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Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Customer Service at its Funniest and Worst: A Lesson on how not to Treat Customers

Here's a story on how not to treat customers and then just to be fair, later on. If your still awake, I'll show you how not to treat employees who work in these business's. When your a customer but a guy walks into a Car Rental Agency, lets call this place Cash for Clunkers. To well if you guessed to rent a car, you would be correct sir or mam. If he was looking for a Chili Dog he went to the wrong place. He went to the up to the counter and was greeted by this gorgeous baby face brunette. Played by Annette Millan who looks like that in Real Life and is a Fashion Model. Hopefully expanding her Acting Career as well, she could be the next Sophia Vergara but we'll see. And tells her she would like to rent a car, she tells him we don't have any cars to rent. You can only rent cars here through reservation by calling ahead. He points out to her, because he can see and read, that the sign says as Cash for Clunkers says. Cars available to rent, she says that true she sees the sign, the guy asks so can I rent a car. She tells him we don't have any cars to rent, you have to make a reservation and then points out we have a phone here that you can use to call us. Shows the guy the phone and he has this puzzled look on his face, like he's dreaming us this right now. It can't be real but walks up to phone to calls the Rental Office that he's standing in right now. Calls the office, Baby Annette the lady he had been speaking to, answers the phone. Imagine calling someone on your Cell Phone and this person is standing right next to you. They are talking to each other on the phone, even though they are literally ten feet from each other.

Now I doubt this situation would happen in Real Life and I hope I'm not the only one who doubts this would happen. Unless there was actually a Car Rental place called Cash for Clunkers. All right so lets say there's actually a place like that, maybe there would be brainless person working there. Who's not even aware when they are talking to someone on the phone and that they are talking to someone. Thats literally in the same room as them. But here's the problem, what customer would put up with that kind of treatment. You would have to be the biggest Punching Bag in the World to put up with that. Someone who can't figure out when someone is actually insulting them and takes insults as complements. But again to be fair I know what its like to be on the other end of that situation. We all know what its like to deal with rude employees and employees who don't know what they are doing. Who are suppose to be helping you but don't know the store well enough to find what your looking for. Even if they work in that department but how many of us know what its like to be an employee. Who knows what they are doing but has to deal with customers that don't know what they are doing. And are just so damn rude or having such a bad day. That they decide to take it out on the first person they see which is you.

I have about twelve years experience working in Customer Service, I worked at a Grocery Store, Movie Theater and in Retail. Had to deal with rude and stupid people or at least people who were out of their minds. And have been asked some of the most ridiculous questions that you can imagine. Like walking up to cashiers and asking them if they are open, nah I'm not open I'm just standing here enjoying the view. Of people like you standing in line. Or someone who's clearly works at that store or theater, doing work wearing a Name Tag or some cheesy uniform. And someone will ask that person do they work here and I would say something like. I better work here or I should stop helping them out and not getting paid for it. Or no I don't work here, I do this in my Free Time so its not work. Or I don't work here and I should give back this uniform because its not my style. We've all had to deal with incompetent rude employees but how many of us have had to deal with customers like that.

Monday, January 30, 2012

"Is Alabama the Stupidest State in America?": Plenty of Competition for that Prize

I try to stay away from stereotypes whether they are positive or negative. As far as how I think about people seriously, I do joke around a lot and target humor at certain people and groups. But again those are jokes and I don't make racial or ethnic jokes about anyone. And I judge all people as individuals, rather then groups. Which all good Liberals and hopefully Americans do. But as the saying goes, there's a little truth in all stereotypes. There are jews that go to Chinese Restaurants on Christmas and Italian Men with very deep voices. And thick Italian American accents, one of the reasons why they get mimic as much as they do. Not to say that all jews spend Christmas at Chinese Restaurants or all Italian Americans have thick Italian American accents. And there are Country People who are Red Necks, Hicks and Hillbilly's. Ignorant people living in the country and some of them now live in cities, actually some of them live in Washington. And serve in Congress, actually a lot of them got elected in 2010. And just to be fair as well as accurate and so I don't sound like some type of Yankee Elitist or something, there are Progressives. Who generally speaking live in the Northeast or West Coast, especially in California. San Francisco and Los Angeles, who look down at people who aren't from those areas. Especially if they are from Rural America, who see Country Folk as regressive, backwards, ignorant and bigoted. Even though some Progressives tend to be bigoted as well, especially if your not like them. Not to say all Country Folk are ignorant and all Progressives are elitist. But they both have more then their share of people.

I've always wondered why some Southern States like Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas and maybe Arkansas. Who fifty years ago were in the bottom ten or so, compared with the rest of the country. In areas like education, Economic Development, Anti Poverty, Infrastructure Investment and other areas. And fifty years later are still in the bottom in a lot of these areas, especially Mississippi and Alabama. That both are basically Energy Independent or at least could be. If they were to develop their Energy Industries, they could pay for their Infrastructure Investment, education, attract Economic Development. Bring in business's and new industries, because then they would have the roads that people could travel on. Have the Educated Workforce to take those jobs but fifty years later they still haven't done a very good job of that. You take South Carolina out of the United States, you basically have a Third World Country. The Average American makes around 50K$ a year. The Average South Carolinian makes around 15K$ a year, the Poverty Rate in America is around 22K$ a year. So the average South Carolinian makes around 67% of the National Poverty Level. How is that, do these States not value education and progress, do they believe Jesus has all the answers. And they don't need to progress on their own.

