Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Thad Komorowski: Pal Joey 1957- Kim Novak's Strip Number

Source: Thad Komorowski-
Source: Thad Komorowski: Pal Joey 1957- Kim Novak's Strip Number

Pal Joey from 1957, is not Kim Novak's, Rita Hayworth's, or Frank Sinatra's best movie, but they're all very good in it. Rita's hair is a little short for me in this movie, but she's definitely still gorgeous and still had her adorable smile and sweet voice. Barbara Nichols who was about as cute as anyone who ever worked in Hollywood, had a small, but very important part in this movie. That seems to be the story of Barbara Nichols career, playing small, but very important parts in big movies. And playing them so well. Kim Novak played a young and up incoming dancer who is sort of looking for her big break and this is not Las Vegas, but some small town that Frank Sinatra and Rita Hayworth who are both club owners and managers, are looking to make it rich there and perhaps create their own Vegas, or Atlantic City. And Kim and Rita, sort of end up in competition for Frank, even though that is not their number one goal. Kim wants her big break. Frank wants a big thriving club that he owns and manages. Rita wants the same thing and they end up competing with and using each other.