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Life is a Highway

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

ESPN: LA Hot Button: Lakers vs. Heat in Finals

The whole Heat vs Lakers NBA Finals discussion, is exactly what's wrong with today's NBA where they put. Celebrity and marketing over what's the best for the NBA, which is having the two best teams play each other for the championship. No matter where they are from, anytime celebrity and personality and what's the best matchup to sell and market, is put ahead over who are the best. Teams and you make the league about a few players and teams, instead of what's the best thing for the. League as a whole, the league loses credibility and looks like its trying to play favorites.

Monday, October 29, 2012

CBS News: CBS News Bulletin: JFK Assassination Coverage 11/22/1963

Source: CBS News- America's Newsman Walter Cronkite-
Source: CBS News: CBS News Bulletin- JFK Assassination Coverage- 12:30PM-1:40PM- 11/22/1963

You hate to have something like a presidential assassination, or any assassination really have to be the test of the quality of your news coverage or not. But unfortunately greatness only tends to come in times of tragedy and when you're tested. Times of war and being under attacked, when riots are going on, a death in the family, someone being out of work like your father, or another close relative and you don't know what the future is going to look like and you fear for it. But unfortunately that is how humans tend to operate. When we're not tested we tend to be somewhat lax and go back to our everyday normal activities.

And I think our network coverage from CBS News, perhaps especially as they were our biggest news operation back then and NBC News and even the much smaller ABC News, they were all really tested without precedent in how you cover a tragedy like this. No precedent in how you cover a presidential, or any other assassination in the electronic age of broadcast news and network news. All they had is the training and resources that they had to work with at the time. Which was make sure their people are on the story and getting the information needed and make sure the network executives are giving you the network air time to cover the story.

The JFK assassination is not the only reason why Walter Cronkite is America's newsman and why we haven't seen a network news anchor as good since. But it is certainly a reason, because you really got to see how professional and great he was and had to be and couldn't afford any mistakes. You also got to see his human side especially when he announced the death of President John F. Kennedy. And you got to see how hard of an announcement it was for him to make. Cronkite, personally knew Jack Kennedy and personally liked him. So it must have been announcing the death of one of your friends on live on national TV. With millions of people watching you and he did it as well as it could've been done.

Slate: Oliver Stone: President Obama's "Abuses of Power Must Have Made Dick Cheney Jealous"

Oliver Stone The Master of the Conspiracy Theory

ESPN: Roundtable: Has Peyton Turned Broncos Into Super Bowl Contenders?

Way too early to be calling the Denver Broncos a Super Bowl contender

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Slate: What Every $6.5 Million Celebrity Wedding Needs: a Video Mocking the Hom...

What better for a rich couple to do, make fun of homeless people, how low can people go

ESPN: David Stern To Retire In Early 2014

David Stern in a lot of ways rebuilt the NBA and made it a major Sports League again, with all of the new TV exposure and marketing he brought to it.

ABC News: World News Now: WEBCAST: Giants Win Game One

Big win for the San Francisco Giants to not only win game one of the WS but to beat Jason Verlander in the process

Monday, October 22, 2012

ESPN: CFL: Notre Dame-Oklahoma Preview

This should be a great game

Slate: Donald Trump Rumored To Have "Bombshell" on Barack Obama

The more that The Donald is in the news attacking President Obama and the more that the Obama Campaign. Can link Don Trump to Mitt Romney, the more it hurts Mitt, so as a Democrat I want The Donald in the news as much as possible attacking the President.

The New Republic: Alec MacGillis: "The Campaign To Steal Ohio"

The Campaign To Steal Ohio | The New Republic

Some people will do anything to win

Sunday, October 21, 2012

ABC Sports: ABC Monday NIght Football Theme

The best Monday Night Football theme song of all time, if not the best sports theme song of all time

ESPN: Sports Reporters: Parting Shot: Israel Gutierrez: "Michael Vick On The Decline"

Michael Vick is not the only reason why the Philadelphia Eagles are struggling but he's a big part of it

Friday, October 19, 2012

ESPN: Sportscenter: Paul Tagliabue To Hear Bounty Appeals

Paul Tagliabue back in the news

Slate: Romney Boys Can't Contain Their Obama Debate Anger

Not the most loving and respectful men of the presidency. The Romney Boys, they seem more like thugs working for their father. They seem to want to do what their father other than in the first presidential debate what their father couldn't do. Which is to beat up President Obama, or at least beat him somewhere. I mean Mitt, clearly wins the first debate and is still clearly trailing the President in the Electoral College, despite now being neck in neck with the President in the popular vote. Mitt, doesn't look like a winner right now, but someone whose trying to find any place where he can win. So he's not the Mike Dukakis of the GOP. Someone who badly loses a presidential election that he should have won.

