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Life is a Highway

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Floyd Webb: Malcolm X on The Chicago City Desk in 1963

This was an interesting interview, because a group of Chicago and national journalists, who were interviewing Malcolm X.  Because Malcolm X a clear revolutionary leader for African-Americans. Calling for their independence from public assistance and America as a whole. That Africans in America should no longer tolerate bigotry, poverty and anything else that's holding down Africans in America. That they should no longer tolerate these conditions and that they should stand up and fight back against the establishment that they saw as the problem that was holding them down.

And that African-Americans need to grab their constitutional rights and no longer taken them for granted and expect other Americans to enforce them for them. Because in the early 1960s, African-Americans, weren't getting their constitutional rights enforced equally as Caucasian-Americans. And Malcolm X was being interviewed by clear establishment figures, people from the so-called mainstream media, from Chicago, as well as NBC News in this interview. So you had a rebel being interviewed by establishment figures in this interview.

I love Minister Malcolm's point about the names and the turn Negro. With African slaves being given European and in most cases Anglo-Saxon names. And not just being kidnapped and taken from their homes in Africa, but also getting their culture, history and even their names being stripped from them. Living in America as full-blooded Africans, but having to carry names like Joe Smith and Tom Johnson, even though their family originally had a Bantu, or Zulu first and last name. Depending on what part of Africa that they came from and their ethnic background. I just don't think these men were prepared to question someone with the intelligence and knowledge of history that Malcolm X was.

ESPN: Sportscenter: Giants-Eagles Collide On Sunday Night

Great rivalry but the Giants look like the better team right now and may win big

Baltimore Sun Sports: Orioles Can Clinch a Postseason Berth Today

Orioles can clinch a postseason berth today

The Orioles are the American League story of the year

ESPN: College Football: Nebraska Edges Wisconsin

This looks like it has the makings of a great rivalry

Saturday, September 29, 2012

MASN Sports: Nationals Pastime: "Save The Champagne For at Least Another Day": Nats Win 6-4 in 10 Innings

Nationals Pastime: Save the champagne for at least another day (Nats win 6-4 in 10 innings)

You'll be looking at the 2012 NL East Champions representing the Capital of the Free World!

President John Fitzgerald Kennedy: CBS Evening News- Walter Cronkite's Interview of President Kennedy, September 2nd, 1963

In September, 1963, CBS News anchor Walter Cronkite sat down with President Jack Kennedy and interviewed him up in Massachusetts. To talk about the issues he was dealing with. Jack Kennedy, knew the power of TV about as well, or better than anyone in the 1960s and even 1950s. So he probably wanted to do this type of interview and to layout for the country what he was working on and wanted to accomplish. This interview happened fourteen months before the 1964 presidential election. And just a little over two months before he was assassinated and in late 1963.

President Kennedy, had an economy that was weakening and was trying to get a jobs plan through Congress. That included a large tax cut that cut taxes across the board. Including bringing the top rate down from 90 to 70% and the bottom rate from 25 to 20%. And this economic plan contributed to creating the economic boom of the 1960s. President Kennedy was also dealing with civil rights and making sure that Federal Court orders were being carried out. And that African-American students were able to go to once segregated schools and so-forth.

And this is the time that President Kennedy came out strongly in favor of civil rights and introduced a civil rights bill to Congress. And of course President Kennedy was also dealing with the United States early involvement in the Vietnam Civil War as well. President Kennedy, had a lot on his plate to deal with in 1963 and it would’ve been nice to see him at least try accomplish all the things that he wanted to do to deal with these issues. A lot of what President Lyndon Johnson got passed in Congress was finishing off the agenda that President Kennedy put forward and sent to Congress. But was unable to get through the House and Senate.
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ABC News: Good Morning America: Kate Middleton Bottomless Pictures Surface in Tabloid; No End in Sight

There are Brits going through a lot worse in Britain right now

ESPN: College Football: Buffalo Bulls Run The Trick Play to Perfection For a TD

I've never seen this version of the hook and ladder before

WMAR-TV: Video: Sports: Orioles Beat Boston Red Sox, 9-1

The Orioles could really use a sweep against the Boston Red Sox this weekend, especially at home and at this point of the season.

