Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Lucky Larue: Video: Vince Lombardi Teaches The Power Sweep

To judge whose the greatest head coach of all-time in the NFL you first have to know what is the job of the head coach and what his responsibilities are and what you expect from him. To me at least the job of the head coach is of course to win and win at least a good deal more than he loses. And make the playoffs and be successful in the playoffs. But more than that the job of the head coach is to get the best out of his team with the players and talent that he has.

A head coach could inherit a young inexperienced team that doesn’t have that much talent. And not make the playoffs and not even come close to having a winning season. But could still have a successful season if he gets the most out of his players that he possibly can and perhaps even overachieves. And that team wins a few games that they shouldn’t have because they were playing better teams. And a coach could have a very talented and experienced football team and have an unsuccessful season. Even if they make the playoffs especially if they go out early in the playoffs or lose the conference championship. When that coach had the best team in the league that year.

And based on these standards Vince Lombardi is definitely the best head coach in the history of the NFL. Because no head coach ever got more out of his players and was a better motivator than Vince Lombardi. Because he always knew what he wanted from his team. What type of team he wanted to have on both offense and defense. The available talent that he had and how to get the most out of his talent. And a perfect example of this is the year before Lombardi arrived in Green Bay.

The Packers were 1-11 and in Lombardi’s first season in Green Bay, they were 7-5 their first winning season in eleven years and Lombardi had basically the same team to work with in 1959 than the previous Packers coach had in 1958. But the difference being that Lombardi knew how to get the most out of the players that he had. He knew where to play them and how to use them on both sides of the ball. In 1958 the Packers had a talented football team. But in 1959 the Packers were a good football team, which was the difference.

The difference between a good head coach and a bad head coach is of course the good coach knows what he is doing and the bad coach spends most of his time trying to figure it out and experimenting. But the reason why the good coach knows what he is doing is, because he knows what type of team he has. And then sets expectations for his team and player based on that. And then knows how to get the most out of the players that he has and Vince Lombardi is simply the best at this.

Monday, December 23, 2013

The Onion: Peter K. Rosenthal Looks Back at It's a Wonderful Life

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Source: This piece was originally posted at The New Democrat

How can one Uncle Billy can completely change the complexion of a movie review? You know if I had an uncle who was that big of an asshole and screw up, I doubt my life would be so golly gee swell. (To use a term from that era) Especially if I was relying on a dipshit like this to help me run my business. First of all, if I’m dumb enough to rely on a dipshit to help me run my business, I’m probably not that much of a businessman to begin with. Maybe Uncle Billy has something that he can use as blackmail that keeps him in business with his partners. Maybe he saw Joe kissing Sally instead of his wife Mary and threatening to use that against Joe or something. But the people who go into business with someone like Uncle Billy are people who go out of business. Because they are not smart enough to hire people who are not dipshits to work for them.

It's a Wonderful Life, is a classic 1930s, 1940s, 1950s Jimmy Stewart movie. Where he represents a a very simple man from a very simple time. (At least according to Hollywood) Where he's a very well-liked town and knows everybody there and they seem to like him, because he's just like everybody else in that town. You don't cuss, even words like damn and hell are considered sins. And if there wasn't for this little annoying thing like the First Amendment, you might get arrested for saying damn or hell in public. Joe Smith is married to Mary and they have 2-3 kids. Of course Joe works and of course Mary stays home and raises their kids. Because it's considered a sin for women to work in Pleasantville. Because in Pleasantville women are not only not expected to work, but be subservient to their man. Perhaps Pleasantville is the capital of Saudi Arabia or at least part of Saudi Arabia. Except in Pleasantville the people aren't Muslin or Arab, but Protestant and tend to be Anglo-Saxon. Except for the servants, who of course are African-American and in some cases even use to be slaves.

And Joe Bailey (played by Jimmy Stewart) is curious what life looks like outside of Pleasantville USA. And is curious what life looks like outside of his collectivist town where everyone seems to almost be a clone of someone else. Where everyone talks and thinks the same way, lives their life the same way. Again absolutely no cussing, no dancing in public, no drinking on Sunday. Everyone says Grace before they eat, etc. And Joe wants to know if everyone else in America lives this way and perhaps what big city life would be like. The problem is that Joe is dumb enough to get in bed, I mean go into business with his Uncle Billy and of course Billy's nickname is screwup, or even even dipshit and runs the business into the ground like a drunk autopilot crashes a plane. And now Joe is stuck in Pleasantville or Bedford Falls (to be precise) and left there pick up the pieces and put his life back together.
The Onion: Peter Rosenthal Looks Back at It's a Wonderful Life

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Ed Valanzuela: Happy Birthday To You!

