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Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Friday, April 5, 2013

BIO: Malcolm X- By Any Means Necessary- A Look at African-American Nationalism

Source: Biography-
Source: Bio: Malcolm X- Mini Biography

This to me is what the whole message of  what 'Black-Power 'is about. That African-Americans shouldn't sit around and expect other people to give them their freedom and constitutional rights that they are already supposed to have under law. Just for being native-born American citizens. But that they should go take what is there's and build their own communities and create their own wealth. And not be dependent on others government or otherwise for them to be able to survive. He was talking about educating an entire community in America to stand up for what is rightfully there's.

Minister Malcolm didn't want African-Americans  to sit around and wait for someone to give it to them. That instead they need to get educated and be able to create their own wealth and create their own power and build their own communities. Their own business's, own schools, hospitals and so-forth and not be dependent on others to take care of them. Which is very different from Dr. Martin L. King who was talking about the welfare-state and redistribution of wealth. Malcolm X, didn't want Caucasians to give him and his community anything. Other than privacy and be able to live independently.

As much as today's so-called Progressives (militant Socialists in actuality) claim to support Malcolm X and be behind him, they don't get the man. They see Malcolm as some type of Fidel Castro taking on the man (meaning the White man) rebel. And that was part of his message, at least early on. But Minister Malcolm wasn't a Socialist and he sure as hell wasn't a Communist. He didn't expect or want government to give his community money. But instead he wanted his community to empower themselves. Get their education, raise their kids, father's to stay home and not abandon their children, build their own business's and create their own wealth. He was a Social Liberal or Conservative when it came to economic policy. And someone who deserves a lot of respect.