It's hard to hear negative facts about your father especially in a political campaign. Especially when those facts are about one's lack of experience, knowledge, judgement, honesty and even credibility. The Romney Sons, might know who Dad is, but the problem is their Dad won't let the rest of the country know. Because he keeps turning into someone else depending on what office he's running for, what year he's running and the people he feels he needs to have supporting him. He's Moderate Mitt in Massachusetts, he's Religious Conservative Mitt in 2007 when he's going for the Christian-Right in Iowa and South Carolina. And now he's the businessman with results, even though as Governor of Massachusetts, he had a weak jobs record. And laid off a lot of people as a businessman.

Who is Mitt Romney and what do you believe in? Would be my question to him if I ever interviewed him. But I would be carrying a whole notepad of paper, or perhaps my laptop waiting for ten different answers to the same questions. As he's telling us every different position he has on the same issue. And doing that for each issue. Americans are funny this way in that we like our presidential candidates to tell us who they are and what they believe with some consistency before we decide who we're going to vote for, not after. I guess we're just stubborn that way and don't have much faith in coin flipping when it comes to choosing our political leaders. But we're into finger flipping when it comes to political leaders that we don't like. As Mitt knows all too well right now.

The New Republic: Matt Haber: "Boring Candidates, Viral Videos: The Tough Life Of SNL's Political Comedy Guru"

Boring Candidates, Viral Videos: The Tough Life Of SNL's Political Comedy Guru | The New Republic

I don't know, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama have both had their share of lighter moments, as well as Paul Ryan and Joe Biden. At least 3-4 of them are somewhat gaffe prone, with Mitt Romney leading the pack.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

ABC: Jimmy Kimmel Live: Barack Obama and Mitt Romney Argue at Presidential Debate

Apparently Mitt Romney and Barack Obama can't even agree on what the rules of the debate are

ESPN: Numbers Never Lie: Southeast Division Preview

I'm looking for the Wizards to make some real improvements and even look like a playoff contender. Especially in a weak Southeast Division.

Slate: Surprise? The Boss Finally Throws Support Behind Obama

Bruce Springsteen is a known Democrat or at least someone with Leftist leanings

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Christina Aguilera: Fighter, The Barack Obama That Democrats and Americans Wanted To See Tuesday Night

The Barack Obama that showed up Tuesday night that we didn't see two weeks ago

ESPN: Sportscenter: Inside The Jets-Patriots Rivalry

The Jets-Patriots Rivalry is really a big brother vs little brother rivalry, where the little brother. Being the New York Jets, wants to be the man and he knows the way to do that, is by beating his big brother, the New England Patriots but never quite able to do that.

Slate Magazine: Mitt Romney- 'Binders Full of Women Meme to Take Over The World'

Source: Slate Magazine- Binder Full of Hillary?
Source: Slate Magazine: Mitt Romney- "Binders Full of Women Meme" To Take Over The World

Is Mitt Romney capable of getting through an appearance, debate or otherwise, without making a gaffe. Or maybe these so-called gaffes aren’t gaffes and he actually believes in this, lets say garbage and it just slipped out. Does Mitt even at this point where he’s clearly trailing in big Republican states like Florida, Virginia and Ohio, where he needs to win at least two of those states in order to win the presidency even want to be president? Or is he writing a new book, perhaps political manual on how not to run for president if you want to win. The title of the book actually being, “Mitt Romney’s How Not to Run For President.” Maybe he’s hoping he can get Congress even with a Democratic Senate in it, to repeal the 19th Amendment that guarantees all American women the right to vote. And with that he wouldn’t have to bother campaigning for female voters.

