Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pin Up Vintage & Rockability: Raquel Welch- Ready to Groove

Source: Design is Fine- Raquel Welch bikini edition-
Source: The Pin Up Channel: Raquel Welch- Ready To Groove

Raquel Welch the sexy performer with a great voice. The cutest, hottest, sexiest thing on stage. She was built and created for the 1960s when you had all of these sexy funny musical comedies come out, including the hippie movies as well. Raquel came out at the perfect time for her as far as what was going on in Hollywood and what she brought as far as talent. Hot baby-faced adorable woman, with a great body, great voice, who moves very well, who can also act and is a hell of a satirist. Physically she's one of the top Hollywood Goddess's of all-time, but she's one of the top Hollywood goddess's of all-time as an entertainer as well. She's in the same class as Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren, as far as women who look incredible, but who are also great performers as well.

I don't know much about the movie A Swingin Summer. But the fact that Raquel is in and did this number is the only reason I need to see it. The movie might be trash and one of the worst things ever made. But she's in it and she's great. Or the movie could be very good and very funny Myra Breckinridge, with Raquel in, but with Raquel in it the movie is that much better. She brings guys to movies just to see her. That is the sign of a Hollywood star. People thinking they might be taking a risk seeing this movie, but since Raquel is in that is a risk worth taking. Because again she's in it I'm going to keep an eye out for this movie so I can see it and get a copy of it if I like it. I did the same thing with Myra Breckinridge which is now one of my favorite satires of all-time.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Leathered Life: Woman- Taking a Bath in Leather Jeans

Source: FRS Daily Press Plus- Wetlook-
Source: Leathered Life: Leathered Life Oldies- Leather Jeans

Sexy woman, in tight leather jeans and boots, getting wet in the bathtub fully clothed. Is this porn? I'll let you be the judge, but she's fully clothed, not engaged in sex with anyone, (including herself) not even making out with anyone. A very attractive woman, in a tight outfit, in a bathtub getting wet.

Jim Morrison, who of course was the frontman for The Doors in the late 1960s, wore black skin-tight leather jeans everywhere, for about three years. Including to church, to parties, even in the hellish California desert in the summer. For a movie he made about him traveling on a highway he even stopped and got out and took a swim in his black leathers and cowboy boots. Now, was that porn, or just an attractive man having a good time in the desert, in a wearing a very sexy outfit. Where his leathers were so tight that he couldn't even have a boner in private. The woman in this video, is obviously a very attractive and sexy woman and she could get a lot of guys attention here. But I don't see anything crude or pornographic in this video. It's someone getting wet wearing a tight outfit.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Flip Interviews: Actress Kim Novak at The Egyptian Theater- 7/30/2010

Source: Flip Interviews-Kim Novak-
Source: Flip Interviews: Kim Novak at The Egyptian Theater- 7-30-2010

Some women age, or get older, but Kim Novak lives longer and there's a difference. Because she doesn't show the years she's lived physically and doesn't look like an older woman. This is why I refer to Kim Novak as a Goddess and a Hollywood Goddess, because she's not an ordinary woman. (To put it mildly) Someone who is 80 years old tends to look like a grandmother and a woman you take your kids to see on the weekend so they can see their grandmother. Perhaps who struggles to get around and doesn't drive anymore . Maybe lives alone now, because her husband, your father died several years ago. But with Kim Novak, like with Barbara Eden (from I Dream of Jeannie fame) you see a beautiful-gorgeous blonde, who still has nice body and still strikingly cute with the great smile and voice. Where when you walk up to her you just want to give her a big hug and tell her how sweet she is. Because again she looks like a Goddess, a Hollywood Goddess who doesn't go through the normal inconvenient stages of life like looking old. 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

J Gates: Manson My Name is Evil 2009- The Story of Charles Manson & The Manson Family

Source: J Gates-
Source: J Gates: Manson My Name is Evil 2009 Trailer

In 2009 the History Channel put together a documentary film about the Manson Family or what I call the Manson Crime Family. A crime cult that ex-convict and career criminal Charles Manson put together in the late 1960s. As his way to get back at society. For the crimes that he saw were committed against him basically his whole life. Never knowing his father, his mother not being around that much as well, getting shuffled around most of his childhood. Never having a real home and learning much discipline before he went to prison.