Georgia right next door to Alabama has two of the best universities in America or at least two of the best State Schools. In Georgia and Georgia Tech, Florida just South of Georgia has very good State Universities as well. Tennessee just North of Georgia has two great schools in Tennessee Knoxville and Vanderbilt. Alabama has Alabama and Auburn, Mississippi has Mississippi Oxford and Mississippi Starkville. South Carolina has South Carolina but they also have Clemson which is an excellent university but its private. See I'm not making fun if the entire South, some of these States do value. Education, Infrastructure Investment and Economic Development. But South Carolina, Alabama and Mississippi, look like Third World Nations. Compared with Tennessee, Georgia and Florida. My point is in case anyone is wondering, that any person. Who's not seriously Mentally Handicapped, is capable of learning, they just need that opportunity to do that. Whether they live in the North or South, some States value Education and Economic Development and others don't. Which is why some States have done very well and others haven't.

President Bill Clinton a two term President who won something like seventy States in his two Presidential Elections. And by both Democrats and Republicans, is considered one of the most intelligent people. We've ever had as President but he went to Georgetown not Arkansas, where he's from. Had he gone to Arkansas University, he probably never makes it to the White House. He probably would've been Governor of Arkansas if he decided to go into politics. Maybe gotten elected to Congress but not seen as a National Democrat which he is. We can all learn, no matter where we come from. We just need the opportunity to do that.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Daily Caller: HBO's Real Time With Bill Maher- Why Can't America be More Like Canada?

If you look at both America and Canada, you see two gigantic countries, the 2nd and 3rd largest countries in the world physically. And in America's case the 3rd largest population in the World with three-hundred-million people. We have basically the same people both ethnically and racially, a lot of people from Europe. But African and Asian minorities, Middle Eastern minorities and in America's case a lot of Latin-American minorities. Canada might have more Asians, especially in British Columbia. America has more Latin-Americans, two of the largest and most developed nations in the World. 

Both countries have strong capitalist economies with a lot of economic freedom. But Canada has a welfare state with a lot of socialism with its welfare state in the economy. But perhaps not as much as Europe. We both love sports and similar sports. We both like football, baseball and hockey. One country loves hockey, hopefully you can figure out which one on your own. The other country is starting to love hockey. We eat similar foods because again we have similar ethnic groups living in our countries. We both speak English and sound similar speaking English, but with slightly different accents. 

America depending on where you live, almost has a distinct accent for every state. And especially every region of the country. Canada perhaps the same for their provinces, but my experience with Canadians, is that they tend to sound like they are from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois or Michigan. To me anyway Canadians sound like they are from the upper Midwest of the United States. Culturally America and Canada have a lot in common, which is why a lot of Americans go to Canada. And why a lot of Canadians come to America, but I would argue that Canadians come to America to work and live. 

Perhaps Canadians come here so they don't have to see blizzards or snow in April and October. Or to do some of the things they see Americans do on TV. Because they get all of our TV Networks and are very familiar with our culture and news. And are constantly reporting our own news and entertainment and sports. As if they don't have enough going on in their own country. But whatever as the saying goes, all news is good news. In America though, unless you have Direct TV or satellite or live in New England or the Northwest, you don't get the Canadian networks. You don't get to see The National from CBC News, which would be like NBC Nightly News in America. 

But Canadians get to see Nightly News, ABC World News, the CBS Evening News etc. We are very similar, which is why America has this old joke. That we see Canada as the 51st State, because if you fly or drive there from the United States, you might not know you're in a different country. Until you see advertising or street signs, something like that. But even though America and Canada are very similar, we are very different, especially politically. I'll bet you anything that the average Canadian knows as much about American politics, thats today's politics than the average American. 

But that most Americans probably don't know a damn thing about Canadian politics. I'm not one of them, I'm fairly familiar with Canadian politics and again because Canadians follow American news. And we are different because Canadians have a universal single payer health care system. Health Insurance provided by their Federal Government at taxpayers expense. And somehow think its crazy that Americans get to decide where to get their own health insurance. And that fifty-million Americans roughly don't even have health insurance, I agree with them on the last part. 

And that America except for our Far-Left and Far Right, has this liberal-libertarian view of politics. Of get government out of my wallet and bedrooms. Where Canadians pay their high tax rates with smiles on their face and celebrate Tax Day. One thing that Canada has on America though, they don't have a Religious-Right. I'm jealous of Canada as American of that. They don't have people that combine their religion with their politics.  America and Canada two great countries, there isn't another country in the world I would want to share a three-thousand mile border with. 

Even a country that says oot, aboot and agenst, oot and aboot, that says please for everything, even if they are cops. That says a as much as Germans say yah. And because of this Canadians would be the last people we would try to deport, not that we really deport anyone, with about fifteen-million illegal immigrants. But as any good friendship goes, we have plenty in common that makes us friends in the first place. But enough differences so we have things that we can learn about each other and reason to stay friends in the future.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Onion: Did Media Treat Michele Bachmann Unfairly Because She's an Insane Women?

Michelle Bachmann
In many ways its easier to get attention these days, especially in the era of the information technology revolution, by saying things that make you sound like you’re from another planet. Or in Michele Bachmann’s case, sound like you’re running for President, of another planet. Who wants to hear a politician say, “I’ll do what I believe is in the best interest of the country. I’ll make decisions based on what I believe is the best thing to do”. Every time there’s a politician or candidate who speaks like that, you can hear insomniacs snoring in the background, getting the best sleep of their lifetimes. Perhaps introducing their brains to sleep for the first time in their lives.