Friday, September 28, 2012

ESPN: College Gameday: Who Will Help Braxton Miller?

East Lansing needs to step up and get the offense going and they can still be a contender in the Big 10

Slate: Explainer: Who Was the Most Religious President?

Its not whether Presidents are religious or not thats an issue, at least with me but whether they use their religion to judge people. Or if it affects how they govern how they take stands on issues and whether they believe in Separation of Church and State or not, if they answer those questions. Correctly at least from my perspective and my politics on these issues are clear, then their religious beliefs are not relevant to me. But for Atheists or Fundamentalists, religion is a big deal in how they just politicians and candidates, thats just how it is in America.

Baltimore Sun Sports: Orioles Insider: Down the Stretch:

Down the Stretch (Sept. 28)

The Orioles are in excellent position to at least grab one of the Wild Cards, as long as they stick with the formula. Thats worked the last two months, which is solid starting pitching, great bullpen and timely hitting, as well as improved defense, where they no longer have any weak links.

USA Today Sports: Vote: How Should The NBA Discipline Floppers?

Vote: How should the NBA discipline floppers?

I think they should bring in Mitt Romney for advice, because he flip flops all the time and is an expert

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dating Game: Jennifer Granfolm on the Dating Game From 1978

Jennifer Granholm as been hot for a long time

ESPN: Sportscenter: Astros Hire Bo Porter As Manager

Bo Porter will be missed by the Nationals

Slate: Democrats and Republicans Agree: NFL Replacement Refs Are Awful

This just in, Democrats and Republicans agree that the NFL Replacement Refs are horrible, may there is hope for World Peace after all.

Baltimore Sun Sports: Peter Schmuck, The Grand Slam: Analyzing the Orioles Week 25

The Grand Slam: Analyzing the Orioles (Week 25) -

The Orioles can't afford a slump right now, they gotta keep winning which will put them in the AL Playoffs

USA Today Sports: Casino Offers Refunds on Packers-Seahawks Game

Casino offers refunds on Packers-Seahawks game –

I can't say I blame the casino

WMAR-TV Sports: AP: NFL Reaches Contract With Refs

AP: NFL reaches contract with refs

About damn time, this will save a lot of people heart attacks, players, coaches, fans and even the replacement refs.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Slate: Madonna: "We Have a Black Muslim in the White House"

Madonna cracking a bad joke but the problem with it is that the far right in America are so ignorant. They take bad jokes seriously, because they can't tell the difference.

ESPN: Sportscenter: Nebraska AD Tom Osborne To Retire

Tom Osborne is literally the face of Nebraska, without Tom Osborne building that football program. Nebraska is probably not known for anything else, other then maybe College Baseball Championship or producing corn.

USA Today Sports: Notre Dame Cancels Scheduled Games with Michigan in 2015-17

Notre Dame cancels scheduled games with Michigan in 2015-17 –

You can thank Notre Dame moving to the ACC for breaking up one of the best rivalries in College Football

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

ABC News: Good Morning America: President, Michelle Obama 'The View' Interview

I'm going to take a wild guess and say that The View liked Barack and Michelle more then Mitt and Ann. Except for Elizabeth Hassellbeck but this show clearly leans left except for Elizabeth.

ESPN: Sportscenter: SweetSpot TV: Playoff Races

For me personally as a Washingtonian and a Marylander, the 2012 MLB Playoff Races are very interesting. And the most interesting I've seen since 1997, because both the Orioles and Nationals are in it. Both teams will probably make the MLB Playoffs and both may win their divisions as well, the Nationals have already won the NL East.

USA Today Sports: Seahawks Stun Packers on Controversial Hail Mary

Seahawks stun Packers on controversial Hail Mary –

On the surface of it the call looks bad but you could make a case that both guys caught the ball or had possession of it. And ties go to the receivers in a situation like thats and if I had to guess, thats probably what the refs saw.

Monday, September 24, 2012

ESPN: Sportscenter: Darrelle Revis Done For Season

Huge loss for the New York Jets, I don't know how they get past this and they may need for production. From their inconsistent offense to make a playoff run.