Charlie Manson spending half of his life in one prison or another before being released for the last time in his life in the late 1960s and he blamed all of these things on society never taking responsibility for his actions. And wanted to get back at the people he saw as guilty of these crimes that he believe were committed against him. So in a way the people who made up the Manson Family were perfect additions to it because they were people who were very young, late teens early twenties and weren't sure where they were going in life. And didn't quite fit into society as well.

What this film did was to take us the viewers and I've seen it several times and own a copy of it, back to the scene of the crimes and how this family was put together and how Charlie Manson brought them in. And how he controlled them to the point with his brainwashing methods and how Manson could make these young men and women do for him exactly what he wanted them to do including murder people but not murder anyone. People who they saw as part of the establishment, entertainers and people in the entertainment business. Because Charlie Manson was actually an aspiring singer at one point and thats why they murdered people like actress Sharon Tate.

John XXX: Kim Novak Tribute- One of The Top Hollywood Goddess's Ever

Source: John XXX-Kim Novak-
Source: John XXX: Kim Novak Tribute

Kim Novak was a gorgeous sexy baby who could also act and I believe in the top 1% of best looking women of all-time. Better than Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield. You could argue that Marilyn and Jayne Mansfield were prettier, but Kim Novak will be 80 years old next month and is still beautiful, adorable, with a body and Marilyn and Jayne, both died in their mid-30's. These three women are all Silent Generation babies. Except Kim was one of those babies who grew up. Marilyn, Jayne, and Kim, were all hot, sexy, great bodies, great voices, baby-face adorable. But Kim Novak is a woman, she grew up. Her personality, maturity, and intelligence, matched her goddess features. But to just talk about Kim Novak as a Goddess which she certainly is, is to leave out that she's a Hollywood Goddess. How great of a career would she have had if she didn't give up acting in the late 1960s and early 1970s? She did Vertigo with Alfred Hitchcock  and Jimmy Stewart in the late 1950s, the great soap opera movie Strangers When We Meet with Kirk Douglas in 1960 and several other great movies all before she was 30, but by the late 1960s was done with acting, because she gave it up. 

Monday, January 21, 2013

Deri Cizmeleri: Outfit of The Day -Black Leather Jeans & Patent Boots

Source: Deri Cizmeleri-
Source: Deri Cizmeleri: Outfit of The Day- Black Leather Jeans & Patent Boots

I love jeans and boots on sexy women. That is women with bodies who aren’t skinny or fat, but well-built and put together. Healthy looking women who don’t vomit even at the sight of food, or don’t stiff their faces in every plate of food that they see. Except when that plate of food is a salad, of course. Jeans and boots whether they’re denim jeans and boots, which is by far the most common jeans and boots look, even in Europe, or leather jeans and boots which is more common in Europe and America, like french fries or fried potatoes with cheeseburgers. Kareem and Magic, Jordan and Pippen, to use sports analogies, he perfect combination. Cherry pie with vanilla ice cream, would be another good one. Because you take a sexy stylish pant like skinny denim or leather jeans and then combine them with style footwear. That is not too formal and yet adult so you don’t look a high school kid who only wears jeans and sneakers even when they go out at night. Or have dinner with the family. It’s a sexy adult stylish way for women to dress, especially with a stylish top. Which is why jeans and boots and to a certain extent leather jeans and boots when they’re dressed up, are common at the office now.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Leathered Life: Sandra B- In Tight Leather Jeans and Boots

Source: FRS FreeState Plus- Sandra B-
Source: Leathered Life: Sandra B- In Tight Leather Jeans and Boots

Who says blonde women don't have curves? Sure! I've seen blonde women who look like rail-thin valley girls and many times are rail-thin valley girls. Moderate height to tall, but with no body and perhaps consider eating meat as animal cruelty and freak out about picking up an ounce of fat and even layoff potato chips.

But there very sexy Nordic and Northern Slavic blonde women, American and otherwise who are tall, but are filled out. Because they eat right and workout and take care of themselves. Especially in the upper Midwest where curvy women of all ethnic backgrounds, are very common. Just because of the climate, culture lifestyle and to a certain extent ethnicity. Where you have a lot of German and Slavic women in those communities who tend to be curvy. Again because of the food and culture they grew up on. Take Illinois and Wisconsin, to use as examples. Western Pennsylvania, would be another hot spot for curvy women and even curvy blonde women.

