Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Leathered Life: Sexy Women in Leather Jeans

Source: Leathered Life- Lena-
Source: This piece was originally posted at The New Democrat

Love Lena, the beautiful baby-face adorable curvy brunette in this video. To me at least she's the top model at this web site, I guess called Leathered Life. Sarah, very beautiful and cute, but sort of has an average body and none of the other models in this video got much of my attention. But Lena is pretty special and a goddess in black leather jeans and looks great in those jeans with boots as well. And I just wish this was more footage of her and that she did other projects. Leather jeans at least on women, are a lot more popular in Europe than in America. American women love skinny denim jeans and even skin-tight skinny denim jeans. But if they wear leather pants at all, they tend to be like dress slacks or leggings. Leather jeans outside of biker and hard rock culture, are not that popular in America. Leathered Life and the company Miss Sixty that makes leather and denim jeans are the exception to that. But leather jeans for men and women are pretty popular in Europe.
Leathered Life: Sexy Women in Leather Jeans

Friday, September 26, 2014

Cletus Hunnicutt: Video: 1972 Year in Review

This post was originally posted at The New Democrat on Blogger

1972 was a great year, well for my family anyway, because it was the year that my brother Alex, who won't go nameless, was born. And what a year to be born in and even on this day being in the middle of the Vietnam War, anti-war movement, Watergate, the 1972 presidential election between George McGovern and Richard Nixon, a year of disaster movies like Skyjacked, The Poseidon Adventure. Two great movies, Skyjacked with Charlton Heston and many other great actors and The Poseidon Adventure with Gene Hackman and many other great actors as well.

The 1970s was an interesting time to begin with. The whole decade, there didn't seem to be one slow year in the whole decade. We were either at war, in recession, or going through one political turmoil after another. So my brother didn't pick a dull year to be born in and it was a great time to be alive of you really wanted to be living will all the changes in culture with all the great movies and music and sports. Awful decade as far as the economy and perhaps people's quality of life. But a great time to be alive if you could afford it.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Bel Jim: Carol Vorderman- Tight Levis Jeans & T-Shirt

Source: Bel Jim- British talk show host Carol Vorderman-
Source: The New Democrat

Carol Vorderman is this very sexy beautiful British woman who is like fifty-four years old now. But probably looks and acts like a woman in her mid thirties or around forty. She is a celebrity talk show and game show host in Britain, or at least was one at one point. Not sure what she is doing now, but she is very popular in Britain and pretty popular internationally for her physical appearance. The way she looks and the way she presents herself.

She is known for short tight tops and wearing skin-tight denim and leather jeans as well. And she wears boots with them and wears these tight sexy outfits on her shows and when she's out in public a lot. Haven't seen many women fill out a pear of classic Levis tight skinny jeans better than Carol Vorderman and if she's doesn't get a guys attention in those outfits, not many other women will. And she is a pleasure to check out.
Bel Jim: Carol Vorderman Tight Denim Jeans & T-Shirt

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Total Tight Jeans: Amanda in Tight Black Denim Levis

Source: FRS Daily Press Plus- Amanda, from Total Tight Jeans-
Source: The New Democrat

The second time I've seen this women named Amanda in her classic black Levis. The problem I have with this video, is that it is forty-seconds. But even in that short amount of time you see beautiful sexy curvy women looking great in black Levis. Women know men very well as far as what men like especially when it comes to women. And this video is a perfect example of that, with this very sexy women in her classic Levis with the great body. Seeing a women like this makes me want to get down on my knees and thank God I'm a man. And keep in mind, I'm an Agnostic, but seeing a women like this could make a man rethink his religious affiliation. Could bring to sight to a blind man and perhaps even change a gay man. And get him to thinking "OMG! What have I've been missing all of these years? A perfect women physically where the perfect Levis jeans. Not much more than a guy can ask for. 
Total Tight Jeans: Amanda in Black Denim Levis

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Robert Carter: Sexy Women in Tight Denim Jeans Slideshow

Source: Robert Carter- 
Source: This piece was originally posted at The New Democrat