US National Archives: Hollywood Roundtable on Civil Rights From 1963

Frank Mankiewicz, Marlin Brando & James Baldwin

Hollywood played a key role in the American civil rights movement because of the attention that these entertainers Could bring to this movement. Because of their fans and the money and attention that came as a result. Not sure without Hollywood would the civil rights movement of the 1960s had been as successful as it was. National news, TV, radio and print, didn’t really start covering the movement strongly until the massacre in Selma in 1963. Which is when President Jack Kennedy got behind the movement as well. It shouldn’t take a tragedy like that to get people, even the politicians to support the right causes.

This is exactly what the civil rights, or human rights, or freedom movement for all needed, was national attention. To get it national exposure, so Americans can see what exactly this movement was about. Fighting for freedom for all Americans and that we would all be treated equally under law. Not be discriminated against based on race, but be judged as individuals, people. And not be treated as members of groups. The civil rights legislation of the 1960s, never comes about without the media reporting on what they were about and trying to accomplish. And what their opponents were doing to try to defeat them.

And had it not been for the violent disaster in Selma, Alabama in 1963 where protesters were rundown, maybe President Kennedy doesn’t get involved the way he did and make that famous civil rights speech on national TV. I believe the night of Selma, because before that he was a passive supporter of civil rights. Officially being in favor of it, but not doing a whole lot to bring it about and push it through Congress. There are times when celebrity exposure can be a positive thing and when it can be negative. Its negative when an entertainer gets behind some cause, because they think it’s a fad and they need to be behind it, so they look cool as well. But its positive when they get behind something that isn’t popular, at least yet, but its the right thing to do.

Equal rights for all Americans was not popular in the early 1960s. It wasn’t popular after it was passed in 1964, 65 and 68. Perhaps contributed to Richard Nixon winning the presidency in 1968, with all the Anglo-Saxon Southern Americans voting for him and not Hubert Humphrey. But again America is not a majoritarian social democracy where we settle everything by majority rule. We probably settle less than half of our issues based on what the majority says we should do. And things like civil rights and equal rights shouldn’t be left up to the majority even if the majority supports them. None of our constitutional rights should be left up to the rule of the majority. Because a lot of times the majority is wrong and constitutional rights are not an issue where we can afford to be wrong. These Hollywood entertainers went out on a limb in the 1960s for a great cause.

USA Today Sports: Bill Belichick Angrily Grabs Official After New England Patriots' Stunning Last-Second Loss

Bill Belichick angrily grabs official after Patriots' stunning last-second loss

I see a fine in Bill Belichick's future

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Baltimore Sun: Orioles Insider: Eduardo Encina: Orioles Right-Hander Tommy Hunter Hits 101 MPH Saturday: Could Find Home in Bullpen

Baltimore Sun: Orioles Insider: Eduardo Encina: Orioles Right-Hander Tommy Hunter Hits 101 MPH Saturday: Could Find Home in Bullpen

This could work well for the Orioles, because the starting rotation is set for the rest of the regular season and AL Playoffs. Which they have a very good shot at making at this point, so they don't need Tommy Hunter as a starter right now. Tommy Hunter has shown signs of being dominant as a starter in 2012 with his mid to upper nineties fastball that has movement and deadly breaking stuff as well. But he doesn't seem to very strong for more than five innings or so and struggles to get through five innings. 

As a long or middle reliever, Tommy Hunter could let it go so to speak and let it hang out as far as his fastball and breaking balls. Because he knows he's only getting probably at most thirty pitches or so and doesn't have to go six or seven innings and pitch well for that long in a game. Because instead he'll come into the game for an inning or two when an Orioles starter gets in trouble or to hold a lead. And give opposing hitters something else to have to think about in the game.  

Fat Hawaiian Man: Charles Manson Interview With John Aes Nihill

As evil as Charlie Manson might have been or still is and he was clearly and evil man, whose responsible for the murders of a lot of innocent people and even seem to draw pleasure from them, that’s not the whole story about Charlie. You don’t put together a crime family like the Manson Crime Family if you don’t have some leadership ability. That not only draws people to you, but you can make them do things they normally wouldn’t do. Like good middle class teenagers, people who should be in college, going out and murdering innocent people, people who are complete strangers to you. Because you see them as part of some establishment that’s holding down the rest of the country.