It’s the politicians and candidates, who say things, just to use Michele Bachmann as an example who says things like, “same-sex marriage is the biggest threat to our national security”. I guess sometime before she said that, the United States won the War on Terror. I could’ve swore the War on Terror was a bigger threat. Or the national debt or deficit, unemployment were bigger threats. Perhaps Representative Bachmann misses the House Intelligence Committee meetings that she’s a member of, that released that information. But perhaps Barack Obama actually is God and fixed all these problems and hearing rumors that President Obama was God in disguise as a human being and President of the United States, was not a rumor, but a fact.

So now the biggest threat to American civilization is actually same- sex marriage. If you’re having a hard time reading that with a straight face, imagine how hard it was to write it. You know with the typing and everything, but hey maybe Representative Bachmann’s gay husband Marcus can fix the same-sex marriage issue, by converting gay people to straight. Its much easier I would say especially in America, because of our size and wealth, 310M people, the largest economy in the world and how far advanced we are technology wise and everything for mentally unbalanced people lets say to be nice, to get attention for themselves and whatever they think they are trying to accomplish.

The reason for is this is because of how abnormal the mentally handicapped are and they do and say things, that sane people just wouldn’t say or do. Mitt Romney only gets media attention for one of his speeches, when he says something that makes him seem out of touch. Like when he said he only made 400K$ giving speeches. Well 90% of the country would love to only 400K$ a year. But generally people don’t remember much if anything that Mitt said in one of his speeches.

And one of those reasons is, because Mitt one of the sanest people to ever run for President. The guy is about as exciting as a bowl of oatmeal, which might be insulting to oatmeal. But when someone lets again use Michele Bachamann, says something that sounds so far out in left field, or right field in Michelle’s case, that they couldn’t see centerfield with binoculars or a telescope, it gets reported right away. Because its crazy, interesting and provocative. And gives the “mainstream media” something else to make fun of.

If you’re lonely and feel like you’re not receiving your fair share of attention, give a crazy speech, say things like “America should be less Socialist like China”. Take pictures of your sensitive area and post them on Twitter, especially if you’re a Public Official. It will always work and you’ll always get attention for doing, excuse the term doing crazy shit like that. But one thing it just might not be the kind of attention you’re looking for. But as the saying goes, all free media is good media. I know I said no more blogs about Michele Bachmann until she runs for reelection for House. But this popped in my head.

Friday, January 27, 2012

HBO: Real Time With Bill Maher- Republicans Are Like Children

Source: HBO: Real Time With Bill Maher- Republicans Are Like Children

In the last few years the Republican Party has done a solid job as far as coming up with ideas. Giving people things to think about and advancing their agenda so far. That all of 2010 and 2011, the national debate was fought on Republican territory. Congressional Republicans had home field advantage for basically all of 2011. Getting President Obama to concede on a lot, especially as it related to the Federal budget. And they probably would've won a lot more, but here was the weakness in the Republican execution. And I'm not talking about a Texas death row case. But when the President said you know what GOP, they have a good idea here. Like on the debt commission a couple years ago. Its so good in fact, that he agreed with that and went along with that idea. Its as if the Republican Party likes their own ideas, until Barack Obama and other Democrats support it.

And the health care reform debate of a few years ago perfect example of it. Like with the health care mandate, requiring everyone in America to put some money down for their health care. Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Bob Dole, the Heritage Foundation and others, all supported the health care mandate, at least at some point in their careers. Its as if some Republicans can't take yes for an answer. "All right fine, we give in. We'll give you everything you want. And someone says, "no! I change my mind, I no longer want that." Or they change the rules in the game. Which is why President Obama should be playing the role of the negotiator or director. "I've laid out where I can work with the Republican Party. Because I now have to in order to get anything done, because they now control the House of Representatives. And we now have a divided Congress and this what I'm willing to give up. But they have to come to me as well or we'll never get anything done."

The adults in the Republican Party need to step up and take control of their households. Tell their kids, (the Tea Party) they can't skip school and spend all of their time on the internet or iphone. That they can't have cake for dinner, that they can't spend the night with their girlfriend or boyfriend, etc. That the parents have to take control of their households and tell their kids to shut up. "I can't give you everything you want, for one I don't agree with everything you want to do. And I don't have the power to give you everything you want. We have a Democratic Senate and a Democratic President and there's a limit to what we can do with divided government." Which is what we finally got to see with Speaker John Boehner during the payroll tax cut extension in early January. I'm not a parent and perfectly comfortable with that, but I've seen parents in how they operate, including my own. And have some idea what they go through and I have a pretty good idea what leadership is about.