Love the women in the Levis jeans especially. I first saw her on a web site back in like late 2009 called something to the affect of, Girls in Denim Jeans, something like that. She's called Sexy Cassandra, I doubt that is her real name. I mean seriously, who would name their daughter Sexy as her first name. I mean what sober sane person would do that, unless you're raising your daughter to be a porn star. Perhaps you're a porn king or pimp or something. I've seen several photos of Cassandra in her classic Levis. And she looks like a goddess in them and has a real nice body and proud of it and proud to show it. A real sexy women to me at least who takes care of herself with a real nice body. Doesn't starve herself, or unable to fill herself up to the point of obesity. But a sexy women who takes care of herself and proud of her body to the point that she wants the world to see it.
Robert Carter: Girls in Tight Denim Jeans Slideshow

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Journeyman Pictures: Video: The Real Story Behind the Clinton Scandals

This story was originally posted at The New Democrat on Blogger

The real story behind the Bill Clinton scandals was that most of them were bogus. The Lewinski affair and the China scandal from 1996 were the only real stories and so-called scandals for Bill Clinton as President, which is nothing compared with Ronald Reagan with Iran Contra and Richard Nixon with Watergate. Or go back to Lyndon Johnson lying to the country about America's involvement in the Vietnam War and the progress of the war. 

The hatred towards Bill Clinton from the Far-Right and other hyper partisans in this country, except for the race factor, is not that much different from the hatred that Barack Obama has received as President. What they hate about Bill Clinton is what they hate about Barack Obama. Which is what they both represent, two New Democrats on the Left who represent the changing of America that we've been going through as a country since the 1960s. With all sorts of new Americans having their freedom in this country. No longer restricted to living a traditional way of life.

The Far-Right in America lives in the 1950s. The rest of the country lives in the 21st Century as far as how Americans live in this multi-culture and lifestyle country where all Americans are free to be themselves. And no longer having to feel the need to hide who they are or try to be someone else. And when someone from this part of the country rises to power and becomes not just powerful and not just the most powerful person in the country, but in the world, the Fa-Right goes nuts and accuses that person of trying to destroy their way of life and seeks out to destroy them.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Xive TV: Video: Pure History Specials, JFK's Women: The Scandals Revealed

This post was originally posted at The New Democrat on Blogger

If the media back then reported on public officials private lives as they do today, John F. Kennedy never becomes President of the United States. JFK was Bill Clinton on steroids when it came to having affairs with women other than his wife. It is not just the multiple women, but multiple women at the same time and a different women on each night and a new women that had connections to really dangerous and powerful people who had goods on Jack Kennedy that could've brought down his political career. Like how JFK was elected President in 1960 with the mob's role in the Illinois election.

To look at it now I think it is somewhat amazing that the most powerful man in the world had so many people that all had the goods on them that could've brought him down or used him to blackmail him to get the President to layoff on their illegal operations. It is also somewhat amazing that a President of the United States could be so irresponsible with not only his own personal life, but then risk not only his own political career which is his business. But allow for that it effect how he did his job as President of the United States and having to make his own personal affairs part of his administration's business.

But even with all of Jack Kennedy's personal baggage, if anything his administration was tougher on people who had the goods on him, so to speak like the Italian mafia and actually went hard against the mafia and put forward policies that brought down the mafia over the years. The mafia could've told President Kennedy "we have the goods on you, so you better not mess with us, or we'll release what we have on you to the media". They had the goods on JFK, but JFK's brother Robert Kennedy was a different story where they didn't have anything on him. And  RFK was also Attorney General of the United States. And his Justice Department went after the organize crime real hard.

You could say that Jack Kennedy was simply too irresponsible to be President of the United States. That his private life was simply too dangerous for him to be President. And again if his private life were public back then, he probably doesn't get elected President and I'm not sure he would get elected President today with the same lifestyle. Because his private affairs wouldn't of been private and the people would really know what kind of man JFK was.

But the fact is as President he was very responsible in the job and in the White House, (when he was working) and his Justice Department actually went hard and brought down people who could've really hurt him politically. And I'm sure part of that had to do with the fact that he had the goods on some of these organize crime people as well. Similar to Bill Clinton the man in public was much different from the man in private. The man in private is reckless, but the man in public is responsible and does his job the best that he can do it.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

ESPN: SportsCentury- Greatest Head Coaches, Vince Lombardi

On this Thanksgiving and by the way Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there, I thought it would be a great time to blog about Vince Lombardi, the greatest head coach of all-time, not just in football, but perhaps in team sports period. I think you'll have a hard time finding a better head coach because football is not just a huge part of our Thanksgiving holiday and Vince Lombardi is a big part of football. And the Green Bay Packers are a big part of our Thanksgiving football tradition. The Packers have played a lot on Thanksgiving and Coach Lombardi coached a lot of those games.