Charlie Manson blamed his situation in life, on society and to a certain extent he was correct. Coming from a broken home, never knowing his father, barely knowing his mother, being shipped around as a kid. Doesn’t excuse the fact of all the people he had murdered, but he got off to a real bad start in life. And once he became an adult and got out of prison for the last time in life, he decided that he was going to takeout his frustrations on society, as much as he can for as long as he can. Charlie Manson and his young Baby Boomer soldiers, against the rest of the world.

What we saw from Charlie Manson’s power was not only the ability for him to make people do things they wouldn’t normally do, like things as evil as murdering people, but people who basically fell in love with him. And saw him as a God or Jesus Crisis, people who idealize a murderer. Which is what we saw in this interview. Even though people who are doing life sentences in prison, partially for hooking up with Charlie Manson. Who see him for exactly what he is. A cold-blooded murderer that would manipulate people to do what he wouldn’t do himself.

ESPN: Sports Reporters: Parting Shot: Reds Spending Spree Pays Off

What gets me about the 2012 Cincinnati Reds, is how did they miss the NL Playoffs and have a losing record in 2011

USA Today Sports: With Big-Time Win, Tallahassee is Back

With big-time win, Florida State is back –

The Seminoles are back, great win over a very good Clemson Tiger team

Saturday, September 22, 2012

David Von Pein: ABC News JFK Assassination As it Happened-11/22/1963

ABC News
ABC News, was such a small operation in the early 1960s. Sorta like the baby sister or baby brother of NBC and CBS News. They didn’t become a major operation at least until the late 1960s or early 70s, when Howard Smith took over as the anchor of the ABC Evening News. And probably not even a major competitor as far as first being in news when it came to the TV networks until the late 70s and early 80s. When Nightline with Ted Koppel came on the air and covered the Iranian Hostage Crisis.

ABC News, won a lot of rewards for their depth coverage of the Iranian Hostage Crisis. It made Ted Koppel a star and household name and if you look at this coverage of the JFK assassination, you don’t see a clear anchor of this coverage. It looks more like a news update or something. When CBS News went on the air, with this story, Walter Cronkite when their number one anchor, broke in right away to report this story. And the same thing with NBC News with Chet Huntley and David Brinkley, they went their main people their stars. You don’t see that with ABC News.

With what ABC News had to work with back then and again being in third place out of the three networks and being so far back it looked like fifth place, I think they actually did pretty well. And were on top of the story. They were the so-called CW or My-TV, whatever that is, or even FOX. Being so small that they didn’t even have a news division, or weren’t interested in news at all. FOX, of course now has a news obviously. ABC, was a national TV network back then, but didn’t have the affiliates and ratings that CBS and NBC did.

ESPN: Coach Lou's Week 4 CF Predictions

The two games I'll be paying attention to tonight will be Clemson/Tallahassee and Michigan/Notre Dame

Thursday, September 20, 2012

ESPN: Replacement Refs Affecting Vegas

Replacement Refs are making it more difficult to pick NFL games, because you have to take account. Of all the bogus calls the Replacements may make, that normally wouldn't occur with Refs who know what they are doing.

AP: Raw Video: Judge Denies Request to Stop Anti-Muslim Trailer

This post was originally posted at FRS FreeState on Blogger 

If this actress in this movie was misled about this movie that she was in, then she probably has a good case. That she should take to court and sue the makers of this movie over that and be rewarded compensation for that. Assuming she didn't know that she was going to be part of an islamaphobic film and I don't know if she was misled or not, but as far as getting the movie shut down, over that, that simply won't happen. 

We have a First Amendment in this country that protects Freedom of Speech, which movies would clearly come under, because they clearly have speech in them. And when they are in documentary form, they are delivering a message and perhaps intended to inform people about the subject matter that the film is covering. And seeing speech that you love or hate, is part of sharing and living in a liberal democracy of three-hundred and fifteen million people. We can control what we see and hear, but can't shut people up on our own. 

Suing people might be part of the American Way in America, but free speech is clearly the American Way and has to be protected. Whether it's peaceful speech, hate speech, accurate speech or inaccurate Speech. It's not the job of government to protect us from what they may see as dangerous speech. We have the freedom to make these decisions for ourselves. 