What it takes to be a good leader, is exactly that someone who leads. A parent is a form of a leader and they lead their kids, so if you're a leader especially in Congress, you have to be able to tell your caucus, (your children) that you can't give them everything that they want. That it comes a time when the adults have to step up and tell their kids. "That this is how its going to be." The Republican Party lost in 2008 both the White House and Congress, because a lot of this Far-Right base that now calls themselves the Tea Party, stayed home. With millions of new Americans, especially young Americans, coming out instead and voting for then Senator Barack Obama for President and a lot of House and Senate Democrats and giving Congressional Democrats bigger majorities in Congress. Now the GOP has their fringe back as far as voters who are very active politically and aren't in the business to negotiate and cooperate, but simply to stop what they don't like. And try to defeat anyone who disagrees with them at any time, including Republicans. And this has present a serious challenge to the Republican Leadership.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Talking Points Memo: Representative Michele Bachmann- 'We Should be Less Socialist Like China'

About three weeks ago after Representative Michele Bachmann did Minnesota and the United States a favor by dropping out of the Republican race for president and then announcing a few days later that she wasn’t going to run for reelection to the House. That because of these things and that Michele Bachmann would hopefully go home go back to the mental hospital, go back to high school and take a class on American history. Take a course about foreign policy and get the help that she needs. So in the future she’ll say less ignorant things and present them as fact.

Well that all sounds like a dream now and after she announced she’s running for reelection to the House. Hopefully House Democrats will give her a tough run this time, especially now that Representative Bachmann is very unpopular. Not only in her home State of Minnesota, but in her House district, thanks to her presidential campaign. After making a short story longer, I told myself that I was going to layoff Representative Bachmann, at least until her general election campaign in the fall. In the House and that’s assuming she wins the Republican primary, that might not be a safe bet after her presidential campaign, which is why she’s so unpopular in Minnesota right now.

So I found another ignorant thing that Representative Bachmann said in one of the November debates. When her presidential campaign was already on life support, something her political strategist Ed Rollins figured out. Which is why he resigned, but she didn’t figure out until January after getting just 5% of the vote in Iowa. During the November debate, Scott Pelley anchor of the CBS Evening News, asked the candidates something about the economy. And basically asked Representative Bachmann what is her economic policy, or something to that effect. She said in her own words, first she goes off about the LBJ Great Society and said that China doesn’t have things like cash transfers and Food Stamps as she called it. It’s no longer called Food Stamps.

And then Representative Bachmann said that “America should become less socialist like China”. Apparently according to Michele Bachmann, America is more socialist than China. China being a country with state-owned industries. What’s the classic definition of socialism. The state owns the means and production of society. State-owned industries fits that like a glove. Now of course the People’s Republic no longer fits the classic definition of socialism. Which is good for them and the main reason why their economy is now the 2nd largest in the world, sorry Japan. Because they’ve privatized their economy and now have probably the largest growing private sectors in the world.

Representative Bachmann also said that China doesn’t have a welfare state unlike America. This is a person who serves on the House Intelligence Committee by the way. If being intelligent was a requirement to serve on that committee, Michele Bachmann wouldn’t be qualified to serve on that committee. Article 14 of the P.R. Constitution China’s version of the U.S. Constitution, but obviously a hell of a lot different, states that the state meaning the P.R. Central Government builds and improves a welfare system that corresponds with the level of economic development in the country.

China has a Ministry of Human Resources and social welfare. That oversees a safety net that has programs like, cash transfers. Sounds like welfare or unemployment insurance right. Food assistance, sounds like Food Stamps right. Money for education for people who can’t afford to send their kids to school. Vouchers for health care and I’m sure other things as well. Representative Michele Bachmann is a three term U.S. Representative from Minnesota, elected in 2006. The year Congressional Democrats took back Congress.

Michelle serves on the House Intelligence Committee, but she knows so much that isn’t true or just makes up things. As she goes along, she’s extremely partisan by nature, so maybe that’s her issue and that’s the closest thing I’ll say to being nice to her. Yet she’s constantly saying things that aren’t true. And hopefully as a result she won’t be back to serve in the 113th Congress next year.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz Reads Rep. Gabrielle Giffords' Resignation Letter: A Great Tribute to a Sweetheart

Today marked the last day that Rep. Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona will serve in the US House of Representatives and US Congress. Deciding to go back home to Tucson, Arizona. So she can fully recover form her injury's from being shot in the head at a Campaign Event in Tucson. In January, 2011 and has spent the last year recovering from that horrible shooting. And wants to go back home to make a full recovery and be the best Public Servant she can be to her constituents. I wish her well and hope she's able to make the best recovery thats humanly possible. And wish her well for her to be able to do whatever she decides to do with they rest of her life. Before the Tucson Shooting, I didn't have much of an idea who Gabrielle Giffords was. And I'm an admitted Political Junky who can name every US Senator and a lot of the US Representatives, not all 435 but a lot of them. The US House shortly after Republicans took control and John Boehner was sworn in as Speaker. The week this happened last January, the House had a Reading of the US Constitution. With several different Members being able to read parts of the Constitution. I saw part of this on C-Span and Rep. Giffords was one of the readers, I remember seeing her name and face. As she was reading her Section of the Constitution. Don't remember what she said but thats the first time I saw her name and face and knew she was a US Representative. The ironic thing was she was shot in the head about a week later.

Again I don't know much about Gabrielle Giffords, this is what I do know. Her name is Gabrielle Giffords from Tucson, Arizona, she represents that city in the US House. She's a three term Democrat in the House elected in the Democratic Revolution in 2006. That saw Democrats take back the House that Republicans controlled from 1995-07 and take back the Senate. That Republicans controlled from 2003-07, 30 seat pickup in the House and a 6 seat pickup in the Senate. Gabrielle Giffords was part of the 2006 Midterm Wave as a Freshmen Representative. Rep. Giffords has a lot of respect and has been an inspiration for both Congressional Democrats and Republicans. In both the House and Senate, because she was able to work across the isle. Rep. Jeff Flake from Mesa, Arizona a Republicans, is one of Gabby Giffords best friends in Congress. The whole Arizona Congressional Delegation is very close to Gabby Giffords. Because she's very sweet, charming, honest, works hard and puts her constituents and family. Over everyone else which is why she resigned today, so she can make a full recovery. And be the best Public Servant that she can be in the future.

