Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Sunday, December 23, 2012

NFL Films: Running Back Chuck Foreman: A Great Horse That Ran Out of Steam

If you are talking about the most talented running backs of all time, running with power and speed . With great hands the ability to hold on to the ball without fumbling as well as receiving the ball. With great quickness and the ability to make you miss with great footwork, someone who can block as well. Pick up blitzes and give their backfield mate an opportunity to run as well and even be able to. Block downfield as well, the speed and power to get down there as well, then Chuck Foreman would. Certainly be on my list if not the top of it and it might be between him and Marcus Allen if you are. Talking about the most talented running backs of all time but talent alone doesn't get you to the. Hall of fame, just ask Herschel Walker, you need to have a great career and not just a great stretch. If running backs were judged alone as far as how great they are in a decade in making the Hall of Fame. Then Chuck Foreman would make it because he's clearly one of the best running backs of the 1970s. Even though he burned out by 1978 or 79 and not much has been heard from him since, Chuck Foreman's. Greatness was really from about 1973-77 or 78 and he and the Minnesota Vikings were basically done as NFC contenders.

To be a Hall of Fame running back, you not only have to be one of the best RB's of your era and you. Need a lot of big games and put some serious numbers if not great numbers but your games and stats have. To mean something and Chuck Foreman had that for a short period of time but you also need a 7-8 year stretch. Where you were a great running back, which is what Walter Payton had, Tony Dorsett and others had. And Chuck Foreman didn't have that, what he had was about a great five year stretch and thats not enough.