Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Loyiso Guma: Malcolm X- Our History Was Destroyed by Slavery

Source: Loyiso Guma-
Source: Loyiso Guma: Malcolm X- Our History Was Destroyed by Slavery

Malcolm X’s message was about empowering African-Americans who were simply being held down in America because of their race. To have the same freedom to live their own lives as Caucasian-Americans have. It’s really what his message is about and doing whatever it took to accomplish that and allowing for African-Americans to be able to decide for themselves how best to get to freedom in America. Even if that means going their own way and simply living in their own communities. And as he grew and developed personally and professionally, he realized that not all Caucasian-Americans were evil and devils.

Malcolm X, concluded and rightfully so, that it was the ignorant people in the Caucasian community that were the problem and need to be confronted and taken on. But the goal of Malcolm X’s message was always the same. Empowering African-Americans to be able to own their own business’s and homes and so-forth. And not have to be dependent on anyone including government for them to live. But he wanted them to have the power to be able to take care of themselves. Minster Malcolm, was a big believer in education, economic development and economic opportunity. Something that Social Liberals such as myself and Conservatives, should really respect about him.

Minster Malcolm X and Dr. Martin King, were both great men and both wanted freedom for the African-American community. They just went about it different ways and had different messages in how to accomplish those goals. Dr. King, wanted African-Americans to be freed from poverty and racism. Minister Malcolm, wanted the same community to be free. And be able to live their own lives and be able to take care of themselves. Not have to live off of government even though very generous benefits. Not have to live off of government at all. True individual freedom including economic freedom. The ability to take care of yourself and be able to defend yourself. Malcolm, was a true freedom fighter.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Ramona Horstlich: Ted Bundy Documentary- English Documentary

Source: Ramona Horstlich-
Source: Ramona Horslitch: Ted Bundy Biography- English Documentary

Ted Bundy was a special serial murderer and I don’t mean that in a complementary way. But he was very successful at murdering people and even getting away with it up to a point. Because he had intelligence and an education level that murders or criminals in general simply don’t generally. To go along with possessing a certain amount of evil where he actually enjoyed raping and murdering women. And you put all of these characteristics together and you have a serial murderer whose able to rape and murder all the women he was able to.

I’m not saying that criminals in general are dumb and I’m not a professional criminal profiler. But what I do know about this is that the average career criminal who ends up spending at least a major percentage of their life in and outside of jail and prison, generally don’t have a very good education. And tend to get involved in crime early on and perhaps as a result don’t finish high school. Either drop out doing considerable time in juvenile hall. The average career criminal tends to be dumb in the sense that they’re not well-educated. They don’t have skills and knowledge that they can use to make a successful life for themselves outside of crime by the time they start doing hard time. And another thing that makes Bundy special is that he started his criminal career as a teenager as well.

Ted Bundy was a high school and college graduate who was studying to be a lawyer. Who defended himself in court and perhaps gave himself a better defense than the local public defender could have given him in Tallahassee where he was finally put way for good and given the death penalty. The average career criminal especially a serial murderer, doesn’t fit that profile. The average criminal that has Bundy’s criminal profile, is a screw up (to put it mildly) for the most part. Whose done time for shoplifting and knocking off convenient stores and stealing fifty bucks and so-forth. That wasn’t Ted Bundy. Bundy was someone who if he didn’t have this murderous addiction (no pun intended) would have ended up as a lawyer. And perhaps a damn good one but had this horrible side that cost the lives of at least twenty women that we know of.

Monday, March 4, 2013

David Von Pein: 1964 Interview With Karen Carlin: An Employee Of Jack Ruby's

Perhaps one of the most famous nightclub employees of all time. I don't know much about Karen Carlin and maybe that is because that there isn't much to know about her. But what I get is that she was an attractive women who worked for Jack Ruby at Jack Ruby's nightclub The Carousel in Dallas. And worked there simply because she needed the money. But that she's not someone who has much if any information about Jack Ruby. Other than Ruby might have shot Lee Harvey Oswald the assassin of President John F. Kennedy. She simply worked for the man and only worked there because she needed the money. Because he husband had a hard time holding a good job.

You have to know that this whole story had to do with the assassination of an American President. John F. Kennedy who was President of the United States. This was so very new to most people in the country and the first presidential assassination that was covered in the electronic age with network TV and network news. And any person that might of had some connection to someone who was a big part of this story was automatically seen as suspect, or at least as a potential suspect. Karen Carlin, not only knew Jack Ruby the killer of Lee Oswald who assassinated the President, but she worked for him. Which meant that people automatically assumed that she must know something important about this story.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Thad Komorowski: Pal Joey 1957- Kim Novak's Strip Number

Source: Thad Komorowski-
Source: Thad Komorowski: Pal Joey 1957- Kim Novak's Strip Number

Pal Joey from 1957, is not Kim Novak's, Rita Hayworth's, or Frank Sinatra's best movie, but they're all very good in it. Rita's hair is a little short for me in this movie, but she's definitely still gorgeous and still had her adorable smile and sweet voice. Barbara Nichols who was about as cute as anyone who ever worked in Hollywood, had a small, but very important part in this movie. That seems to be the story of Barbara Nichols career, playing small, but very important parts in big movies. And playing them so well. Kim Novak played a young and up incoming dancer who is sort of looking for her big break and this is not Las Vegas, but some small town that Frank Sinatra and Rita Hayworth who are both club owners and managers, are looking to make it rich there and perhaps create their own Vegas, or Atlantic City. And Kim and Rita, sort of end up in competition for Frank, even though that is not their number one goal. Kim wants her big break. Frank wants a big thriving club that he owns and manages. Rita wants the same thing and they end up competing with and using each other.