What we saw in the House of Representatives today, is something we almost never see anymore. We saw 435 people not Democrats or Republicans but people honoring one person. That they all love and will all miss, we saw this last night. At the State of the Union Speech with not just 535 Members of Congress. The President, Vice President, the Cabinet, the Supreme Court, Joint Chiefs. And Distinguished Guests, all honoring one person, Gabby Giffords three term Representative from Arizona. I would guess half of the people in the House Chamber last night never met Rep. Giffords. But read and heard about her and are all inspired by Gabby Giffords and wanted to give her their just due. And last night and today is something that we don't see enough of in this Divided Congress and Divided Nation.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sports Today: Wizards Fire Flip Saunders as Head Coach: Saunders getting Scapegoated for a bad Franchise

I've lived in the Washington Area my whole life and have followed NBA Basketball at least to a certain extent. Since 1983-84, grew up watching the Bullets as they were called back then. With Head Coach Gene Shue, players like Guard Jeff Malone, Center Jeff Ruland, Forward Rick Mahorn. Later on players like Forward Cliff Robinson, Point Guard Gus Williams. Even had Hall of Fame Center Moses Malone for a couple of seasons. In the 1980s the Wizards were a very consistent Playoff Franchise, as far as getting to the NBA Playoffs. But didn't actually do much in the playoffs but they had pretty good talent back then. This biggest target in Washington back then, no not the Washington Monument or Capital Hill or even Speaker Tip O'Neil or President Reagan. But Wizards General Manager Bob Ferry and not just because he weighed around 300 pounds and was over 6'0. But because of all the players he didn't draft or sign that he could've. The most famous of course being Power Forward Karl Malone in 1985 who went to of course Salt Lake. Instead drafting Guard Kenny Green who I believe didn't even make the 1985-86 Wizards. And of course all the money he spent and put the Wizards over the NBA Salary Cap, General Manager Bob Ferry. Made Members of Congress look cheap, which is almost impossible to do. The Wizards were way over the Salary Cap by the time John Nash took over in the early 1990s. Which was one of the reasons why the Wizards plummeted from being a pretty competitive franchise in the 1980s, a great franchise in the 1970s. To one of the worst franchises if not the worst the last twenty years or so.

The Washington Wizards were like the Boston Celtics, Philadelphia 76ers or Los Angeles Lakers of the 1970s. They won seven Division Titles, four Conference Finals and one NBA Finals. And you could make a pretty good argument they should've won at least 1-2 more NBA Finals. They go from that to still being a very competitive franchise in the 1980s, to basically collapsing in the 1990s. Because of their Salary Cap issues and trading away Draft Picks. Which made them very limited in how they could pick up talent, players but also coaching as well. And their owner Abe Pollin great man, I'm not trying to put him down but he was way too loyal. Especially with Wes Unseld who kept on as Head Coach in the 1990s, for probably 4-5 seasons to long. When they were losing 50 plus games every year. The Wizards showed some life in the mid and late 1990s being Playoff Contenders and making the NBA Playoffs in 1997. For the first time since 1988 but then fell back down to losing 55 plus game a year again by 2000. Showed some life again in the mid 2000's making the NBA Playoffs three straight seasons from 2005-07. But again came back down to Earth right after that, they've been a bad franchise basically since the early 1990s. What they are going through now, is not new and decided to put the blame on Flip Saunders.

The Wizards now finally have some good young talent that they can build on and develop. General Manager Ernie Grunfeld has finally got the Wizards past the Gilbert Arenas era. With players like G John Wall who'll someday will be a great Shooting Guard, Point Guard Roger Mason, Nick Young, Guard Jordan Crawford. They have two Big Men who can score rebound and defend in Aundray Blatche and Javal Mcgee. And they had the Head Coach in Flip Saunders to develop these players and with another good draft or two. Sign a couple big Free Agents, your looking at a very good Playoff Contender. That could advance and be a serious Eastern Conference Contender in the next few years. But they are still a few years away from that and are off to another horrible start, 2-15. And decided to put all the blame on one person Flip Saunders.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Patriots Edge Ravens in AFC Title Game: Missed Opportunity for the Ravens

Sunday's AFC Final between the Baltimore Ravens and New England Patriots, playing for the Lamar Hunt Trophy. And to be AFC Champions, as well as of course going to the Super Bowl. Had basically everything you want in a Conference Final. Except if your a Ravens fans which I'll get to later. The weather was beautiful, especially for Massachusetts in January. The game was well played on both sides, it was close, either team could've won. the teams were evenly matched. Both teams had opportunities to win the game, it was what a Conference Final is suppose to be. Especially when you have the two best teams in the Conference playing each other. And the momentum of the game switched as well, making it a little hard to get a good feel for the game. It looked like a defensive struggle early, 3-0 Patriots early in the 2nd Quarter. The Ravens going three and out on their first three possessions and then it became sort of a shootout in the 2nd Quarter. With a 13-10 Halftime Lead for the Patriots, the Ravens taking the lead late in the 3rd Quarter 20-16. Neither team could really stop the other in the 2nd Half, it was looking like the last team with the ball. Was going to win, sorta like a Wild West Shootout, with the last bullet wining the fight. And the Ravens had the ball last with an opportunity to win the game but didn't come through. Neither team really stopped the other, except for takeaways and trying to hold the other to a Field Goal.