Slate: Tape Reveals Paris Hilton Homophobic Comments: "Most Gay Men "Probably Have Aids"

OK so just when you think that Paris Hilton can't get any dumber and more ignorant, you like totally, takes her ignorance to a new level. I mean like OMG, what was she thinking! And thats my Paris Hilton impression of the day.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

AP: This Just In Breaking Need to Know News As it Happens: Lindsay Lohan Arrested in NYC

This just in we break into your Wednesday Afternoon Movie, Attack of The Killer Peanuts, to report this shocking breaking news story as it happens. Lindsay Lohan once again arrested in New York, more details of this need to know breaking new story as they come in. Also in the news on our back page, millions of people in Northern California starving as the result from a Hunger Strike, over a tree being knocked down to build a new school to reduce school overcrowding. As of right now we have no idea when they'll be eating all of the food that was recently sent to them or when. They'll climb down the tree, to make room for the runaway cats that normally reside there.

ESPN: WeAreSC: California @ Southern California Preview

Both teams in search of a big victory after both coming off tough losses last weekend

ESPN: ABC Saturday Primetime Pregame: Clemson vs Tallahassee

I believe the FBS Game of The Week and the Tallahassee Seminoles first test in 2012

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

ESPN: Sportscenter: SweetSpot: Team to beat in the NL

The team to beat in the National League are the Nationals, with their Pitching Staff, starting and relieving. Especially now that they have an offense to go with their defense and pitching and they also have Davey Johnson as their manager.

USA Today Sports: NFL Films' President Steve Sabol Succumbs to Cancer

NFL Films' president Steve Sabol succumbs to cancer

The President of NFL Films who without I and a lot of other American Football fans would know a lot less about football. He literally changed the way the game is broadcasted and promoted and will be missed.

USA Today Sports: Peyton Manning has rust after all

Peyton Manning has rust after all –

This just in Peyton Manning is not God

Monday, September 17, 2012

AP: Video: Warren Levinson: Occupy Wall Street: One Year Later

This post was originally posted at FRS FreeState on Blogger

Occupy Wall Street started off as a progressive socialist movement a year ago, that was pissed off at Wall Street and corporate America as a whole. And seeing them get bail outs while they saw the rest of the country as they put it get austerity and decided that they were "mad as Hell and weren't going to take it anymore". (Or something like that) It was a very focused and fairly disciplined movement, especially for Progressives and Socialists who aren't known for discipline or even believing in it. And thats how they were successful in its first few months. "This is what's bad, we have the people with us and we need to stop this". 

And then OWS could go about  fixing the problems, instead of making them worst and were successful in not only getting attention from the national media, but getting people behind them as well. Even Democrats not so much the leadership, but some Congressional Democrats in both the House and Senate who are so far to the Left as they are and also have a hard time seeing the center and perhaps center-left with a telescope, such as OWS. And they even managed to not only communicate what they believe is wrong with the country, as far as the economy, but were able to start to put together their own progressive/socialist agenda. 

That was about preserving social insurance programs, especially Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. But what they would do about the "too big to fail banks", breaking them up or nationalizing them. As well as things like universal higher education, protecting organize labor and debt forgiveness for students and other things. But now OWS seems to be about complaining about ever society ill that the country seems to be going through. Jump from one problem to another without any real focus or discipline and living up to one of the negative stereotypes that Socialists have. They've become like kids who when they get a new toy, they see something else that they want and now have lost all interest in their first toy. They've become like children. 

That's how Occupy Wall Street started out, but by the late spring and summer they had already lost whatever momentum they were able to build up from the fall and winter of 2011-12 and started looking more like rioters or anarchists and with all of the arrests they started piling up. They were like fireworks that are lighted on July Fourth, that burn out with in minutes. And started piling up arrests at their rallies and events. And once a movement gets to that point, its hard for Americans who unless they are die hard supporters of you, to take you seriously. "Why should I pay attention to them. They are just some whacked out fringe, why should I take them seriously". 

And because of this, the Democratic Leadership, has never really gotten behind them. Because unlike Republicans, Democrats understand that there's a certain responsibility to being part of a major political party. That you can't afford to look like you are part of a fringe movement, because you are supposed to be the adults in the room. This is one thing that separates Democrats from Republicans who go out of their way to appease religious and neoconservative Americans. Democrats leave their children home with a babysitter when they go out. Republicans take their children everywhere including fancy restaurants and public events.  