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Source: The New Democrat 
Happy Birthday to my lovely and beautiful mother who turns, well she would probably kill me even from three-thousand miles away if I gave that out. But Happy Birthday mom and to having a lot more birthdays as well, no matter how long you live.
Ed Valanzuela: Happy Birthday To You!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Eagles Nest: Video: CBS Sports: NFL 1978-Week-12-Miracle at The Meadowlands-Philadelphia Eagles @ New York Giants: Full Game

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There are games that can send mediocre teams to the playoffs and end seasons for teams that may think they are good and are in the playoff race. And 1978 Miracle at The Meadowlands is that game, because both teams were still in the NFC Playoff race at this point, but basically had to win this game. Especially the Giants at 5-6, or have to win out and probably get help from other teams to get the fifth and last playoff spot in the NFC. The Eagles-Giants rivalry is one of the oldest and best in the NFL, top 3-5 and has had a lot of staple games. But when you lose or win a game where the team that is leading late in the game, only has to run out the clock with victory formation and they blow that and fumble the ball instead, that becomes the staple game of this great rivalry.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

NY Giants: Video: CBS Sports: NFL 1985-NFC-WC-San Francisco 49ers @ New York Giants: Pat Summerall Intro

The NFL on CBS was a great show for many reasons and Pat Summerall might of been the number one reason. But their timing and intros were classic and so well done and knew exactly how to put things and show things to people. First New York Giants home playoff game since the 1962 NFL Championship that was at Yankee Stadium, the day this wildcard game was played. Giants Stadium opened up in East Rutherford, New Jersey in I believe 1976 and this was the first Giants home playoff game there. And how does CBS Sports introduce this game, with Bruce Spingsteen singing Glory Days. The Glory Days of the New York Giants from the 1950s and early 60s. With Pat Summerall a former New York Giant of course doing the intro. A simple two-minute video or so and this is one of best NFL videos and intros of all-time. Just for those reasons.

Gear Master: Video: CBS Sports: NBA 1990-NBA Finals-Game 5-Detroit Pistons @ Portland Blazers: Highlights

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The Blazers probably peaked a season too early in 1990 and not prepared to play in the 1990 NBA Finals mentally as far as knowing what it took to win the NBA Finals. And they were playing a very veteran team in the Pistons who had just played in four straight conference finals and playing in their third straight NBA Finals and going for their second straight NBA Finals Championship. With the Blazers not even being to the conference finals with this group before reaching the 1990 NBA Finals.So this was a matchup of a very good experienced team in the Pistons, with a great player in Isiah Thomas and a great head coach in Chuck Daly. Vs. a young and very talented Blazers teams, without a lot of big game experience. And that showed up a lot in at least four out of the five NBA Finals games.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

ABC Sports: Video: MNF-NFL 1983-Week 1-Dallas Cowboys @ Washington Redskins: Intro

Interesting matchup in 1983 between the Cowboys and Redskins in this great rivalry and when at least it was a great rivalry. Perhaps the best in the NFL at the time. How times have changed in the last twenty-years or so as the Redskins has become at best a mediocre franchise, with Cowboys being a consistent playoff contender, but even when they make the NFC Playoffs, they don’t tend to do much in the playoffs. But what I believe made this Cowboys-Redskins matchup even more interesting, is that the shoe was on the other foot so to speak. Pre-1983 when they played the Cowboys were either the defending NFC or Super Bowl champions if not both, or they lost the NFC Final the year before. With the Redskins trying to either get back to the NFC Playoffs, or lost in the first round the year before. In 1983 the Redskins were the Super Bowl champions and beat the Cowboys in the NFC Final the year before.

Merkin Muffly: Video: CBS Sports: NBA 1983-ECQF-Game 3: Atlanta Hawks @ Boston Celtics: Highlights

The Hawks and Celtics had a pretty good rivalry with each other in the 1980s, especially in the late 80s where they seemed to meet in the Eastern Conference Playoffs every year. The Celtics won every series including 83, but 85, 86 and 88 as well, but the Hawks played them very well even at the Boston Garden and even won some games there. They probably should’ve won the 88 series and I believe had a better team. They were up 2-1 or 3-2 in that series, if not both leads in the series with the opportunity to close out that series at home. But lost both games. The Hawks in the late 80s always looked they were going to make a real run at the NBA Finals in the regular season, but always failed to even get to the Eastern Conference Finals. A difference between a good team and a very good team. The good team has potential, the very good team consistently moves on in the playoffs. And at least plays for conference championships.

Friday, November 15, 2013

PBS: Video: American Experience: JFK, Extended Preview

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The PBS version of John F. Kennedy is the best program at least I've seen of Jack Kennedy this month. Not that there has been a lot of quality programs and films about his so far in November. Because the rest of them have been about the assassination and why he was in Dallas in November, 1963. Or why he so highly regarded in pop culture as a cool president. But the American Experience program is truly about his life and his career. 

Jack Kennedy before Congress, in Congress, the famous 1960 presidential election against Richard Nixon, the Kennedy Administration obviously and all of the key moments that happened in his administration. How he put his administration together, the relationship he had with the Southern Caucus of right-wing Democrats in Congress that had the real power in the House and Senate. Even though he did have large Democratic majorities in both the House and Senate. 