And that is what you see in this video. A blonde woaen with a tight well-built body, looking great in skin-tight leather jeans. Who fills out those pants perfectly.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

DW-TV: Claudia Kleinert- Doing the Weather- 1/19/2013

Source: DW-TV- DW-TV meteorologist Claudia Kleinert- 
Source: DW-TV: Claudia Kleinert- Doing The Weather in Denim Jeans in Boots- 1/19/2013

Can you imagine an American female meteorologist doing the weather in skinny denim jeans in boots? And perhaps there are a few local female meteorologists who do that. Or perhaps they do it on smaller cable channels that show mostly entertainment and entertainment news. But how about a national TV network or a cable news network with a sexy women like Claudia Kleinert with her body especially her legs showing today's weather in skinny jeans in boots. I'll tell you one thing, more guys would watch the weather. Even if they live in Los Angeles or Miami where the weather almost never changes.

European women tend to be more liberal as far as how they dress even at work and even in the news media and even in the broadcast news media. They are further along than the American news media when it comes with style and how you are supposed to dress at work. Skinny denims aren't considered sloppy over there at work if you dress them up with a nice shirt as Claudia is wearing in this weather cast. And the jeans are stylish as well and not looking pornographic where they don't cover the women's whole body and you are always looking for the butt crack when the women sits down or gets up.

ODN: Video: Monica Lewinsky-Bill Clinton Scandal: A Look Back at a Presidential Sex Scandal

The person I blame most for the Monica Lewinsky White House intern scandal and perhaps the only person I blame, is President Bill Clinton. For acting as irresponsible as he did, for getting involved romantically at all with an intern. Doesn't mean I believe he should've been impeached for it and definitely not convicted which the Senate didn't do. Independent Prosecutor Ken Starr and the House Republicans if anything acted more irresponsible thn President Clinton. But the fact is this scandal doesn't happen without Bill Clinton.

And Clinton, gave the meat to the Confederate Republicans that I now call them, not all Republicans, but the far-right in the party, who've been looking to kick Bill Clinton out of office since he became President back in 1993. And if anything were looking to kick Clinton out of the Governorship in Arkansas when he was Governor there in the 1980s. Because he was a Baby Boom Liberal Democrat from the 1960s, who believed in things like civil rights, equal opportunity, reducing poverty. But who also believed in things like fiscal responsibility. And not someone they could label as a tax and spend Progressive and beat in an election. So the path for them to defeat Bill Clinton was much harder.

Bill Clinton, I believed scared the hell out of the Far-Right in America, because he reminded most of the country of John F. Kennedy. And someone who was part of the New Democratic Liberal coalition in the party. That had moved past the Roosevelt-LBJ Progressive Era. And someone who could communicate to a wide ray of Americans and had moved past the 1950s culturally. And understood that it was no longer the 1950s and that the country was becoming more diverse. Ethnically, racially, culturally, regionally. And Confederate Republicans hadn't moved past the 1950s yet. And were still in that little box and weren't ready to see Americans that most of the country wasn't familiar with in the 1950s.

The Far-Right, or Neo-Right, isn't ready for a country that was becoming more liberal and libertarian culturally and socially. As well as economically and they saw Bill Clinton as a threat to their way of life and what they saw as Traditional America. And someone who had to be stopped. Without President Clinton's irresponsible behavior, this scandal and grand jury testimony never happens. President Clinton's behavior was the red meat that Confederate Republicans thought they needed to kick him out of office. Since the rest of the country wouldn't do it for them and they betted that the country with fall inline with them. To oust President Clinton from office, which of course didn't happen.
I did not have sex, with that women!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Boy Culture: Raquel Welch On Meeting Mae West- For Myra Breckinridge

Source: Boy Culture- Hollywood Goddess Raquel Welch-
Source: Boy Culture: Raquel Welch on Meeting Mae West- For Myra Breckinridge

A very funny sexy baby, Raquel Welch. She's like 72 at this point and still sounds and looks this adorable and gorgeous and the body. I mean her with those curves at this point of her life gets me to thinking that maybe there is an afterlife. And that we don't die, but come back as something better. I think Raquel is a sexier women now than when she was in the 1970s. Especially if you look at her bootie. But we're not just talking about a red hot adorable sexy goddess in Raquel Welch. But a women whose a hell of an actress especially when it comes to satire. As you see with her impression of Mae West, (speaking of funny people. She has Mae down and it would have been priceless to see Mae's reaction to Raquel playing her. I believe she would have took it well and even made a joke about it.