I imagine when it comes to life in general and in business, Mitt Romney is a tall handsome, young-looking for a Baby Boomer, intelligent, good man. But when it comes to politics, he must have slept in when God was handing out political brains. I haven’t seen a national politician this week when it comes to appealing to average voters since George H.W. Bush in 1992. When he didn’t know the price of milk and his own Vice President miss spells potato. And this is probably because President Bush hadn’t been to a grocery store and bought his own groceries in over twenty-years at that point. If I’m a women, (and no I’m not looking for a sex change) am I supposed to feel good about Mitt Romney’s “binders full of women”? Or should I take that as a guy who probably watches too much Cinemax late at night, because he can’t sleep, because from all the coffee he drinks on the campaign trail?

As a presidential candidate, Mitt Romney is a gunslinger who always has his gun pointed at his feet and forgets turn the safety off. I don’t know how the man walks around anymore having shot off so many of his own toes. He barely beats a man who wants to take America back to 1955 in a national time machine where women weren’t supposed to work and perhaps even vote. Where gays were locked in prison cells and mental institutions, as well as closets. That being Rick Santorum of course and is now running against a President who struggles to hit fifty-percent when it comes to his own popularity. With high unemployment and weak economic growth. And Mitt finds himself trailing in several big Republican states that he has to win. I mean is Mitt Romney really all the Republican Party has to offer for president? And is this the best they have?

Friday, October 12, 2012

Slate: Which Bugs Are Safest to Eat—and Tastiest?

Talking about what's the tastiest bug, would be like talking about what's the tastiest brand of gasoline or something, none of them are tasty.

ESPN: Sportscenter: Buster Olney: NYY Alex Rodriguez Not In Game 5 Lineup

This is huge for the Orioles and Yankees, whether Alex Rodriguez is out of the lineup for health reasons. Or he's out of the lineup, because he's having a bad series.

VOA News: Video: Activists Seeking to Capitalize on 'Occupy' Protests

This post was originally posted at FRS FreeState on Blogger

I believe at least a majority of the country supports these protests on Wall Street all across the political spectrum. Wall Street is not very popular with any political party right now, except for maybe the Libertarian Party and Tea Party. That's why we are seeing large protests all across the country against Wall Street and even corporate America to a certain extent. I wish these protests would reach Congress as well, both in the House and Senate. To get them to start moving an legislating and even coming together.

Occupying Congress and the members who are bought by Wall Street, at least in too many cases, would make more sense, than to simply try to occupy buildings where a lot of investing is done. I mean if this was a real occupy movement Left or Right and this time it is certainly coming the Left, if not Far-Left, you go where the money is so to speak. And occupy the people who take the money from the business's and investors you are say are destroying the American middle class. I know that sounds like commonsense and what does that have to do with American politics, probably nothing, but something to think about. 

And hopefully OWS will at some point, with a 13% approval rating of Congress and with the people who officially who approve of Congress either dead, living in Mongolia, or in a coma, because who could in their right mind who is familiar with our government, actually approve of the job that the U.S. House and Senate are doing right now. There's plenty incentive for them to do that, if they have the guts to take on their political bases. 468 members of Congress between the House and Senate are up for reelection in 2012. 

And if 2012 is another anti-incumbent election, then a lot of those members in both parties could be looking for new jobs after election night. Seriously, the scariest thought for any career politician, perhaps especially someone in Congress, is looking for a new job, Which is why pissed off Americans should be scaring the hell out of them right now.  But right now they are focused on Wall Street so I'll focus there. What these protesters have in common is that they are independent. Meaning they aren't Democrats or Republicans in a lot of cases. 

Not one national organization is running these protests and putting them together. But a bunch of different political organizations perhaps working together. And there's also political diversity within this movement. Socialists, Libertarians and some Liberals are all part of this movement, perhaps even some true Conservatives, who are fed up with bailouts corporate capitalism and want to see change in our economic system.A diverse somewhat American melting pot of political philosophy. Who have found at least one issue to not try to beat the heads of people they normally don't agree with.

