This Rivalry Stands Out

What makes the Redskins-Eagles rivalry great is several reasons, but a lot of it gets to the fact of. How close and physical these games are, which makes them so memorable both teams always seem to give their. Best efforts in these games, just as recently as 2010 when the Redskins went up to Philadelphia and hammered the Eagles there early in the season. And then a few weeks later on Monday Night Football, the Eagles comes to Washington and put up something like fifty points. Against the Redskins and win by like four touchdowns, these games are just so physical and close to. The point that the players and fans remember these games so much that when one team loses a big game to the other. And it seems like whenever the Eagles have played the Redskins over the years, the games have been big. So when one team loses one of these games, they remember it so well, that they almost have to win the next game. Against each other, or their season is considered to be a great failure.

Back in 1982 when the Redskins made their first Super Bowl run when they won their first Super Bowl. The Redskins beat the Eagles up in Philadelphia to take control of the NFC East, the Eagles had made the NFC Playoffs. Four straight years under Dick Vermeil at this point and the Redskins hasn't made the NFC Playoffs since 1976 under George Allen. After this game the Redskins not only took control of the NFC East but the Eagles failed to make the NFC Playoffs again. Until 1988 under Buddy Ryan, the Redskins knocked the Eagles out of the Playoffs, one of their big rivals. A team that never gives them an easy game and vice versa and the Redskins knocked them out and of. Course you have the body bag game up in Philadelphia in 1990 again on Monday Night Football, where the Eagles. Knocked out the Redskins first two quarterbacks but the Redskins got their revenge in the NFC Wild Card game. In January 1991 and knocked the Eagles out of the Playoffs.

I could give you some personal stories from this rivalry, back in 2004 the Redskins play the Eagles. Again on Sunday Night Football, seems like every year the Redskins are playing the Eagles on Sunday or Monday Night Football. Thats an example of a great rivalry but the Eagles come to Washington in I believe December of 2004. Very cold night and another very close game, I was at that game and I'm in the bathroom at halftime, typical Redskins-Eagles game. The Redskins fans are all together and on the left side of the bathroom and the Eagles fans are. On the right side of the bathroom and we are yelling at each other the whole time, the Redskins. Fans are singing Hail to the Redskins right at the Eagles fans and the Eagle fans are doing their fan song. Which I forget the name of right now, a lot of this rivalry is about the players but a lot of it is also about the fans as well.

The Redskins-Eagles rivalry represents what's great about the NFC East, where every team hates every. Other team in the division, the Redskins and Eagles aren't arch rivals, even though we are only separated. By 130 miles, the Dallas Cowboys are the Redskins arch rival and the New York Giants are the Eagles arch rival. But again its the NFC East where the rivalries are so great, that a third rival for a team is also a great rivalry in the division.