Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Saturday, January 26, 2013

John XXX: Kim Novak Tribute- One of The Top Hollywood Goddess's Ever

Source: John XXX-Kim Novak-
Source: John XXX: Kim Novak Tribute

Kim Novak was a gorgeous sexy baby who could also act and I believe in the top 1% of best looking women of all-time. Better than Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield. You could argue that Marilyn and Jayne Mansfield were prettier, but Kim Novak will be 80 years old next month and is still beautiful, adorable, with a body and Marilyn and Jayne, both died in their mid-30's. These three women are all Silent Generation babies. Except Kim was one of those babies who grew up. Marilyn, Jayne, and Kim, were all hot, sexy, great bodies, great voices, baby-face adorable. But Kim Novak is a woman, she grew up. Her personality, maturity, and intelligence, matched her goddess features. But to just talk about Kim Novak as a Goddess which she certainly is, is to leave out that she's a Hollywood Goddess. How great of a career would she have had if she didn't give up acting in the late 1960s and early 1970s? She did Vertigo with Alfred Hitchcock  and Jimmy Stewart in the late 1950s, the great soap opera movie Strangers When We Meet with Kirk Douglas in 1960 and several other great movies all before she was 30, but by the late 1960s was done with acting, because she gave it up.