The political diversity in this movement is positive for them in this sense, it indicates that there's broad support for it. That there's not one political party behind it and that the country wants to see real change in our country and our economic system. But it's a problem as well, because there isn't a consensus in what change and reform should look like. Conservatives and libertarians would like to see government less involved with our economic system spending less and downsizing and less regulation and no more bailouts and tax less. Socialists obviously are the complete opposite of that and perhaps would like to nationalize some industries, especially banking and health care. 

Liberals would like to see reform with our entitlements, cutting the deficit and debt, infrastructure investment, tax cuts for the middle class, expand free trade. And bring our foreign troops home from Afghanistan, Iraq and other places. There's significant support for what Conservatives, Libertarians and Liberals want to do. Socialists have the most ambitious agenda of everyone, perhaps put together. Having a political coalition of Liberals, Libertarians, Conservatives and Socialists is not an odd couple. More like a melting pot put into a big stew, that makes people want to vomit after eating it. 

Socialists want to return America to the 1950s as far as tax policy. Tax rates starting at 25% and going up to 90% and people like socialist economist Richard Wolfe have been very upfront about that. As well as nationalizing our healthcare system, nationalizing our higher education system. With the Federal Government now paying for everyone to go to college at taxpayer expense. As well as other things. If you think America has a big government now, put Socialists in charge and this government would look like a midget that is shrinking in comparison to what they want to do.

There's potential for a movement here as being against something, but that's the easy part. The question is what do you do instead, what do you and what do you replace it with. And all of these political factions have their own agendas that they would like to see pass. This is not a governing coalition, but more like a protest coalition similar to what the Ross Perot movement of the 1990s. So I don't see a consensus right now in what to do instead after the partnership between Wall Street and the Federal Government is broken up. 

And that can only happen with either getting private money out of federal politics. Can't be done without a constitutional amendment, because the Supreme Court would throw it out. The only other alternative I see is full- disclosure which is very difficult to pass. Because it would require public officials to release to the public who they deal with and how much money they receive from them. Asking a career politician to release their political contributors, is like asking an obese food addict to give up eating cold turkey for a week straight without supervision. Good luck with that and let me know how it works out.

Until there's a movement that has broad support in not only what its against, but what they want to instead and can get elected and reelected and puts proposals on the table that becomes law, We are stuck where we are in gridlock, with a do nothing Congress with its first eye always on the next election and how to get their base to the polls and votes for them. But look at the bright side, when things aren't going well for you and you are in trouble, you'll always have Congress to make fun of and say, "at least I'm not as bad as those people and know how to get my work done".

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Slate: Woman Raped By Roman Polanski Will Write Book

This book will probably make Roman Polanski look like a pervert

ESPN: Sportscenter: An Early Evaluation of the Chicago Bears

If I'm a Bears right now, which I'm not I'm feeling pretty well about "da Bears" and I'm thinking about not only. Playoffs but winning the NFC North as well, the defense looks great so far and they look like they have a productive offense as well, especially if QB Jay Cutler stays healthy. And thats the biggest question for the Bears, can they stay healthy.

The New Republic: Connie Britton: "The Blue States’ Red State Dream Girl"

Connie Britton: The Blue States’ Red State Dream Girl | The New Republic

Not all women in Red States or Rural America, female Rednecks if you will, follow the Religious Right line. On Social Issues, the Dixie Chicks would be an example of that and there are women in this part of the country. That tend to be more Liberal on these issues.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

ABC News: Nightline- Bill Weir: Melrose Place Cast Reunion

Source: ABC News-
Source: ABC News: Nightline- Bill Weir: Melrose Place Cast Reunion

I only caught the last couple seasons of Melrose Place, because at first I thought the writing was kinda cheesy. And I’m not a big fan of soap operas to begin with, but I was flipping around one Monday night, in I believe 1997, looking for something to watch before Monday Night Football. Which at that point I watched every Monday night and I caught a little of Melrose Place and I figured what the hell, I would watch a little of this before the game. And I couldn’t stop laughing, it was a very funny show with people constantly screwing over other people and doing it in such a casual way and the writing of it was actually pretty good. I’m not a soap opera expert obviously, but I think a good soap opera has all the selfishness and people screwing others with very little fear about the consequences for themselves or the people they are screwing. As well as the crazy lives that only people in Hollywood could live and write into a script. But a good soap opera has great writing, very funny writing and very funny people in it. Which is why I’m actually a late, but definite fan of General Hospital, because that show essentially has a cast for comedians or comedic actors. Who are also great actors and combine both roles very well. People who improvise and with writers who give them great lines.

