Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Saturday, December 1, 2012

CSN Washington: Redskins Chronicles: Eagles vs. Redskins Rivalry: Why This Rivalry Stands Out

What makes the Redskins-Eagles rivalry great is several reasons, but a lot of it gets to the fact of. How close and physical these games are, which makes them so memorable both teams always seem to give their. Best efforts in these games, just as recently as 2010 when the Redskins went up to Philadelphia and hammered the Eagles there early in the season. And then a few weeks later on Monday Night Football, the Eagles comes to Washington and put up something like fifty points. Against the Redskins and win by like four touchdowns, these games are just so physical and close to. The point that the players and fans remember these games so much that when one team loses a big game to the other. And it seems like whenever the Eagles have played the Redskins over the years, the games have been big. So when one team loses one of these games, they remember it so well, that they almost have to win the next game. Against each other, or their season is considered to be a great failure.

Back in 1982 when the Redskins made their first Super Bowl run when they won their first Super Bowl. The Redskins beat the Eagles up in Philadelphia to take control of the NFC East, the Eagles had made the NFC Playoffs. Four straight years under Dick Vermeil at this point and the Redskins hasn't made the NFC Playoffs since 1976 under George Allen. After this game the Redskins not only took control of the NFC East but the Eagles failed to make the NFC Playoffs again. Until 1988 under Buddy Ryan, the Redskins knocked the Eagles out of the Playoffs, one of their big rivals. A team that never gives them an easy game and vice versa and the Redskins knocked them out and of. Course you have the body bag game up in Philadelphia in 1990 again on Monday Night Football, where the Eagles. Knocked out the Redskins first two quarterbacks but the Redskins got their revenge in the NFC Wild Card game. In January 1991 and knocked the Eagles out of the Playoffs.

I could give you some personal stories from this rivalry, back in 2004 the Redskins play the Eagles. Again on Sunday Night Football, seems like every year the Redskins are playing the Eagles on Sunday or Monday Night Football. Thats an example of a great rivalry but the Eagles come to Washington in I believe December of 2004. Very cold night and another very close game, I was at that game and I'm in the bathroom at halftime, typical Redskins-Eagles game. The Redskins fans are all together and on the left side of the bathroom and the Eagles fans are. On the right side of the bathroom and we are yelling at each other the whole time, the Redskins. Fans are singing Hail to the Redskins right at the Eagles fans and the Eagle fans are doing their fan song. Which I forget the name of right now, a lot of this rivalry is about the players but a lot of it is also about the fans as well.

The Redskins-Eagles rivalry represents what's great about the NFC East, where every team hates every. Other team in the division, the Redskins and Eagles aren't arch rivals, even though we are only separated. By 130 miles, the Dallas Cowboys are the Redskins arch rival and the New York Giants are the Eagles arch rival. But again its the NFC East where the rivalries are so great, that a third rival for a team is also a great rivalry in the division.