Not sure if the Raquel Welch-Mae West combination was ever designed to work. If you look at Myra Breckinridge, I believe they only had one scene together anyway. Mae, came from an era that was learning how to drive basically. Where airplanes were only read about in sci-fi fiction stories. Where even radio was new where watching movies was like going to library except for a big screen in the room, because all of the movies in the 1920s were silent. Raquel, is about as modern of a women as any women has ever been. Actually, Myra Breckinridge might be as modern of a movie that has ever been and perhaps 10-20 years ahead of his time. When you're covering both open homosexuality, where queens have a big role in public in the movie. But you're also covering transsexuality. And men who were thought to be gay, not comfortable as gay men and they become women.

Mae West, who I believe is one of the best entertainers, as well as actress's of all-time who was hysterically funny in Myra Breckinridge, had to be impress with Raquel Welch when she met her. I mean I think you almost have to be blind, death and gay not to be impressed by Raquel Welch. I actually think gay men when meeting Raquel for the first time might say to themselves, "OMG! what have I been missing all of these years? Instead of acting like a women, I could just have them instead." A little tongue and cheek there, but that wouldn't surprise me. Raquel and Mae, weren't a generation apart, but at least two generation's apart. Mae, grew up when horse carriages were still a dominant form of transportation. And Raquel grew up with televisions and movies where people actually talked to each other. So they were very different, but they made a hell of a funny movie together.

Kelly Loves Beauty: Fall Outfit Of The Day- Scarf, Blazer, Denim Jeans in Boots

Source: Kelly Loves Beauty-
Source: Kelly Loves Beauty: Fall Outfit of The Day- Scarf, Blazer, Denim Jeans in Boots

To say this girl is cute, would be like saying Joe Montana was a good quarterback, the 1985 Chicago Bears had a good defense, Robin Williams has a good sense of humor, Mariah Carey has a good voice, Cary Grant could act, water is wet, fire is hot, China has a lot of people, etc. I mean you would be doing the best impersonation of Captain Obvious in the history of the world. I mean she's an adorable baby-faced valley girl with a very cute and even sexy sense for style. She dresses up her jeans and looks professional and looks like she's even going to work, or going out in this outfit. That might be the thing that sexy women like most about denim is that it's versatile. You can dress them down like sweatpants or shorts and you can dress them up like they're trouser pants, or skirts. This sweetheart dresses up her denims with this outfit with the cute blouse, the scarf, the blazer and even the style, but sexy boots. She could be headed to the office in this outfit. Unless the business is run by preppy snobs who wear tuxedos to dinner at home. A beautiful girl in a beautiful stylish outfit. 

L Angelo Di Saidori: Tight Denim Jeans & Biker Boots

Source: L Angelo Di Saidori- 
Source: L Angelo Di Saidori: Tight Denim Jeans & Biker Boots

Perhaps the best thing about denim jeans is that they're versatile. You can dress them up, or dress them down. Women can wear them with t-shirts, or blouses. Tank tops, or stylish sweaters. Sneakers and flip flops, or stylish boots and even dress shoes. Depends on what she's doing and where she's going and how she's feeling. Skinny denim jeans, are primarily designed for women to look sexy and to wear when they're off and are on their free time. Running their errands and that type of thing. But you see beautiful sexy women going out to dinner to good expensive restaurants wearing their favorite skinny jeans, but they're dress them up and wear a nice blouse, or turtleneck, or a nice long sleeve black t-shirt, and perhaps a leather jacket or suede jacket to go with them and beautiful belt and look very dressy. Especially if they're jeans are dark wash and not showing the women's butt crack when she sits down or gets up. And a lot of time women dress up their denim jeans with boots. And will wear them again with like a blouse to t-neck, with a leather or suede jacks and look pretty dressy going to a nice restaurant, or party, or club, etc. Instead of someone who is just going to a fast food joint, or ball game, looking very casual.

That is what you see in this video from this woman. Someone who dresses up their denim jeans. More like dressy casual or casual dressy. With the makeup and everything, but she just doesn't look like she's home with her boyfriend or something and they're going to watch movies and take it easy at home. She looks like she's preparing to go out for the night and have a great time. Really since the early 2000s, designer denims have become a dressy pant for attractive sexy women. Pants that women can dress up and not look like they're underdressed for the occasion. And not look like the woman is out-of-place. With people saying, "doesn't she own a skirt or pair of slacks"? And she's wearing her denims with biker boots. Which is like eating french fries with cheeseburger, vanilla ice cream with chocolate cake, you can't find a better combination. She's not wearing her jeans with sneakers or flip flops, which I believe is a lazy way from women to wear tight denim. But stylish biker boots and that long sleeved t-shirt and she would look great on a bike in that outfit.

