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Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Monday, January 30, 2012

"Is Alabama the Stupidest State in America?": Plenty of Competition for that Prize

I try to stay away from stereotypes whether they are positive or negative. As far as how I think about people seriously, I do joke around a lot and target humor at certain people and groups. But again those are jokes and I don't make racial or ethnic jokes about anyone. And I judge all people as individuals, rather then groups. Which all good Liberals and hopefully Americans do. But as the saying goes, there's a little truth in all stereotypes. There are jews that go to Chinese Restaurants on Christmas and Italian Men with very deep voices. And thick Italian American accents, one of the reasons why they get mimic as much as they do. Not to say that all jews spend Christmas at Chinese Restaurants or all Italian Americans have thick Italian American accents. And there are Country People who are Red Necks, Hicks and Hillbilly's. Ignorant people living in the country and some of them now live in cities, actually some of them live in Washington. And serve in Congress, actually a lot of them got elected in 2010. And just to be fair as well as accurate and so I don't sound like some type of Yankee Elitist or something, there are Progressives. Who generally speaking live in the Northeast or West Coast, especially in California. San Francisco and Los Angeles, who look down at people who aren't from those areas. Especially if they are from Rural America, who see Country Folk as regressive, backwards, ignorant and bigoted. Even though some Progressives tend to be bigoted as well, especially if your not like them. Not to say all Country Folk are ignorant and all Progressives are elitist. But they both have more then their share of people.

I've always wondered why some Southern States like Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas and maybe Arkansas. Who fifty years ago were in the bottom ten or so, compared with the rest of the country. In areas like education, Economic Development, Anti Poverty, Infrastructure Investment and other areas. And fifty years later are still in the bottom in a lot of these areas, especially Mississippi and Alabama. That both are basically Energy Independent or at least could be. If they were to develop their Energy Industries, they could pay for their Infrastructure Investment, education, attract Economic Development. Bring in business's and new industries, because then they would have the roads that people could travel on. Have the Educated Workforce to take those jobs but fifty years later they still haven't done a very good job of that. You take South Carolina out of the United States, you basically have a Third World Country. The Average American makes around 50K$ a year. The Average South Carolinian makes around 15K$ a year, the Poverty Rate in America is around 22K$ a year. So the average South Carolinian makes around 67% of the National Poverty Level. How is that, do these States not value education and progress, do they believe Jesus has all the answers. And they don't need to progress on their own.

Georgia right next door to Alabama has two of the best universities in America or at least two of the best State Schools. In Georgia and Georgia Tech, Florida just South of Georgia has very good State Universities as well. Tennessee just North of Georgia has two great schools in Tennessee Knoxville and Vanderbilt. Alabama has Alabama and Auburn, Mississippi has Mississippi Oxford and Mississippi Starkville. South Carolina has South Carolina but they also have Clemson which is an excellent university but its private. See I'm not making fun if the entire South, some of these States do value. Education, Infrastructure Investment and Economic Development. But South Carolina, Alabama and Mississippi, look like Third World Nations. Compared with Tennessee, Georgia and Florida. My point is in case anyone is wondering, that any person. Who's not seriously Mentally Handicapped, is capable of learning, they just need that opportunity to do that. Whether they live in the North or South, some States value Education and Economic Development and others don't. Which is why some States have done very well and others haven't.

President Bill Clinton a two term President who won something like seventy States in his two Presidential Elections. And by both Democrats and Republicans, is considered one of the most intelligent people. We've ever had as President but he went to Georgetown not Arkansas, where he's from. Had he gone to Arkansas University, he probably never makes it to the White House. He probably would've been Governor of Arkansas if he decided to go into politics. Maybe gotten elected to Congress but not seen as a National Democrat which he is. We can all learn, no matter where we come from. We just need the opportunity to do that.