When I think of Vince Lombardi, I think of what a head coach should be when they are at their best and when they are the best at they are. Someone who constantly strives at making his team the best that they can, at getting the best effort and performance out of his team all of his players at the same time in the same game.

I mean if you look at it thats what the job of a head coach is, of course they want to win and the head coaches that do win are the successful head coaches, that is win more than they lose and a lot more than they lose. But really the job is to get the best performance out of your players that they can deliver. There have been teams that were 7-9, 8-8, 9-7 and of course missed the playoffs, but their head coach had a good year or a great year. They even had a great record that year because of the team that they had and the players that had to play.

The level of talent that they had to work with and there been teams that were 10-6, 11-5 but they didn't have very good seasons and didn't win championships even though they had the talent to, because their players didn't play very well as a team. They didn't work very well together, their head coach didn't get them to play as well as they could've. And they ended up basically having a mediocre or even a bad season because their head coach didn't get them to play as well as they could've. The job of the head coach is to get his team and all of his players to play as well as they can at the same time as one team and if he has a good team or a great team, like Chuck Knoll had with the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 1970s to use as an example, then that will lead to a lot of wins and championships. 

The Green Bay Packers of the 1960s didn't have a dynasty in that decade and were the team of the 60s Because they were loaded with talent and great players, they had some of those. And some Hall of Famers, they won five NFL Championships in seven years from 1961-67, because they had the best teams and the best head coach. Best team and best talent are two different things, best talent has to do with athletic ability and skills. Best team has to do with the team that plays the best together and plays the best as a team.

I'll give you an example, Super Bowl 36 between the New England Patriots and St. Louis Rams one of the biggest upsets in Super Bowl history, the Rams I believe were a 10-12 point favorite they still had that great Vertical Spread offense (as I call it) with Kurt Warner, Marshal Faulk and all of those WRs. The Patriots were 5-11 the year before, snuck into the playoffs in 2001, winning their division. Beat the Raiders in a blizzard in the famous tuck game and then upset a very good Steelers team in the AFC Final. They had to beat two better teams just to make to the Super Bowl.

The Rams clearly had batter talent in that Super Bowl, but the Patriots had a better team and played better together and of course they had head coach Bill Belichick, perhaps still the best head coach in the NFL. Thats what Vince Lombardi had in Green Bay in the 1960s, he had the best teams, not exactly the best talent when he won those championships. So to use my definition of the job of a head coach, then no one is better than Vince Lombardi at getting his teams and players to play the best that they can at the same time. And he is the best head coach of all-time, because he was the best motivator and perhaps the best motivator ever as well.

And he would put it simple, "you want to play for the Packers, you're going to give me everything you have, or find another job or team to play for". He knew when to ride someone and when to pride someone and do both of those things in a way that showed the player that he's just trying to get the best out of him, kinda like a great father would be. Thats what made Vince Lombardi the best ever at what he did. 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Warner Brothers: Helter Skelter 1976- Story of The Charles Manson Family

Source: Warner Brothers-
Source: Warner Brothers: Helter Skelter- 1976 Tailer

In 1976 there was a two-part TV mini-series I believe on CBS about the Manson Crime Family from the late 1960s and even after their leader Charles Manson was arrested in  late 1969 for his role in the Tate murders and other murders during the Manson Family murder spree from the summer of 1969,  a summer Los Angeles will never forget. The Manson Family was still in business so to speak in the early 1970s and even up to 1975 with Lynette Squeaky Frohm's attempt to assassinate President Gerald Ford.

And this mini-series was about the murders of the Manson Family in the Summer of 1969 and other business about the Manson Family. It was not a religious cult, there was some spirituality in it. But it was basically about a petty thief pimp career criminal who was never very good at staying out of prison. Who would get released from prison for the last time in the mid 1960s and work his way to the San Francisco area, pick up some girls in their late teens early 20s who ran away from home.

These were young adults late teens for the most part who seemed somewhat lost and build a family made up of high school and college dropouts. People that they believed were kissed off from society and Charlie Manson finally found a group of people that seemed like him, somewhat lost in the World. That didn't seem to fit in with mainstream society and he founded his soldiers that would take out their anger against mainstream society.

