Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Friday, January 20, 2012

Bill O'Reilly Projection: "Liberals Are Hatemongers": The Point of Extreme Rhetoric

Some people on the what I would call the Partisan Right and Partisan Left. Say things as far out as the Planet Jupiter, to drive ratings or attention. Thats the category I put Bill O'Reilly in who seems to have a real dislike for Liberals and Democrats. Or at least the ones he disagrees with most of the time. Or sees them as easy target, because his viewers hate Liberals and Democrats. To the point that they would like to see them in jail. Tries to drive attention to whatever Media Outlet or Political Organization that they run. But some people on the Political Extremes in America. Who can't make a decent case for where they want to take the country. Who hate the other side so much and are more interested in destroying them. Then obtaining power and passing their agenda. And thats the category that I put someone like Michelle Bachmann or Rush Limbaugh on the Far Right. Someone like Michael Moore or Al Sharpton on the Far Left. If your on the Far Right, Democrats that obtain power. Become Socialists, Communists, Islamists, Anti American Unpatriotic. If your on the Far Left, Republicans who obtain power. Are greedy, stuck up, criminals, Red Neck, racists etc. Which is why these people on the Far Right and Far Left, tend not to get into National Office. Because they are ignorant and tend to fly off the handle and aren't able to see things as they are. But how they want them to be.

Anyone who sees Bill O'Reilly, Ed Schultz, Rush Limbaugh, Rachel Maddow as News Anchors. Probably should actually watch or read some news at some point. Because these people aren't but what they are, are commentators, who show stories. That they are interested in and following, offer their take on them. And then bring on so called experts, to back up what they are saying. I'll give Bill O'Reilly credit, he does bring on people who disagree with him. Maybe only one segment per show but at least he does that. Rachel Maddow does have on Michael Steele the former Chairman of the Republican Party from time to time. But they are also friends and she doesn't have guests on that disagree with her on a regular basis. These shows are basically an hour of Political Commentary, generally aimed at bashing the other side. And occasionally they'll have stories to back up their positions on the issues. But this is not the CBS Evening News, or ABC Nightline, or NBC Meet The Press. Which are actually news shows there to report the news and what's going on. The Cable Talk Shows are exactly that, Talk Shows about the news and politics. Coming from people with clear slants on the issues.

So anyone who watches these shows to get their news, I would suggest they don't watch these shows to get the news. And perhaps aren't even aware of it but watch these shows. To listen to someone who they generally agree with, back up how they already see the issues. That their show is covering but don't watch these shows to learn something or here an alternative view. But to hear what the latest Talking Points are for their side and how to counter the other side.