The Patriots take the lead with about seven minutes or so left in the 4th Quarter, Ravens turn the ball over on the next possession. The Patriots give it right back with a great interception and return. They move the ball down to like the Patriots 35, with 4th and 6, pass up on a Field Goal Attempt. Looking back at that now, great decision by Head Coach John Harbaugh. The Patriots stop them there with about three minutes left. The Ravens stop the Patriots with about a 1:30 left in the game and get the ball back at their 20. Needing a Field Goal to tie, a Touchdown to win. Drive the ball down to the Patriots 20 yard line, get stopped on three plays. One of those plays was a pass to the End Zone, that was dropped by WR Lee Evans. No secret now why he only had four receptions in the Regular Season, not to be harsh but just a fact. What I like about this drive, at least until the 4th Down Field Goal attempt, Head Coach Harabugh was going for the win. Not playing for a Field Goal, running out the clock and playing for Overtime. But this is what I didn't like, 4th and 1 with about 30 seconds left, they settle for a Field Goal attempt. Putting their whole season on the line. Instead of going for the win with their best players.

Former Oakland Raiders Head Coach John Madden once said and you can look this up on YouTube or NFL Films. That instead of putting the game on the line with your Kicker and you have a chance to win the game. Why not keep the ball in the hands of your offense and go for the win instead. Which is what he did against the Baltimore Colts in a 1977 Divisional Playoff game and won. I can understand kicking the Field Goal if its 4th and 5 or even 2. But it was 4th and 1, the Ravens already had an opportunity to win the game with a dropped TD Pass. Why not QB Sneak it or throw a short pass, spike the ball or call Time Out. And then take at least one shot at the End Zone and win the game. I realize it would've been a very gutsy play but when you have an opportunity to win the game. Take it, your not guaranteed of winning the game in Overtime. Or even making the short kick as Billy Cundiff proved Sunday.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Bill O'Reilly Projection: "Liberals Are Hatemongers": The Point of Extreme Rhetoric

Some people on the what I would call the Partisan Right and Partisan Left. Say things as far out as the Planet Jupiter, to drive ratings or attention. Thats the category I put Bill O'Reilly in who seems to have a real dislike for Liberals and Democrats. Or at least the ones he disagrees with most of the time. Or sees them as easy target, because his viewers hate Liberals and Democrats. To the point that they would like to see them in jail. Tries to drive attention to whatever Media Outlet or Political Organization that they run. But some people on the Political Extremes in America. Who can't make a decent case for where they want to take the country. Who hate the other side so much and are more interested in destroying them. Then obtaining power and passing their agenda. And thats the category that I put someone like Michelle Bachmann or Rush Limbaugh on the Far Right. Someone like Michael Moore or Al Sharpton on the Far Left. If your on the Far Right, Democrats that obtain power. Become Socialists, Communists, Islamists, Anti American Unpatriotic. If your on the Far Left, Republicans who obtain power. Are greedy, stuck up, criminals, Red Neck, racists etc. Which is why these people on the Far Right and Far Left, tend not to get into National Office. Because they are ignorant and tend to fly off the handle and aren't able to see things as they are. But how they want them to be.

Anyone who sees Bill O'Reilly, Ed Schultz, Rush Limbaugh, Rachel Maddow as News Anchors. Probably should actually watch or read some news at some point. Because these people aren't but what they are, are commentators, who show stories. That they are interested in and following, offer their take on them. And then bring on so called experts, to back up what they are saying. I'll give Bill O'Reilly credit, he does bring on people who disagree with him. Maybe only one segment per show but at least he does that. Rachel Maddow does have on Michael Steele the former Chairman of the Republican Party from time to time. But they are also friends and she doesn't have guests on that disagree with her on a regular basis. These shows are basically an hour of Political Commentary, generally aimed at bashing the other side. And occasionally they'll have stories to back up their positions on the issues. But this is not the CBS Evening News, or ABC Nightline, or NBC Meet The Press. Which are actually news shows there to report the news and what's going on. The Cable Talk Shows are exactly that, Talk Shows about the news and politics. Coming from people with clear slants on the issues.

So anyone who watches these shows to get their news, I would suggest they don't watch these shows to get the news. And perhaps aren't even aware of it but watch these shows. To listen to someone who they generally agree with, back up how they already see the issues. That their show is covering but don't watch these shows to learn something or here an alternative view. But to hear what the latest Talking Points are for their side and how to counter the other side.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How Ron Paul Is Feared By The GOP Establishment: Libertarianism can no longer be ignored

Back in August during the GOP Iowa Straw Poll, Rep. Ron Paul finished 2nd behind what's her name. Uh oh yeah Rep. Michelle Bachmann, I've been trying to forget about Rep. Bachamann. After she did America the Public Service of ending her Presidential Campaign. Ron Paul finished 2nd with something like 200 votes and a Percentage Point behind Michelle Bachmann. I had actually predicted that Rep. Paul would win the Iowa Straw Poll and came damn near close. Not to pat my own back but I have an itch. But who was FNC's and the GOP Establishment promoting after the Straw Poll. Bachmann obviously every Mental Patients and Conspiracy Theorists Presidential Candidate. GOV. Rick Perry who was enjoying his fifteen minutes of fame and looked like was going to be the Tea Party Candidate. But his Presidential Campaign bombed as bad as a Jean Claude Van Damn Movie Festival. Mitt Romney the aka Flip Flopper himself seen as the Electable Presidential Candidate. And there was some talk about Rick Santorum the former US Senator and Representative who lost reelection in the Senate in 2006, but in a close call 18 points. They were saying about Sen. Santorum that considering how he lacked Campaign Funds. Only because most Republicans believe that he can't win. That he had a strong showing in the Straw Poll, getting around 12% of the vote.