President Kennedy's policies to stimulate economic growth and expand educational and college opportunities. The Bay of Pigs, the Cuban Missile Crisis, his hard push for civil rights legislation. All of the things that you tend not to get from the commercial networks or the entertainment cable networks. But that you only get for the most part from PBS and films you see at the theater.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Classic MLB 11: Video: ABC Sports: MLB 1982-NLCS-Game 3-St. Louis Cardinals @ Atlanta Braves: Full Game

An interesting matchup for a championship series with two teams that were almost nothing like. The St. Louis Cardinals as a team hit less than 100 home runs that season. George Hendrick who was a solid power hitter for a lot of his career, led the Cardinals with eighteen home runs. This was a team that would get on base by walking and slapping singles and the occasional double. And then stealing a lot of bases and stretching singles to doubles, doubles triples, scoring from first base. Playing great defense and getting great pitching. This was known as Whiteyball named after the great Cardinals manager Whitey Herzog. The Atlanta Braves in 1982 were a power hitting team led by Dale Murphy and Bob Horner with Chris Chambliss as well. So this was a matchup between a speed team in the Cardinals both on offense and defense. Vs a power hitting team that pitched and defended well enough to win the AL West in 1982.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Classic Phillies TV: Video: ABC Sports: MLB 1978-NLCS-Game 4-Philadelphia Phillies @ Los Angeles Dodgers: Full Game

This was a very good matchup for an NLCS between the Phillies and Dodgers. Because you had a more power-hitting offensive oriented team in the Phillies, going up against a pitching and defensive oriented team in the Dodgers that also had a very good lineup. With hitters like Steve Garvey, Reggie Smith, Ron Cey, Dusty Baker and others. And I think that was the difference in this series. The teams were fairly even, but the Dodgers had more pitching and I believe a more complete team than the Phillies.
On paper anyway, I think the Dodgers were better than the New York Yankees in 1978. I think they had more offensively and had just as must pitching. But the Yankees got better pitching and clutch hitting in the 1978 World Series and that was the difference. You can’t really afford any off games in a World Series or a championship series. Which is what happened to the Phillies in the first two games of the NLCS losing both of them at home. And having to win three-straight at Dodger stadium to win the series.

Friday, November 8, 2013

MLB Classics: Video: NBC Sports: MLB 1980-World Series-Game 7-Kansas City Royals @ Philadelphia Phillies: Full Game

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1980 might have been the best Kansas Royals team that they ever had. They had a very good lineup offensively, good defense, good pitching both starting and in the bullpen, Jim Fry was their manager. Unlike the 85 team that was really just George Brett and Hal McRae offensively. Steve Balboni hit a lot of home runs for them, but drove in under ninety runs, which isn’t much for a guy who hits thirty-six home runs and also hit around 240 and struck out a lot. But the 80s Royals had balance offensively, defensively and in their pitching. But couldn’t even force the Phillies into a game 7.

The 1980 Phillies were just very good everywhere. Not a great lineup with a lot of great players, but very good hitters up and down the lineup. They were very good defensively and had excellent pitching. With Steve Carlton as their ace and Tug McGraw in the bullpen. Not a team with any clear weakness’ and they were just the best team in the National League throughout the 1980 season. And a team that finally put it all together after getting to the NL Playoffs in 76 and 78, but losing both NL Championships to the Los Angeles Dodgers. So 1980 was a year that the Phillies believed they had something to prove and came through.

Lamar Matic: Video: CBS Sports: NBA 1975-ECSF-Game 4-Washington Wizards @ Buffalo Braves: Bob McAdoo Scores 50 Points

Anytime there’s a choice between having the player who scored the most points in a game and the team that scored the most points in a game, especially a playoff game I would always take the team. When one player scores fifty points and his team loses, it generally means he was doing most of the scoring for his team in that game. And that his teammates weren’t doing much damage to the other team. Classic example of Michael Jordan vs. the Boston Celtics in the 1986 Eastern Conference Quarterfinals, where he scored sixty points in back-to-back games, but the Celtics beat the Chicago Bulls in both games and beat them badly.
That is how you defended Bob McAdoo when he was with the Buffalo Braves. You guarded him tough and you tried to stop him. But not to the point where it would free up other Braves to beat you with open shots and layups. Now it so happens that the Braves won this game and Big Bob was able to put the Braves on his back. But the Bullets won this series, because they had a better team, even if the Braves had the better player in the series. Good teams, or in the Bullets case very good teams, if not great teams generally beat teams that have a great player, if that player doesn’t have a very good supporting cast around him.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Classic MLB 11: Video: MLB 1984-NBC MLB-GOW-6/23-St. Louis Cardinals @ Chicago Cubs: Full Game