Charlie Manson wasn't intelligent in the sense that he was well educated, he didn't get through high school or make it to high school. He grew up in prison basically, in juvenile hall and probably didn't spend much time in school there. He never knew his father and his mother was a prostitute who didn't spend much time with her son and Charlie got moved around a lot as a kid. And probably didn't feel very loved, as an FBI profiler once said about Manson on NBC Dateline. "Charlie Manson is an example of what happens when we don't raise our kids well".

Society in a sense has some blame here for creating Charlie Manson. Not to excuse Manson because he's exactly where he belongs and will and should never leave prison. But society isn't innocent here in the creation of Charlie Manson. And what Manson had in his crime family were the people that would take out revenge for him against society. "If you were part of the establishment and successful in life, living in the Los Angeles area and they knew about you, you were a target of the Manson Family". To paraphrase Vince Bugliosi who prosecuted the Manson Family. Charlie wasn't stupid but he wasn't educated either.

Charlie Manson had talent to play and write music, but also to read people and know how they work and how he could work them up to the point where he could make people kill for him, Charles Watson, Patricia Krenwenkell, Leslie Van Houten, Susan Atkins and others. And they found their targets in actress Sharon Tate, Karen Folger and others and killed them. The Manson Family murders were some of the worst murders ever committed. Adolph Hitler, Saddam Hussein would've been proud of these murders.

The Manson victims literally being stabbed and hanged to death in their own homes and their blood being spread around their homes. The Manson Family literally left their mark and were begging for the death penalty with their murders. And were given the Death Penalty before the U.S. Supreme Court outlawed the death penalty in I believe 1973. The only reason why these serial murderers are alive today. Their lives being spared something they didn't do for their victims and they are the poster children for why we need to raise our kids well. And the Manson Crime Family had to be stopped for them to pay their debt to society. But to put them out of business so they couldn't strike again.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

HBO Sports: Lombardi- How Vince Lombardi Impacted the Washington Redskins

Source: HBO: Lombardi- Joining The Redskins

In the 1960s the Redskins weren't bad at least starting around 1964 when they traded quarterback Norm Snead to Philadelphia for future Hall of Famer Sonny Jurgenson. They also picked up tailback/receiver Charlie Taylor who would also end up in the Hall of Fame and you could make a good case that he's the best WR of his era and of all time. And they picked up TB/WR Bobby Mitchell in 1962, who's also in the Hall of Fame. Drafted tight end Jerry Smith who should also be in the Hall of Fame. Drafted linebacker Chris Hamburger who just went in to the Hall of Fame. Hall of Fame LB Sam Huff was still there.

The Redskins weren't bad in the 1960s, but they weren't very good either, they only had one winning season, 1969 Vince Lombardi's only season in Washington and had several 7-7 seasons and a few 6-8 seasons, but they were building a lot of the success that the Redskins had in the 1970s started in the 1960s with the players that they drafted, including tailback Larry Brown in 1969 the Redskins first 1000 yard rusher. The Redskins had some of the best passing offenses in the NFL in the 1960s from 1964 and on, but they never had a solid running game until 1969 with Larry Brown.

But they also had some of the worst defenses in this decade unlike the 1970s and 80s when they were always in the top 10 in defense with George Allen and then Joe Gibbs where they win five NFC Finals from 1972-91 and three Super Bowls in that same period. Which is why Vince Lombardi and George Allen were so important for the Redskins to change the culture in how they operated.

When George Allen took over the Redskins in 1971 as head coach/general manager, I believe he knew he had a good nucleus, but that he had to add to it to make the Redskins a winner and contender. Which is what he did, he did not come to Washington from Los Angeles, where he was one game away from the Super Bowl a few times to have a 500 team or a team that barely has a winning record, but he wanted to build a champion win the NFC East, the NFC Final and the Super Bowl. He had very good teams with the Rams that always had one of the best defenses which was his background. He was George Halas's defensive coordinator with (da Bears) before he went to Los Angeles to be the Rams head coach.

His philosophy was simple. Tough take charge defense that takes away the run to attack the QB. Run the ball on offense, protect the QB and take a few shots down field on offense off of play-action and win the turnover battle. That if you do these things well you'll win much more than you lose and when he came to Washington that's what he wanted to establish. He knew he had a good group that he had to add a few pieces to make them winners and contenders,which is why he brought in some Rams, like defensive tackle Diron Talbert who reminds me a little of DT Dave Butz who Allen also brought to Washington. As well as linebacker Jack Pardee who would later be the Redskins head coach from 1978-80 and others. 