You know how about the guy who finished 2nd in the Straw Poll and almost won the damn thing. Where's the respect for Ron Paul, oh wait he's a Libertarian Republican. Who actually takes Individual Liberty, Limited Government and the US Constitution seriously. Unlike the Religious and Neoconservatives who run the GOP today. So he doesn't get any until recently. What does a man have to do to get a little love in the Republican Party. This is a Party that speaks about Individual Liberty, Limited Government and the US Constitution all the time. But actually speaks in favor of those things but scares the hell out of the GOP Base. Because those things are just things to say in order to get elected. Because if voters learned about what Religious and Neoconservative Republicans wanted to do. Once they were in office, which is what the American People finally woke up to in 2006. After being in hibernation and in a National Coma, by finally throwing out the Republican Congress. And in 2008 finally throwing out a Republican Administration, they lose votes and cant be elected. So when someone like Ron Paul comes around who has a thirty year history of doing and saying what he believes in. It scares the hell out of the GOP Establishment because they know the man and know that he actually believes in what he says.

And thats what scares the hell out of the GOP Establishment and everything they've worked to accomplish. No more Patriot Act, no more Indefinite Detention, no more Corporate Welfare, Individual Liberty for real. No longer government trying to protect people from themselves. Because all these things goes against today's GOP Bible, of National Security and National Morality. Trumps Individual Liberty, Limited Government and the US Constitution. A party that wants people to be free, as long as they are living their lives. As Religious and Neoconservatives want them to. Which goes against everything that Ron Paul stands for.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

So This is Washington: The Real Mitt Romney?: The Multiple Choice Politician

Who is Mitt Romney?
Mitt Romney's father George Romney as Governor of Michigan and as a presidential candidate, he was basically a Center-Right Republican. Strong economic Conservative credentials, but moderate-liberal on social issues. His son Mitt Romney in his heart fits into whatever faction of that Republican Party that remains today. Mitt's problem is that what he believes in politically, doesn't fit in very well with today's Republican Party. So positions he takes in the past, like when he ran for U.S. Senate in Massachusetts in 1994 and Governor of Massachusetts in 2002, doesn't fit in with the rest of the Republican Party.

Where instead of contending with Moderates and Conservatives and even Liberals, he has to contend with Religious and Neoconservatives and now the Tea Party that has both of those political factions in it and even Libertarians. So when he's running for Senate and Governor, he's pro-choice on abortion. He was a moderate conservative Governor of Massachusetts. When he runs for President in 2007-08 and running in the Bible Belt, he decides to be the Christian Conservative Candidate. Because he knows Mike Huckabee is running and he's going to need Christian Conservatives to be elected President of the United States.

Two problems that Romney had with that Campaign, was that the Christian-Right didn't believe him and they were correct. And that Mitt Romney is a Mormon and they see Mormonism as a cult. Anytime you try to appeal to a religious cult like the Christian-Right (as I would label them) you're looking for trouble, but that also goes to your character, or lack of it. Trying to talk sense to cult followers, is like trying to take a shower without water. What's the point.

I call Mitt Romney Flip Flopper because thats what he does and what he is. The real Mitt Romney no longer fits in with the GOP. Those days are gone, this is no longer the Republican Party of Ron Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Barry Goldwater, Gerry Ford, Bob Dole and others. This is the party of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Pat Robertson, the Christian Coalition, Family Research Council, Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum and others. So Romney feels the need to make up these new characters. Moderate Romney in 1994 and 2002, Bible Belt Romney in 2007-08 and now the businessman with results Romney in 2011-12. He's whoever he feels he needs to be to get the job he's running for and his act is running dry.

Which is why the Republican Party is not sold on him yet and if you look at these GOP presidential debates a strong presidential candidate could knock most of those schmucks out. But because we are talking about Mitt Romney, he gets to appear on the same stage as Rick Santorum, Rick Perry, Michelle Bachmann, Herman Cain and the audience is left to wonder who won. Ron Reagan with this lack of competition, would've already had the GOP nomination in the bag by now. You ask Mitt Romney who is Mitt Romney and you get several different answers from the same person.

And you're thinking, "he just described several different people. I'm not sure he knows who he is, if he gave you and honest answer." He might say, "I'm who I believe I need to be in order to get to where I want to be." (Under truth serum) Which would be true, but he doesn't have the guts to say that and his political career, I mean his running for office career would be over. He's only held one public office, because he's lost almost every election he's ever ran for. Again because of the multiple personality Mitt he's become a career campaigner who rarely wins, but goes by the notion, "once you fail, try, try again."