The baseball game that seemed like to would never end. A classic game in this great Cardinals-Cubs rivalry, great rivalry even though the Cardinals are traditional winners and champions. And the Cubs generally are not only losers, but tend to finish way out of contention. A great game if you hate pitching and perhaps see pitching as an inconvenience to slugfest and perhaps as a necessary evil that is necessary so that baseball games actually come to conclusion at some point. This game was essentially a home run derby where the team that could find away to get more outs and scored last was going to win. But not a great game in the sense that it was a great all around played game. With good pitching, defense and with timely hitting, that went down to last outs and into the ninth inning not knowing who was going to win at the end.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Jack Scalia: Torch Song 1993- Two Alcoholics Find Each Other Sober

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Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Press Plus

I’ll be the first to admit, Torch Song is not a great movie. It was probably one of the last made for network TV movies, which were all but gone by the late 1990s. But Raquel Welch and Jack Scalia are great in this movie and I believe Alicia Silverstone is as well. Raquel plays an alcoholic actress whose career is now suffering as a result. The last straw with her alcoholism and what gets her to admit it, is that her daughter not only catches her drunk one night, but catches her drunk on video tape and shows her. That is what gets Raquel’s character in alcoholic rehab where she meets a man there another alcoholic played by Jack Scalia. And they start a relationship. Even drunk Raquel is still a hot baby-face adorable goddess who is also pretty funny.
Jack Scalia: Jack Scalia and Raquel Welch in Torch Song

Monday, October 7, 2013

The NBA History: Video: CBS Sports: NBA 1979-Christmas Day-Philadelphia 76ers @ New York Knicks: Highlights

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Philadelphia-New York, is a great rivalry in any sport. Eagles-Giants in the NFL, which is probably the best one. Flyers-Rangers, in the NHL, Phillies-Mets in MLB and yes the 76ers-Knicks in the NBA. Which today is not nearly the rivalry it was twenty-five or thirty years ago. But it was a big deal in the 1960s, 70s and 80s. But now both franchises, especially in the 76ers case, haven’t been very good for a long time. The 76ers, have only been to the Conference Finals twice since winning their last NBA Finals in 1983. And the Knicks have struggled just to make the Eastern Conference Playoffs for the last ten years or so.

As far as this game, the 76ers were still one of the best teams in the NBA at this point. They lost in the Eastern Conference Finals in 1978 and got to the Eastern Conference Semifinals in 1979. Dr. J Julius Erving, certainly the best forward in basketball at this point and arguably the best all around player in the NBA as well at this point. Trying to lead the 76ers under head coach Billy Cunningham back to the NBA Finals. This was a bit of a homecoming for The Doctor who played for the Nets on Long Island. And the fact that he now played for the 76ers in this game was on Christmas Day, 1978 and they Sixers won big, made this game much more special.

What is also interesting about this game, is that Bob McAdoo, one of the top power forwards in the NBA in the 1970s was playing for the Knicks in this game. That were a pretty bad team in the late 70s. After leaving Buffalo in like 1976, he ends up playing for like three teams in four years. Here’s one of the best players in the NBA at this point getting shipped around from bad team to bad team in the late 70s. Before finally finding a home where he could finish his career with in Los Angeles with the Lakers in 1982. There was a lot of talent on both teams in this game, especially for the 76ers, but they were clearly the better team.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Folkert Leffring: Video: CBS Sports: NBA 1988-Chicago Bulls @ Detroit Pistons: Fourth Quarter

The Chicago Bulls weren’t that bad in 1988, they were actually good winning fifty games, but were still developing as a team and still not good enough to beat a team like the Detroit Pistons, Boston Celtics or Los Angeles Lakers. They had Horace Grant developing at power forward with Charles Oakley still having that position, who was very solid and very good for them. But the Bulls by the late 1980s were moving to become a quicker, more athletic, trapping type of team on defense. That moved the ball a lot on offense to the open scorer.

The Bulls traded Oakley in the offseason. And made Grant their starting power forward for the next season. Scottie Pippen wasn’t even starting for the Bulls during the 1988 season. So the Bulls were still about Michael Jordan on offense, with Orlando Woolridge as their second option. Who at times was very good, but not a great player. And the Pistons were one of the teams that they had to get by in the Central Division to accomplish what they wanted, which was to win the NBA Finals. And this was the start of the Bulls-Pistons rivalry, which is still alive today, but not as strong.

The Pistons in 1988 were an NBA Finals contender, but better than they were in 1987. Because they had already gotten to the Eastern Conference Finals and lost it and knew they were very close to what they wanted which was an NBA Championship. And if Isiah Thomas doesn’t sprain his ankle of game 6 of the 1988 NBA Finals, who knows maybe they win the championship that year. The Celtics were getting older and no longer had a good bench and the Pistons already knew they were good enough to beat the Celtics.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Erva Kova-Bulls TV: NBA 1991-04/04-91-Chicago Bulls @ New York Knicks: Michael Jordan Show

Gerald Wilkins & Michael Jordan-
Erva Kova-Bulls TV: NBA 1991-04/04-91-Chicago Bulls @ New York Knicks: Michael Jordan Show

Knicks-Bulls, was a great rivalry in the late 1980s and early 1990s . 1991 the Knicks were sort of in transition. They had a slower aging team, that was relying on guys way past their prime to be major contributors for them. Players like Kiki Vandeweigh. Who once was a high scoring small forward, who could shoot and drive, but now at best was a spotup shooter and not very consistent at that, because of his foot injuries. They also didn’t have the right head coach in Stu Jackson and not much depth once you got past Pat Ewing, Mark Jackson and Charles Oakley and Gerald Wilkins. The Bulls, were poised to win their first NBA Finals and now had all the pieces in place to go with Michael Jordan and Phil Jackson. They lost the last two Eastern Conference Finals, but only to the eventual NBA champion Detroit Pistons.