The Redskins in the George Allen era were nicknamed the "Over the Hill Gang", not because his players couldn't play anymore, but because most of them were in their thirty's when they got there. Or were going bald or were coming from teams, like QB Billy Kilmer's case that no longer wanted them and when you get released from the New Orleans Saints like Kilmer did in 1971 you are starting over and trying to find a place for yourself. Because the Saints were awful their first few years, but it all worked for Allen in Washington because he sold them on the idea that they are here to win. "Thats why I brought you here and kept you here to win and become champions". Something a lot of these players had never done before.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Howard Cosell Fan: Video: The 1972-73 Washington Redskins: George Allen Brings a Champion to Washington

The 1972 Redskins didn't win the NFC Eastern Division Championship their first in thirty years or win the NFC Final their first in thirty years because they had overwhelming talent. They had very good talent with wide receivers Charlie Taylor, WR Roy Jefferson, tight end Jerry Smith and tailback Larry Brown. And on defense with people like defensive tackle Diron Talbert, linebacker Chris Hamburger, LB Jack Pardee and others, one of the best defenses in the NFL. I believe the best in the NFC that only gave up 217 points. They didn't accomplish these things because of great talent. They weren't the Cowboys Doomsday Defense, or the Vikings Purple People Eaters or the Rams Fearsome Foursome or the Steelers Steel Curtain.

They were a bunch of tough guys who could play who all had character, that all wanted to win and never were champions before. Thats why George Allen the Redskins head coach/general manager brought them to Washington to become champions. George Allen's whole philosophy was about the team, "how do I get forty men (as was the case back then) to play the best that they can and play together". (And I know this sounds corny)

But thats how George Allen operated. His favorite drink was milk probably because he didn't spend much time drinking other things or even thinking about other drinks that he liked, because he was all about his team. "How do I get them to play the best that they can and play together at the same time". And everything else including his family came after his team as his kids would tell you. In the 1960s the Redskins had a pass first explosive offense that was built around QB Sonny Jurgenson, WR Charlie Taylor, WR Bobby Mitchell and TE Jerry Smith. That didn't run the ball very well or play a lot of defense, sort of like the Miami Dolphins with Dan Marino in the 1980s.

But George Allen came from the Chicago Bears and Los Angeles Rams where they played tough defense always had one of the best defenses in the NFL. With ball control offenses so thats exactly what he wanted to establish in Washington, but the difference being that he was able to bring those defenders to Washington. Diron Talbert, Jack Pardee, but had a lot more offensive talent to go with his defense, which made the Redskins very explosive on both sides of the ball.

Allen inherited a team that was like 5-9 in 1970 the year Vince Lombardi died and took them to 10-4 and into the NFC Playoffs and 11-3 in 1972 as they won the NFC East, beat the Cowboys in the 1972 NFC Final, became NFC Champions. And went to Super Bowl 7 where they lost to the undefeated Miami Dolphins, but I believed the Redskins had the better team. The 1972 Redskins were a team that represent what a good team looks like, with star players, but other players on the team who are also good. But know their roles and everyone playing together and playing their roles.

George Allen was not perfect, the way he handled Sonny Jurgenson and Billy Kilmer and then later Joe Theisman. All three of them playing at the same time was a tragic mistake, that I believe cost him a championship. Sonny Jurgenson was clearly his best QB and should've led his teams until he retired instead of splitting time with Billy Kilmer. Who was at best a journeyman QB and a part-time starter and Joe Theisman should've replaced Jurgenson when Sonny retired. But George Allen's whole philosophy was built around "how to get the most out of my team at the same time to win as many games as possible" and he had a lot of success with that philosophy.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Sadlers Apprentice: In God We Rust: Lewis Black on Republicans and Democrats

If you want to know what demagoguery, paranoia, exaggeration is, or what being obsess is, then just watch the Glen Beck Show or whatever he calls it now. Just don't ask me to help you spell those things. Because there you have it unless you're severely learning disabled, blind and death you'll get an excellent idea of what all of those things are. Glen Beck has a habit of taking minor things and making them look like tragedy's or crisis's, the exact type of person who shouldn't be President of the United States.

Glen Beck shouldn't be an executive in any other type of government because he lacks an even keel, the ability to see things as they are and not freak out about them. Like with the health care reform debate in 2009-10, where Glen Beck accused President Obama of hating Caucasian people because he wanted to tax tanning salons which I'm guessing is something that Mr. Beck doesn't use very often. Or may not even know where one is.

