Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Atheist Blog: Real Time With Bill Maher- If Jesus Ran The Republican Nomination

Source: Atheist Blog: Real Time With Bill Maher- If Jesus Ran The Republican Nomination

There's new evidence that the Christian-Right and I need to think twice about using that term, because Theocratic-Right or Theocratic-Cult, may be a more accurate way to describe Religious Conservatism in America, because these people don't represent Christianity the way it actually is. But having said that, the Religious-Right in America might not have complete control of the GOP nomination process. Why, because a Mormon is there frontrunner and unless he ends his presidential campaign prematurely, or suddenly dies or something, or for whatever reason can't continue his campaign before the presidential election, Mitt Romney will be the Republican nominee for President in about four months in Tampa, Florida. The reason why I say that, is because Religious Theocrats or as I prefer to call them American Theocrats, that would like to see the United States governed by their interpretation of the Bible, consider Mormonism a religious cult. Which is funny because I consider Religious Conservatism to be a religious cult.

If Religious Conservatives were in charge of the Republican presidential process, Rick Santorum would be the Republican frontrunner. Because Rick fits this religious cult like Karl Malone fit John Stocton with the Utah Jazz. (Remember the phrase Stocton to Malone?) He fits their religious ideology perfectly other than being a Catholic and not an Evangelical. Rick believes that pornography, heavy metal music, condoms, should all be illegal. He supports a constitutional amendment to allow the Federal Government to takeover marriage. But then has the balls to speak out against Big Government. Which is like Jim Morrison speaking out against the dangers of alcoholism. Assuming Jesus Christ is as swell of a guy that his followers claim he his, Ron Reagan or Barry Goldwater would be the Republican Frontrunner today. And he would've brought one of those guys back to life.

Some might say Abraham Lincoln is the best Republican the Republican Party has ever produced. Pretty damn close, its hard to find a better one and even though he freed the African slaves and saved the United States, he was essentially a racist. He believes Africans weren't equal to Caucasians. But didn't believe they should be the property of anyone. And assuming he had those beliefs today, wouldn't fit in very well in American politics today. Someone like Ike Eisenhower, Gerry Ford, Barry Goldwater or Ron Reagan, all these guys are people the GOP should be looking up to today. Not Rush Limbaugh or any other Neoconservative or Tea Party Nationalist.