Beautiful sexy women can look stylish and sexy, but dressy at the same time. You don't have to dress up and lose your sex appeal, if you do it right. Not suggesting women should wear tight denims every time they go out and certainly not at their wedding, or someone else's wedding. But if you're going out on a Friday night, or Saturday night, maybe you have a date during the afternoon, you can wear your tight jeans and boots and still be dressy. You can dress up your denim and look stylish and sexy. If you wear a good blouse, or t-neck, a stylish leather or suede jacket, perhaps a coat. And still be able to show off your legs, butt and crotch, but look like you're going out and not to some fast food joint, or doing your laundry. And do this all at the same time, because dark wash jeans can be very dressy depending on how you wear them. Low-rise jeans come out in the late 1990s-early 2000s and jeans in boots come back in style in the mid 2000s with skinny jeans. And designer denim has become so popular in America and Europe as well, that they're now a mainstream dress pant. And this is an era that I don't believe is ending anytime soon. And as a guy I'm happy to see.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Boots N Leather: Mandie- in Leather Jeans in Leather Boots

Source: Boots N Leather- Mandie, in leather jeans in boots-
Source: Boots N Leather: Mandie- in Leather Jeans in Leather Boots

A very sexy women in skin-tight leather jeans in boots. You can tell she’s sexy just by listening to the sound those jeans makes when she moves and stretches. You can tell how well they fit on her and her legs and butt are able to fill out those leather jeans. And of course how her butt looks in them with her tight curves. That is what skinny and skin-tight jeans are about, whether they are denim or leather skinny jeans. They are for sexy women and for sexy women with curves, which to me at least all sexy women have which are tight curves. Muscle on their legs and waist are, butt and tush. Which is why you see sexy women in skinny jeans tucking their shirts into them. To show off the legs of course, but also their butts and tush. Which is what this women did in this video.

Merkin Muffly: NBA 1985- Boston Celtics vs Atlanta Hawks: Larry Bird Scores 60

Source: Merklin Muffly-
Source: Merkin Muffly: NBA 1985- Boston Celtics vs Atlanta Hawks: Larry Bord Scores 60

Larry Bird had the best hand-eye coordination of any player who has ever played. The only other player I would consider would be Magic Johnson.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Leathered Life: Leather Fashion Show With Sarah

Source: Leathered Life- Leathered Life Baby Model Sarah-
Source: Leathered Life: Leather Fashion Show With Sarah

Sarah from Leathered Life, in skin-tight Miss Sixty leather jeans. With a leather jacket and black leather boots. My favorite look from these models at Leathered Life. Skinny leather jeans, the exact same look as skinny denim jeans. A thinly cut pant, that's made from leather instead of denim. That look great on women with legs. Who aren't obese or rail-thin, but have real legs and real muscle on them. And not just skin, bone and fat. Who also have a real butt that is not flat or flabby.

Leather jeans, aren't for everybody and skinny leathers even more so. Because of what I just said, because they're skin-tight and hug a woman's, or man's legs and will keep you real warm in the winter, especially if you're wearing boots with them. But a woman with a good body, will look even better in them. A woman who is obese or rail-thin, will look even fatter or thinner in them. Because there's no forgiveness in them. Sarah, more of a petite model compared with the other models at Leathered Life, in height and build, has the legs and butt, to look good in skinny leather jeans.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Fred Fiorino: Sarah- Dressed in Shiny Black Leather Jeans

Source: Fred Fiorino
Source: Fred Fiorino: Sarah- Dressed In Shiny Black Leather

Sarah, is one of the leather models at Leathered Life. Who you can generally see in a black leather jacket, leather jeans and boots. Which is generally how people saw Jim Morrison when he was The Lizard King. She's not my favorite model there. They have a taller curvier blonde there and two beautiful baby-faced brunettes, both with great bodies that I like more. Lena and Laura, who are both on this blog and in this section of the blog. But Sarah is probably their cutest model. I sort of see Sarah as the baby of Leathered Life. For guys who like beautiful baby-faced women who aren't tall o very curvy. The petite baby at Leathered Life. Myself I prefer tall athletic looking women, which is why both Laura and Lena, look so great in their Miss Sixty leather jeans, because they both have great legs and butts and fill out those skinny or skin-tight pants so well. But Sarah again to me at least is the baby of Leathered Life and because she's so cute, as well as beautiful and has a cute body, she'll get many guys, including myself, attention as well.