Which is like saying people who believe the Palestinians deserve their own state must mean that they hate the Jewish people which is nonsense .You need more to go on then just that. I've never taken Beck seriously and have chosen not to. I prefer to see him as a libertarian comedian which he is rather than some intelligent political analyst. I just prefer to do that before I label someone ignorant as a sack of bricks. Or has an IQ below freezing, makes both George W. Bush and Sarah Palin look like genius's. You can add Sarah Palin to that list with Rick Perry towards the top as far as new applicants.

I don't listen to Glen Beck very often except for on YouTube, I've made that decision. Because even though I find him to be funny, my level of tolerance for nonsense is very low. I have that same policy for a lot of the Republican Party right now except for their leadership and presidential candidates. Because as a blogger I feel the need to keep up to date with them. I've made the decision not to listen to a lot of these people, because the amount of what they don't know is enough to fill up the Rose Bowl in Pasadena a Stadium with 100K Seats. For all you non-sports fans like my mother.

Or as Ronald Reagan said, but about the Democrats, "they know so much that is not true". I do listen to what Beck has to say about progressivism and socialism, because he's funny when he goes off on them. And his facts tend to be pretty good, its just when he relates the entire Democratic Party with these politics he loses me like Chris Rock cracking a redneck joke at a KKK rally. Because again it gets back to his demagoguery and hyperbolic rants. When he speaks about things like that, he tends to be as off the mark as an auto mechanic giving a lecture on brain surgery. He tends to speak out of his ass which makes him funny because of how ignorant he is.

A lot of times when I hear Glen Beck speak, I think about George Carlin when he says that we can't blame our politicians. Because they are us, they come from the same places that we do. Schools churches, neighborhoods etc. He's as ignorant as a lot of people that send our politicians back to office. Or I think damn our education system really has fallen to have people like Glen Beck speaking about key issues and attracting followers.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

United Artists: The Best Man 1967- Political Convention Nomination Fights

Source: United Artists-
Source: United Artists: The Best Man 1967

I saw The Best Man the 1964 version for the first time in late 2008, during that presidential election between Barack Obama and John McCain on Turner Classic Movies which was doing a special where they showed political movies all night one night a week in October. The Best Man is about essentially a divided party and they aren't sure who they should nominate for President. 

One candidate from the liberal or progressive wing of the party Henry Fonda and the other candidate played by Cliff Robertson coming from the more conservative wing of the party. It reminds me of political battles that the Democratic Party had back in the 1960s, 50s and 40s where a more progressive candidates like Adali Stevenson, John Kennedy or Hubert Humphrey going up against someone like Strom Thurmond when he was unfortunately a Democrat or George Wallace someone like that and of course the Progressive would always win at least going back to Woodrow Wilson.

And the progressive would always win because the Democratic Party going back to the 1920s or so has always been the liberal party in America, even though for a long time they've had a right-wing faction from the South and this movie was very realistic because it was an example of how presidential nomination battles were in the past up until the 1970s or so, where you didn't know for the most part who the party would nominate. And these things would be decided at the convention because the convention delegates could then vote for whoever they wanted.

The Best Man was a movie about looking in to what presidential politics looked like at least into the primary process of what presidential candidates go through and have to do in getting nominated for president even the dirty politics of it where both candidates know that the convention is split. And that they both need an extra edge to put them on top and they both find potential scandals in the others past. With the Henry Fonda character, his scandal was about him seeing shrinks or being on medication for depression.

With Cliff Robertson who was the right-winger a big believer in traditional values. His potential scandal was pretty ironic because apparently he had a homosexual affair when he was in the military and both candidates knew that if their scandal got out that their chance of winning the presidential nomination were over right there. So it became a question of who would leak the story about the other first or not leak the story and they spend a lot of the movie, trying to scare the other one and get them to drop out of the race, the Cliff Robertson character even offers the vice presidential nomination to the Henry Fonda character if he drops out. 

To me the The Best Man represents presidential nomination contests the way they used to be and should be when conventions actually meant something and they were worth watching. Especially if you're a political junky like myself, because you didn't know who the convention was going to nominate for president until they held vote and I wish we got back to that type of convention for both parties. Today political conventions are more of a formality and realty TV more than anything else, the presidential nominee already has wrapped up the nomination now by March or April.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

John Kramer: SNL Politics Reviewed- The Republican Presidential Candidates For 2012

Source: John Kramer-
Source: John Kramer: SNL Politics Reviewed- The Republican Presidential Debate

I can sum up the Republican presidential debates in several paragraphs or less, so I will. 