The Knicks after upsetting the Boston Celtics in the first round of the Eastern Conference Playoffs in 1990, didn’t even have a winning record in 1991. They made the playoffs with a 39-43 record taking the eighth spot in a 13 team conference, in a weak Eastern Conference, once you got past the Bulls and the Celtics and Pistons. The Bulls, were clearly the best team in the East in 1991. Even though it would have been nice to see them play the Celtics in the East Finals, instead of the Pistons, but stuff happens. (I guess) This game was set up to be a blowout at the Madison Square Garden. The Knicks, just looking to try to establish some momentum going into the playoffs. The Bulls wanting to show that they’re now the team to beat. Even though the Pistons were the defending champions.

But what made the Bulls-Knicks rivalry so great and perhaps the best rivalry in the NBA in the 1990s, is that records didn’t mean a whole lot. Plus were talking about Chicago vs New York and what those two cities and sports cities represent. The Bulls had the best swingman in the game if not the best player in the game at the time in Michael Jordan. The Knicks, had the best center in the game at the time in Patrick Ewing. They were also both great defenders and Ewing the great shot blocker and rebounder. The Knicks, were still a very solid defensive team and physical with Ewing and Charles Oakley. The game was at Madison Square Garden. The Knicks didn’t want to get embarrassed at home. Which is why the game was pretty competitive and, even if it was Michael Jordan’s show.

TriaMino-CBS Sports: NBA 1990-ECSF-Game 4-Detroit Pistons @ New York Knicks

NBA's Unit-
This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Press Plus

The 1990 Pistons and Knicks two very tough physical defensive rebounding teams. That played hard, but played well with skill especially the Pistons who won the NBA Finals that year. The Knicks were an inconsistent team that year. The difference in this series was that the Pistons were the ultimate team and unit of the NBA in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Not heavily relying really on anyone to do a lot of scoring, especially. Because they had 5-6 guys who were all capable of getting 20 points any game. With Mark Aguirre, Isiah Thomas and Joe Dumars, especially. They played so well as a team both offensively and defensively, that it forced their opponents to cover everybody and have to be concern with everybody that important time on the team.

The Knicks, were a much different team. That had solid talent and had the best center if not big man in the game in Patrick Ewing. But he was their only great player and All-Star. If he had a bad game the Knicks. He could have great games and the Knicks could still lose, because he was only one who stepped up. When you look back at the New York Knicks of the late 1980s and early 1990s, I think you almost have to come away with a new respect for Pat Ewing and Pat Riley, because they accomplished so much without having a lot of talent other than themselves. They had several other good players, but Ewing was their only consistent All-Star. The fact that they beat the Boston Celtics in the 1990 playoffs got to play the Pistons in semifinals, tells you how far Ewing was able to take them.

This series was really about a great team in the Pistons, who went 9-10 deep every night. With probably eight of those players able to start for most good teams in the NBA. When you’re talking about bringing Dennis Rodman and Vinnie Johnson off the bench. Rodman is now in the Hall of Fame and he’s a guy who wasn’t even a double-figure scorer in his career. But that says a lot about the quality of teams that the Pistons. Where it wasn’t about guys scoring, but about winning. And beating teams with several guys scoring and everyone playing great defense. And that was the difference in this series. A great team in the Pistons, versus a great player in Pat Ewing. With a lot of average talent backing Patrick up.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Larry Legend-CBS Sports: NBA 1984-ECSF Game 1- New York Knicks @ Boston Celtics: Highlights

This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Press: Larry Legend-CBS Sports: NBA 1984-ECSF Game 1- New York Knicks @ Boston Celtics: Highlights

Celtics-Knicks, a rivalry with a great history. This was a classic series in one of the best rivalries and two of the best franchises in the NBA. The New York Knicks and Boston Celtics. Where you have four Hall of Famers in it in Bernard King for the Knicks and Larry Bid, Kevin McHale and Robert Parish. Dennis Johnson for the Celtics, should also be in the Hall of Fame, but that a different story. The Celtics actually had four Hall of Famers if you include their head coach K.C. Jones. And that is really the difference in this series. The Knicks were so dependent on one player in Bernard King, whereas the Celtics had several great players and great role players. People like Cedric Maxwell, Danny Ainge, Scott Wedman.

