Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Thursday, April 4, 2013

TCM: Boys Night Out 1962- Kim Novak & James Garner Star

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Kim Novak was a Hollywood Goddess who combined gorgeous baby-face looks to go with a body. That could have four guys thinking of nothing but her as she showed in this movie. Especially when you have four three bored middle-aged married men who are looking for excitement in their sex life. And a young man in Jim Garner’s character who could probably marry any women that he wants, but hasn’t decided to settle down and do that. Compared with the other three guys at least Garner looks like the obvious choice here. But doesn’t seem ready for a serious romance yet.

The plot of this movie (in case anyone is wondering) is four friends who live in Greenwich, Connecticut who all commute to New York together where they work on the same train. They see Fred’s (James Garner) cheating boss at a bar one night after work. And they get to talking about how this guy is pulling this extra relationship off without his wife knowing about it. They figure that Fred’s boss must have an extra apartment in New York where he takes his mistress, or has her stay there. And get the idea that maybe they should all chip in rent a separate apartment for themselves for their new girl that they would share with each other. To bring some excitement to their love lives.

The guys send Fred to find and rent their New York apartment for them that they would all chip in and pay for. By chance Cathy (played by Kim Novak) is looking for the same apartment that Fred has just rented. But again the guys are looking for a women to share their apartment with that they would share. And Fred explains to Cathy that he and his buddies are looking for a housekeeper to take care of the apartment and that should could live in as well. Where this movie gets pretty interesting is that Cathy is no housekeeper. But a sociology graduate looking to write a paper on the modern suburban male. And takes the job to do the research for her paper.

What Cathy does with this lets call it experiment, is make each men think that she’s giving them what they’re looking for in their married life besides excitement. Cathy lets Doug (played by Howard Duff) fix things around the house. Something that his wife doesn’t let him do at home and always calls the repairman. She lets Howie (played by Howard Morris) eat whatever he wants and gives him all types of different foods and meals that he’s not getting at home. She lets George (played by Tony Randall) say whatever he wants and lets him finishes his sentences. His wife shuts him up or changes the subject constantly at home. She makes these men feel special and needed when she only wants to do research on them for her paper.

If you’re familiar with The Chapman Report which I believe came out the same year as Boys Night Out which is also about sex and love life in the 1960s, I think you would like Boys Night Out as well. Both movies are about a cultural transition that America was just starting and going through in the early 1960s. I guess one of the funny things about this movie is that it is pretty innocent. You have three married men who want excitement in their lives who don’t actually do anything with the women they see as their mistress in Cathy. Because she won’t let them, because she’s only interested in the bachelor who is Fred played by Jim Garner. Who is interested in her.
TCM: Boys Night Out 1962