Mitt Romney- "vote for me because I can win" and his other slogan being, "if you're for it so am I". 

Newt Gingrich who I do take seriously as an intellectual until he says something thats provocative. But then realizes its unpopular and tries to get away from it. As long as he doesn't preach about moral values, "don't do because I've done it and I know from personal experience. That some of these activities in life, well take adultery to use as an example are simply personally wrong. Its wrong which is why you shouldn't do it. (Even though I had a great time doing like having an affair with one of my staffers as Speaker of the House. When I was preaching about the moral decay of President Clinton". Newt Gingrich won't be up for Sainthood anytime soon, unless he pays to get in. And he is also unqualified to be a Monk, which may be why he's stopped preaching about moral values.

You have a classical Libertarian in Ron Paul, who apparently walked into a Republican Party one day, thinking he was at a Libertarian Convention. And hasn't found his way out of the Republican Party and is probably also unaware that he's at a party thats dominated by the Christian-Right and Neoconservatives. And the Tea Party that at least part of them are in bed with the Religious-Right and Neoconservatives. And are so warm there, that they can't get out of bed. 

Then there's John Huntsman and Gary Johnson who have no shot at the Republican nomination because they would both make excellent Liberal Democrats and they are both sane and that just aint going to cut it in today's GOP.

I would mention Rick Santorum and Michelle Bachmann, but like I said I could sum up the Republican presidential debates in a few paragraphs or less. And since I'm not a politician or running for public office, I can stick with positions I've already made. Other to say that they are both American citizens, born in America and 35 or older. (At least as far as I know) And besides I have nothing to say nice about either of them. Other than maybe Senator Santorum who I'll admit he's one of the most honest politicians I know of. And that is a complement in todays politics, its just that he knows so much that isn't true and actually believes in it. Which would make Rick scary as a President and Michelle Bachmann just proves that even mental patients, even escaped mental patients are apparently qualified to run for President of the United States, or at least until they are recaptured. 

Rick Perry well when he decides what he believes and what his plans are for the country, I'll take a look at his presidential campaign. The man keeps teleprompter's in business by himself. 

And with Herman Cain. Well his presidential campaign got suspended so now I would just be piling on. So what the hell, the man is not even qualified to pass a course on sexual harassment awareness. I'm not sure what the exact name for the course, I've never had to take it myself, let alone be President of the United States.

Thats the Republican presidential field of 2011-12, I know I'm thinking the same thing, "is that it". Where's Dwight Eisenhower, Barry Goldwater, Dick Nixon, Gerry Ford, Ron Reagan, and  Bob Dole. The problem is those people don't exist in the Republican Party anymore and wouldn't get the nomination for President in today's GOP. Because they wouldn't be trusted by the Religious or Neo Right which is the problem for Mitt Romney. Who twenty years ago would've fit in perfectly in the GOP but because of the new GOP he has to say things just to please to them and say different things to different audiences.

Lovers Of Boots: Preview- Bonita: River Island Denim Jeans in High Heeled Boots

Source: Lovers of Boots- Bonita, from Lovers of Boots-
Source: Lovers Of Boots: Preview- Bonita River Island Denim Jeans in High Heeled Boots

Anytime you see a woman this adorable and yet sexy at the same time, you should take a picture of her and hope she doesn't slap you. Perhaps pray to God (unless you're an Atheist) that she doesn't slap you. Bonita is baby-faced adorable, cute as a baby girl and yet she has a great women's body and she's also beautiful and looks great in jeans in boots. Looks like this is the fall looking at the leaves and where they are when they shot this video. Perfect time of year for beautiful women to bring out their tight denims and boots. Looks very stylish and yet very practical. Keeps your legs and feet warm, as well as sexy. There are a lot of porn sites online and on YouTube and I'm not going tell if I believe that is a good thing or not. I'm a live and left live type of guy myself and I'm sure Lovers of Boots have produced some of these porn vids, but that is not what you see in this vid. The woman is wearing a nice sweater, for crying out loud. Not exactly a bikini and she's wearing pants. Skinny jeans in boots. She's well-covered and yet looks very beautiful and sexy.
Source: FRS Daily Press- Bonita, from Lovers of Boots