Monday, January 16, 2012

Martin Luther King: I Have A Dream Speech: The Vision of The Dream

Once again on this January, 16 now 2012 we take this day to celebrate one of the greatest Leaders and people. The United States has ever produced, the man who laid the vision down for Civil Rights. And what it meant to enforce the Constitutional Rights of all the American People, not just the Selective Few. And what it meant to treat people as individuals and not members of groups. Judge people by the Content of their Character, not by the Color of their Skin. What a dream to have but my question is why is it as a nation, the greatest Nation on Earth. The best Liberal Democracy on Earth, that we only take one day as a Nation to celebrate this great man. Why is it as a Nation that we don't spend the whole year trying to accomplish this dream. What we haven't yet, that Dr. Martin Luther King set out to accomplish over sixty years ago. And even though we've made some progress in Race Relations in America to the point. I would say the overwhelming majority of americans aren't racist. Sure a lot of us of all races and ethnicities, still stereotype Racial and Ethnic Groups. And we still crack jokes about other Races and Ethnicities but generally speaking. Americans don't feel they are better or hate other people based on race or ethnicity and don't judge people based on their race or ethnicity. Which by itself is a huge accomplishment, because forty years ago we weren't there yet. And the "New South" is the "New South", there still bigots there. But they don't have the power that they use to.

Back during the 1950s and 1960s, Public Officials could get away with looking like a racist. Because thinking bad about someone because of their race, wasn't considered racist. That was gone probably by the mid or late 1970s, when if you were a Public Official. Even in parts of the South, you could lose your job over it. To the point now that if a politician is seen as a racist or even making a Racially Insensitive remark. They can drop in popularity or lose their job, just ask former Sen. George Allen. When back in 2006, on the Campaign Trail, he called an Asian American in the audience. Who was asking him a question, Makaka and Sen. Allen went on to lose is Senate Seat. A Seat that was considered safe at that point. And because of this Senate Democrats won control of the Senate in 2006, picking up six Senate Seats. So we've made a lot of progress as a country in how we treat people of other races. All Racial Groups have made progress in this area and all Racial Groups have some areas that they can improve in. But we haven't done a very good job of full filling the rest of the MLK Dream Part 2 as I would call it. Building a society that works for all americans and having an Economic System that we can all benefit from. That empowers all of us to get the skills that we need to be productive and successful in life.

The MLK Holiday is one of my favorite Holidays in America, because it celebrates the life of one of the greatest americans. We've ever produced but I just wish as a country we did. A better job of honoring this great man instead of just one day in America. But as a Nation we spent everyday of the year working to bring about the MLK Dream. To build a country and Economic System that empowers all of us. To get the skills that we need to be productive and successful in life. Based on the quality of our work and we still have a long to go as a country to achieving the MLK Dream.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Democracy Review: HBO's Real Time: Bill Maher on Un-Presidential Campaign For President

The leadership in the Republican Party in 2011 or so decided that Mitt Romney was going to become the presidential nominee in 2012. And that they decided that they were going to do whatever they could to make that happen. And now they are pardon the phrase, shitting bricks, because their guy, the supposed frontrunner Mitt Romney, has only won 1-3 of the first Republican contests. Hardly looking like a frontrunner. 

Mitt Romney, someone who won't even defend himself. By saying that "I was in corporate America, I made a lot of money taking failing companies and turning them around. And sometimes that means you have to lay people off, in order to save the company. And so you don't have to fire more people in the future and be able to hire more people. And I made a lot of money because I turned these companies around, that are now successful". That's called American capitalism, there's nothing wrong with being successful in life. 

Especially when others benefit from that success and you do it legally. Not by screwing people over, especially with a smile on your face. That's what Mitt Romney should be saying about his business career, but wait we are talking about Mitt Romney. Aka Flip Flopper, the man who feels the need to please everyone he meets, who can't come up with a simple answer to any question. 

I hate to say this because I have a lot of respect for Senator John Kerry. He's one of my favorite members of Congress, but Mitt Romney in 2012, is looking like John Kerry from 2004. And because of Mitt's inability to communicate to Republican voters, you know we aint talking Albert Einstein here, Republican Voters are fairly simple people. "Keep my taxes and regulations down, cut them whenever possible, defend the nation, Jesus, guns and country". And Mitt doesn't seem able to speak their language. 

And because of this, as well as being the master of flip flops and I'm not talking about feet, Mitt Romney finds himself in his political battle of his lifetime. Against someone with a 27% approval rating nationally and 56% negative rating in Newt Gingrich. On stage debating people like Michelle Bachmann, Herman Cain and Rick Santorum and hasn't really won a debate yet. At least since he came back against Rick Perry in September. If Mitt Romney is a frontrunner, I sure as hell would like to know what the joke candidate looks like. 

Well that would be Michelle Bachmann, but she's back in the nut U.S. House. So now we need someone else to take that role and that since Newt has already cut Mitt's big lead in Florida, the GOP establishment may be looking to replace Mitt and the GOP base which is different from the establishment. We are not there yet but if the Newter wins Florida and he'll have a couple of opportunities to do that this week, they are playing in Newt's territory with two big Florida debates, all hell could break lose in the GOP. 

Which finally gets me to Sarah Palin who I said a year ago would not run for president in 2012. Even though she would be my favorite Republican candidate, to make fun of. And be President Obama's personal escort to reelection, but she's not going to do us that favor. And put the country through the pain and embarrassment of her presidential campaign. But I could see a post Mitt campaign, a call to the bullpen if you will, if the GOP establishment feels Mitt is no longer up to it. Will either be beat by Newt, or get pushed by Newt to the Republican convention. With no one knowing who won, until they actually count the votes. 1976 all over again.