The Knicks, similar to the Atlanta Hawks and Chicago Bulls of the mid and late 1980s, were very dependent on one great scorer to lead the way. And when that one player was having a good game that would free up scoring opportunities for other players. The Hawks, had Dominique Wilkins and the Bulls of course had Michael Jordan. But neither team had another great scorer they could go to when their best player had an off game. And all great scorers in the NBA have off games, but if they’re playing on very good teams, those teams have other scorers and generally multiple scorers that can pick up the slack when their best scorer has that off game. With the Knicks, it really was Bernard King. And sometimes Bill Cartwright and Ray Williams. But they needed King at his best for most games.

I believe that was the main difference in this series. The great team in the Celtics, vs the great player in Bernard King. If King has one of those great games and scored in the high thirties and forties, the Knicks could play with the Celtics, if they played good defense. But the Celtics had Larry Bird who by himself was about as great of a scorer as the NBA has ever seen. The reason why he didn’t score as much as the other great scorers was because he didn’t have to. Teams would do a lot to stop him and Legend was such a great pass and playmaker and would free up his teammates for scores. As well as a great rebounder and team defender. He didn’t have to have a great scoring night to beat the Knicks. Because he had a lot of help and did so many other things for the Celtics.

Justin Bowen-CBS Sports: CB 1982-Final Four-Semifinal: Georgetown Hoyas vs Louisville Cardinals: Full Game

This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Press Plus

Hoyas head coach John Thompson’s first trip to the final four and they beat the 1980 national champion Louisville Cardinals. When you look at this game you see a lot of NBA talent in it. Including Hall of Famer Pat Ewing and Eric Floyd for the Hoyas. The Louisville Cardinals had Rodney McCray, who had a very solid career and was a key role player for the Houston Rockets on their 1986 NBA Finals team. Derek Smith, a very talented guard/forward, but dealt with leg injuries his whole NBA career. Which limited his time and production. The two head coaches with Denny Crum for the Cardinals and John Thompson for the Hoyas, are both in the Hall of Fame. The Cardinals won the National Championship just two years earlier. The 1980s was a great decade for them and they would win the championship again in 1986. The Hoyas played in three Finals Fours in the 1980s and won the championship in 1985. This was a matchup between two of the top basketball programs and head coaches in the 1980s. And was a great game as a result.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Bob Parker: ABC News 45-85- Post-World War II

Source: Bob Parker- ABC News's Ted Koppel-
Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Press Plus

It would be another thirty-years until I was born when World War II was officially over in 1945. So it’s not like I can talk about post-World War II America with any personal experience. I’m going off of what I’ve learned about it from books, publications and documentaries. But this was a time when America came back and came back stronger than it ever was, at least to this point. The Great Depression was finally over and America was moving again. Emerging as the economic, diplomatic and military power of the world. Russia was obviously a major competitor to us from both a military and diplomatic perspective. But America was the power because of what we stood for.

America transitions from a depressing time of economic depression and war, to a period of peace at least abroad, but not at home. To where we were the military and economic power of the world. And where we could influence any part of the world that wanted what we already had. Peace, freedom an independent and developed economy. We rebuild Europe after Europe destroyed themselves. We rebuilt Japan after they attacked us and we practically destroyed them to end that war with them. America had it all from an economic and military perspective and were prepared to use it to further our interests around the world. When Harry Truman became President of the United States in 1945, he really was inheriting a powerful great giant of a country. That had never been stronger.

America was not just moving again, but moving to not just be as strong as we can at home, but abroad as well. Neoconservatives I think love this time, because America was fighting to expand democracy and freedom around the world. Not just in Europe, but in the Orient in Japan and the later Korea. America perhaps overestimating their strengths and power and underestimating China’s and Communist Korea by trying to unite all of Korea under a democratic system. And as a result we left Korea deadlocked between a communist North and a democratic South in the 1950s. But South Korea thanks to America, is one of the strongest countries in the world today as well. This was an incredible time when America almost seemed invincible.
Bob Parker: ABC News 45-85- Post-World War II

History Channel: Linda Kasabian- Manson Family Documentary 2009

Source: History Channel- Take a trip back to the 1960s-
Source: FRS Daily Press Plus

Charles Manson had the perfect group to do his evil deeds, so to speak. Because his group was similar to him in the sense that they didn’t seem to fit in very well in mainstream society. Even Manson’s soldiers all came from solid middle class backgrounds and could’ve all ended going to college before they went to prison for their murders. But instead ended up with Charlie Manson, because they felt for some reason that their families no longer wanted them. Charlie, had just gotten out of prison for the last time, in 1967-68 and ends up in the San Francisco area. And meets up with these very young women and Tex Watson, in their late teens. And sees that they are lost and offers them his love and takes them in. And they embraced him and the Manson Crime Family is formed as a result.
History Channel: Linda Kasabian- Manson Family Documentary 2009

Friday, September 27, 2013

The Onion: Video: U.S. Senator Ted Cruz Fills Few Hours of Marathon Speech With Rousing Pro-ObamaCare Argument

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Only The Onion would report that Ted Cruz spoke in favor of so-called ObamaCare. Otherwise Senator Cruz could be both drunk and high and awake for seventy-two hours straight at the Guantanamo Bay Prison. And even forced to take truth serum and still find away to be against ObamaCare. Actually, maybe Senator Cruz’s speech happened at Guantanamo Bay Prison on one of his visit’s there after visiting his relatives in Cuba. And decided to stay back and give his big speech there, instead of flying back to Congress to speak on the Senate floor.