Right now in America again unless you are a big supporter of Occupy Wall Street, they look like some whacked out Far-Left socialist party. That are champions of big government and high taxes, which hasn't played well in this country for a long time. And worst than that, OWS looks like anarchists people who are so out of their minds they aren't capable of having an adult conversation, which is why they are struggling to be taken seriously.Even fringe movements need ties and have a base with reality and how the world works, so they can be as successful as possible. Even if it comes off as stale or old school to their supporters. 

ESPN: Sportscenter: Are The 0-2 Saints Done?

The New Orleans Saints might not be done yet but they are clearly lacking the Leadership and direction that good teams need to be successful. The Bounty Scandal one of the dumbest things that any Coaching Staff has ever attempted, has really screwed the Saints season any they may not recover from it in 2012.

USA Today Sports: Alabama Still No. 1, USC Takes tumble in USA TODAY Poll

Alabama still No. 1, USC takes tumble in USA TODAY poll –

Can anyone in the country even give Alabama a game right now

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Public Resource: Video: CBS News: President John F. Kennedy After Two Years

Jack Kennedy came to the White House in 1961 with a broad agenda that included civil rights for African-Americans, Federal aid to public education, health insurance for seniors and an economic plan to deal with an economy that was slowly coming out of recession from the late 1950s, that included a deep tax cut. And yet most of his domestic agenda stalled in Congress despite having large Democratic majorities in both the House and Senate. And spent most of the first two years dealing with foreign policy. With Cuba twice both involving Russia, the Bay of Pigs fiasco and of course the Cuban Missile Crisis.

President Kennedy, did have a foreign policy agenda as well and was a tough Liberal Cold Warrior that wanted to open discussions with Russia. But wasn’t prepared to be soft with them, but take them on. And spoke out for liberal democracy not only in America, but in Europe as well, but wasn’t looking for a war with the Soviet Union either. And in the middle of 1963, finally took a tough stand when it came to civil rights for African-Americans and liberal democracy for them. Who were being discriminated and beaten in the South with the violent beatings that were happening in Alabama and Mississippi.

We’ll never know how successful of a President that Jack Kennedy would’ve made, one of the tragedies of his assassination. But he had all the tools of becoming not just one of the best Liberal Democratic president’s we’ve ever had, but one of the best president’s we’ve ever had as well. Just by what he believed in, but also how he handled the issues that came his way. The Cuban Missile Crisis and finally taking on Civil Rights as well in 1963. The question is how effective he would’ve been how he been able to complete his first term. And he been reelected, he effective he would’ve been at getting his agenda through Congress. Something he wasn’t very successful at in his first two years.

President Kennedy, was very popular when he died I believed, because of his handling of the Cuban Missile Crisis and because he was very likable personally. Which are the advantages that President Obama has today. But wasn’t very good at making Congress go along with his agenda based on his personal appeal. Had President Kennedy completed his first term, he would’ve continued to work on the issues, that he ran on as President. Across the board tax cuts, what later became known as Medicare, Federal Aid to public education and civil rights. And then the question would’ve been how successful he would’ve been at pushing that agenda through Congress.
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ESPN: Sports Reporters Parting Shot: Israel Gutierrez: "RG3 Will Elevate Franchise For A Decade"

I have yet to jump on the bandwagon of Redskins QB Robert Griffin, I prefer not to do something like that. For someone who hasn't even played an NFL game yet or has played one NFL game or even having one great NFL game, which is what Robert Griffin has had so far. But the tools both physical and personal and the people around Robert with the Redskins, the Coaching Staff and management, are. All there for Robert Griffin to have a great career in Washington and its really about what he and the Redskins do with the tools at hand, they are the only ones that can screw this up. Not protect Robert or not put the players in place for the Redskins to continue to improve with him. Thats what it really comes down to, do the Redskins improve or stagnate under Robert, because all the tools are there for them in future. And it will come down to what the Redskins and Robert Griffin do with the tools at hand, because everything is there for Robert Griffin to have a great career as a Washington Redskin.