You don't have to look like you have no education, but have a great body and must use that to make a living in life in order to look sexy. You can look sexy with style and look sexy and professional. And I'm not talking looking like you sell your body, but professional in the sense that you look like you're going to the office, or at the office. Tight jeans whether they're denim like in this case, or whether they're leather jeans which are more common in Europe than in America (unfortunately) are versatile pants. Boots are versatile footwear and jeans and boots can be dressed up, or dressed down like you see in this video. Where Bonita looks like she's going out for a walk in the park on a beautiful fall day in her jeans in boots. But even though she's casually dressed, she doesn't look like she's just taking a nap on her couch or doing her laundry, perhaps going to the bowling ally. She looks like she might be going out to lunch, going shopping, perhaps even going out to dinner and going to a good restaurant. Where you would look underdress in a tank top and jeans, or sweatshirt.
Source: FRS Daily Press- Bonita, from Lovers of Boots

Lovers of Boots is all over Facebook and YouTube. Would like to see more of them on Google Plus as well, but that is up to them. And Bonita looks like she's one of their top models, because she's in a lot of their vids. And you can see why, because she wears beautiful jeans and looks very stylish and sexy in them and looks great in long boots as well. She's a great reason why this look which has been which came back into style 2005 after coming out originally in the late 1970s and is not going away anytime soon. Because beautiful sexy women like to show off their legs. Tight denim and boots, if styled right, is the perfect way for a woman to do that. And again jeans and boots are versatile leg wear . You can dress them down and look stylish and sexy, you can dress them up and look like you're going out for the evening and look stylish, sexy and appropriate. Depending on what you're doing  and where you're going. Women wear jeans and boots to the office today and look dressy doing that, because of how they style them. They wear a nice business jacket, shirt and belt, as well and look very business appropriate. And Bonita is the perfect model to show women how they can wear their jeans and boots. Dress them down, or dress them up.

Monday, September 1, 2014

YouTube Movies: Advise and Consent 1962- A look at How the Presidential Nomination Process Works

Source: YouTube Movies-
Advise and Consent was a movie about the presidential nomination process in the U.S. Senate and what presidential appointments are put through by senators both in the opposition, but also from senators who are at least inclined to vote for the nominee. Whether the nominee comes from their party or not. In this movie the party in power also has a majority of the Senate. But if you are familiar with American politics back in the 1960s, the parties back then weren't always united ideologically. Which is one of the reasons why Henry Fonda who played the nominee for Secretary of State faced such a tough time. 

This movie came out in 1962 and was based on current times and back then the Democratic Party controlled Congress as well as the White House, but had what was called a Southern Caucus made up of right-wing senators who didn't vote with their Leadership on everything ( to put it mildly ) and would even vote with Senate Republicans to block legislation as well as presidential nominations from their own Leadership and this movie portrays that with Charles Laughton playing this Southern senator who was a right-winger and against his own President's nomination for Secretary of State. Charles Laughton playing a character that reminds me of former Senator. Dick Russell of Georgia who was the Leader of the Southern Caucus in the 1960s.

Back in the early 1960s of course there wasn't any cable TV or C-SPAN and Congress didn't allow for broadcast media to broadcast what was going on in the House or Senate so a lot of Americans weren't aware of even what the House and Senate looked like inside so this movie sort of opened that up for a lot of Americans. But Advise and Consent wasn't just about the Senate nominating process as far as the Senate debating nominations there was a lot of inside Washington aspects of this movie of course, with the President played by Franchot Tote calling the Leader of the Senate played by Walter Pidgeon and then the Leader calling the Senate Minority Leader. To get and idea of how many Senate Republicans would vote for the nomination.

But there was also a look at what happened in Washington on the party scene, where members of Congress in both parties would get together, there was a playboy senator in the movie played by Peter Lawford who reminds me of Senator Jack Kennedy. There was a somewhat bored and lonely Vice President with not enough work to do, so he would spend his time actually presiding over the Senate. ( Played by Lew Ayers ) Back then Vice President's weren't very powerful or important, of course that changed a long time ago where today they are basically the Chief Counsel of the Administration. 

Advise and Consent was one of the first looks that Americans got to see in how the U.S. Senate operates and how they deal with the White House and how each caucus deals with each other and how the majority party deals with its own members and how the Senate Leader finds ways to get enough votes for the President's nominations, as well as how Washington works. And is a very good movie, especially if you're a political junky like myself, but an entertaining movie especially if you like dramas with great writing, cast and clever humor like myself as well. 
YouTube Movies: Advice and Consent- 1962 Trailer