Or maybe Senator Cruz just ran out of things to say. That even phone books have a limited amount of pages that you can go through and read. And he was starting to fall asleep reading the phonebook, or got tired of listening to the presiding officer snore in their chair. Or perhaps the Senator just lost his train of thought. But actually he doesn’t much have much of a train of thought to begin with, because he keeps missing that train. And decided after going into every single thing that he doesn’t like about the Affordable Care Act, including a lot of the stuff that is actually not in the law, he would then go through what he actually likes about the law.

Me personally, every time I see a story from The Onion, I gotta take it with at least one train of thought. I realize they report more facts than Fox News even and perhaps are the most trusted news organization for Millennial’s. But hear them report that Senator Cruz, whose perhaps the most prominent Tea Party member in Congress, come out in favor of the Affordable Care Act, would be like hearing Rick Santorum come out on favor of prostitution and bigamy, in the same speech. But again you give a twenty-hour speech and anything can happen, including finally running out of stuff to say and saying things you don’t believe.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Classic MLB 11: Video: WGN Sports: MLB 1981-10/04-Chicago Cubs @ Philadelphia Phillies: Full Game

1981 was an interesting season for Major League Baseball to say the least. It was a strike shorten season and the genius’ at MLB decided to do a minor league play. Which was to have the division leaders of the first and second halves of the season be the playoff teams of each league. Instead of the division winners being the teams with the best overall records in each league for the entire season. Which meant the Cincinnati Reds even though they had the best overall record in the NL West in 1981, didn’t win that division. Because the Los Angeles Dodgers had a better record in the second half of the season. This was the first four game playoff series in MLB because of the strike shortened season. The Cubs were the Cubs in 1981, finishing in last place. They parked themselves there early on that season and never left. The Phillies were again very good and trying to defend their 1980 World Series Championship.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

MLB Classics: Video: NBC Sports: MLB 1988-World Series-Game 1-Oakland Athletics @ Los Angeles Dodgers: Full Game

“I don’t believe what I just saw!” Which of course was Jack Buck’s famous call of Kirk Gibson’s famous home run for the Dodgers in-game 1 of the 1988 World Series off of Dennis Eckersly of the Athletics. Referring to the fact that Gibson essentially had no leg strength in that at bad, because he had two bad legs. I believe two broken ankles, perhaps just one broken ankle, but the other leg was hurt as well. And Gibson hits that home run off the best closer in MLB who was a power pitcher and for a time in the late 1980s early 1990s almost unhittable. The Eck was the Mariano Rivera of his generation. The Gibson home run, Kirk’s only hit in this World Series, is just an example of how great a player and hitter he was. And had he only been able to stay healthy, we are talking about a five tool player headed to first ballot status in the MLB Hall of Fame.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

MLB Classics: Video: ABC Sports: MLB 1988-NLCS-Game 4-Los Angeles Dodgers @ New York Mets: Full Game

The Mets and their fans have to feel that 1988 was a year that got away from them. Because the Mets and Oakland Athletics were the two best all around teams in MLB that year and neither one of them won the World series. 1988 goes to show you that baseball is a game where if you get great pitching and play great defense, all you need to do is score enough runs to win. Which is one more run than your opponent for every game that you win. That you don’t need a great lineup and even a very good lineup to win and be successful and even win the MLB World Series. The 1969 Mets proved that, the 1985 Kansas City Royals proved that and the 1988 Los Angeles Dodgers proved that as well. Probably the three worst World Series champions at least since divisional play started in 1969.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Movie Clips: Rounders 1998- KGB: I Stick it in You!

Source: Movie Clips- John Malkovich as KGB-
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One of the best scenes from Rounders, with Mike McDermott played by Matt Damon just beating his long time nemesis KGB played by John Malkovich. And KGB obviously not feeling satisfied by that and trying to goad Mike into playing another around to get that money back. With Mike having two options. Walk away and leave up from where he stared and able to pay back his debts. Or get all of his money back and risk losing even more. Safe play obviously is to walk way, but like Mike said you can’t win what you don’t put in.

I’m not an expert on poker and gambling in general. But it obviously is gambling. And yes there’s skill involved and you need good skills at it to be successful and perhaps a little luck involved as well. But there’s gambling and there’s gambling and there are risks in doing anything really, especially professionally. And the good gamblers make calculated and educated risks. They just don’t walk away with money, leave owing money, because they had all the good hands at the game, or most of them.