Slate: Pew: 1 in 5 Americans Have No Religious Affiliation

As more and more the Religious Right has influenced American Politics, especially on Social Issues its. Turned off more and more Americans, especially young Americans, who tend to be Liberal-Libertarian on Social Issues, which is a huge problem for the Republican Party going forward.

ESPN: SoonerNation: Texas-Oklahoma Preview

Looks like the Red River Rivalry is back and it will be a good game this year

Top Gun Soundtrack: Berlin, Take My Breath Away

Top Gun is one of my favorite movies of all time for several reasons, the relevance and longevity of it. Its more then stand the test of time, not one of those movies where when you see it the first time, it seems like a great movie at the time and one of those movies you think you'll see it. Over and over again but you never get around to seeing it again or its years or even decades, like in my case until you get around to seeing that movie again. Top Gun is not one of those movies, it was a cool movie if not the best movie of 1986 and twenty six years later, its still a cool. Movie that more then stands the test of time, because it was made in a way, that it wouldn't seem cheesy, just five years later, it wasn't a trendy film, the people who made the movie, made it. In a way to make the best movie that they could, not to make it the best movie for 1986 or the mid 80s or even the 1980s but how do we make the best movie that we can, something that the rest of. Or careers would be judged by, thats Top Gun, thats Goodfellas, North by Northwest, Cool Hand Luke and many others and of the reasons why its still a great movie, is the soundtrack, the songs were. Great then and still are.

Monday, October 8, 2012

David Von Pein: WFAA-TV News Dallas: Lee Harvey Oswald Has Been Shot

A crazy month November, 1963. First the President of the United States, Jack Kennedy is assassinated. The National Football League suspends its games the following week and then the man who assassinated President Kennedy, is killed himself. It sort of looked like the world was coming undone and perhaps the last time that president’s were allowed to be that open and vulnerable in public. And that security was even tightened for people suspected of killing high-profile people whether they are politicians, or other celebrities.

Great books and documentaries have been made about these stories and the Federal Government thought they figured out how to deal with people who are so intent on assassinating politicians. But they let someone slip through in 1981, when John Hinkley was almost successful in murdering President Reagan. When the President was leaving a hotel, I believe the Mayflower in Washington. All of these events have made the American presidency less public and more closed to the American people.

A lot of people, columnists like George Will and others say and believe that the 1963 JFK Assassination was the end of the 1950s. And that assassination brought in the radicalization of the 1960s. And brought in a fairly violent decade. I and others would argue that a lot of that radicalism was necessary at least as it had to do the with civil rights movement and then later the anti-Vietnam War movement. But a lot of people were simply murdered in this decade that no one except for perhaps the haters of those murder victims see as positive things. Like President Kennedy, Dr. Martin L. King and later Senator Robert F. Kennedy.

ESPN: Sportscenter: Cleveland Indians Introduce Terry Francona As Manager

Terry Francona should do an excellent job with the Indians, as long as they supply him with the talent. Which is what the Boston Red Sox did, because Francona has an excellent baseball mind and knows how to lead young men.

MLS: 66,452, Near-Record Crowd for Sounders-Timbers at Century Link Field

Century Link Field is huge for soccer, its the home of the Seattle Seahawks and Seattle loves football. But this stadium plays very well for soccer as well and Seattle also love the Sounders and an example of why Major League Soccer is here to stay in America.

Michael Jackson: Man In The Mirror: Official Music Video, 1987

I just love the sound, the lyrics, the video and most importantly the message of this song. That if you don't like how things are, stop complaining about the situation and get up and do something about it. By far in away the best MJ song he ever came up with, this would be a great theme song for a Political Campaign thats about real change and not just talking about it.

AP: Video: Sports: Nationals Rally Past St. Louis Cardinals in Game 1 of NL Divisional Series

This is what a clutch win looks like, the Nationals down most of the game until the 8th inning. And the Nationals pitching kept them in this game, to buy the offense time to finally take the lead in the eight inning.