Or had almost none of the good hands. They play their good hands and leave their bad ones. Without giving their opponents much if any idea when they have good hands and when they’re short. Which I think is the point that the Mike McDermott character played by Matt Damon was making. That gambling is not pure luck or about pure luck. But that you need good skills in it in order to be successful at it.
Movie Clips Rounders 1998- KGB: I'll Stick it in You

Accidentally In Love: Marilyn Monroe- Amazing

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Amazing can really sum up the short life of Marilyn Monroe. You can really do it in one word, it’s just that you have to apply it to so many aspects about her. Because there was nothing average about Marilyn in the thirty-six years that she lived from her very humble childhood. To her being discovered in her early twenties. To her becoming the star that she became and how she presented herself throughout her career and as the star that she became. Died fifty-two years ago and is still missed today and had she matured and learned to take care of herself, she could very well still be alive today and perhaps still out in public as a goddess in her late eighties. If anyone could do that, it would’ve been Marilyn Monroe. The women of so many talents physical and professional, but lacked the maturity to see them through.
Accidentally In Love: Marilyn Monroe- Amazing

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

National Geographic Channel: Killing Kennedy 2013- Rob Lowe as President John F. Kennedy

Source: National Geographic Channel- Rob Lowe, as President John F. Kennedy-
Source: FRS Daily Press Plus

I saw bits and pieces of this movie and I didn’t think it was very good. Which is probably why I only saw bits and pieces of it. I’ve caught a little more of it when it has come back on with it's repeats. The movie about Kennedy from Reelz in 2011, I thought was much better and perhaps that is why they covered the entire Kennedy presidency, at least his years as President. And I thought Greg Kinnear did a much better job playing Jack Kennedy than Rob Lowe.

In late 2013, the last few months there were several movies about JFK because of the fiftieth anniversary of the JFK assassination. Including a film from PBS about the life of JFK, which was the best of what I saw. But Killing Kennedy is fairly interesting, but it really just about the last year or so JFK, including the Bay of Pigs fiasco in 1962 and the Cuban missile crisis. And this movie doesn’t go into great detail about John F. Kennedy as President.

What you see in this movie, is the stuff that is better suited for tabloid news and tabloid news fans. The women of JFK including his wife Jackie and of course all the affairs that President Kennedy had, including in the White House and including with women with dangerous organized connections. Including Judy Exner and Lee Oswald’s last year or so leading up to him assassinating President Kennedy. This movie I would give a 7.5 or 8, but it’s not a great movie.
NGC: Killing Kennedy- 2013 Trailer

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Lamar Matic: Video: 76ers TV: NBA 1986-ECQF-Game 1-Washington Wizards @ Philadelphia 76ers: Wizards Score 18 Straight Points to Win

Definitely one of the most surprising comeback victories of all-time and perhaps the best comeback in Bullets playoff history. You come back from eighteen points with four minutes left in the game especially in a playoff game, you are getting a lot of breaks with the team with the lead falling asleep and thinking they’ve already won the game. Which is what the 76ers did, as well as the Bullets never giving up and coming up with a lot of great plays. Especially on defense, but scoring every time they have the ball. When you have a big lead like this, all you really have to do is work the clock, don’t turn the ball over and hit your foul shots. You do all of those things and even if the other team scores every time they have the ball, they won’t have enough time to come all the way back. The 76ers failed to even do these basic fundamental things late in this game.

Friday, September 13, 2013

The Onion: Anthony Weiner Announces Bid For Whatever's Left

Source: The Onion- Addicted politician and porn Twitterer, Anthony Weiner. Please get help!
Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Press Plus

Too bad for Anthony Weiner, or can we call him Tony now, I mean seriously, why is The Weiner the only man in America that can’t go buy a nickname? Does his sexting scandal really make his so much more special than anyone else. Too bad his first name isn’t Richard and he’s not short, because Little Dick would’ve been the perfect nickname for him. I hear there are real job openings for real jobs out there in New York City and perhaps Tony should apply for one of them. Unless the job requires him to keep his pants on the whole time he is working. Perhaps Tony should look for a real job and get out of politics.

Apparently Tony Weiner is the only career politician/workaholic who can’t find a job. So that would be something that would make him special. If you saw The Onion report about the guy with the 42,000 jobs back in 2012, maybe that is why Tony can’t find one, because that workaholic has every job that was still available in New York City. Being a workaholic without a job must be tough. That would be like a fish with no water and trying to learn how to swim. Or being an institutionalized prison inmate who has spent most of your life in prison and learning that every prison and jail in America is about to be closed. And you’ll be released on the outside as a result.

With Tony Weiner’s professional background and that the fact that he’s a Weiner, he shouldn’t have any real trouble finding work in New York City. Wait, Rudy Giuliani and Mike Bloomberg closed down most of the strip clubs in New York. So maybe Tony will support the nanny state less now since it is now costing him work that he’s qualified for. But he’s a former U.S. Representative and sexter, so he would be perfect in Washington, if he wants to come back. And he could get himself involved in sexy scandals there, without worrying about it costing him his job.
The Onion: Anthony Weiner Announces Bid For Whatever's Left