Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Michael Savage: Glenn Beck- 'When You Lose Jon Stewart on ObamaCare, You're Done'

Source: Michael Savage- Jon Stewart & Glenn Beck-
Source: Michael Savage: Glenn Beck- 'When You Lose Jon Stewart on ObamaCare, You're Done'

If you take Glen Beck seriously especially when it comes to politics and current affairs and use him as a news source and get a lot of your news from The Becker, then I have real news for you. Listen up because you might actually learn something, I hope that hasn't scared anyone away. If this is the case then your one ignorant person, you're one of the biggest dumbass's in the world. Your ass is so big and dumb, you can't name what state Florida is in. Or what county Los Angeles is in or you can't find the Pacific Ocean from a San Diego beach even with eyesight and a map. And someone giving you directions in your first language. And also this is even worse, you probably watch a lot of Fox News. And take them as a serious news source, when I and I'm sure a lot of other people take Fox News as seriously as Onion News or the AlterNet.  A Far-Left publication that promotes conspiracy theories.

Glen Beck is a not a news reporter or a news anchor, he's barely an editorialist. He's a comedian an entertainer and a lot of times even entertaining, as well as Libertarian. Who uses his comedy to make his arguments and points. But a lot of the things he says, just isn't true and he knows it, he uses humor to make his real points. And if you listen to him often enough, you might actually learn something. Because he does throw in facts from time to time and even makes good points. But he shouldn't be taken as a serious news anchor, because he isn't. Watching Glen Beck is not like watching ABC Nightline, which is hard news and very informative. Watching Glen Beck is like watching the Daily Show, but not as entertaining.

Glen Beck one of the so-called progressive ( socialists and communist, in actuality ) movement's biggest whipping boys, for a few reasons.

For one he's a Libertarian who believes in limited government. That there's a limit to what the Federal Government should be doing in people's lives. That we should be free to live our own lives, as long as we are not hurting others with what we are doing. Thats scares the hell out of so-called Progressives that live in the world of big government not very progressivism, where there's no such thing as a problem that the Federal Government can't solve and who are collectivists that believe we should all be the same. No better or worse but the same that we should be a community not individuals.

Another thing that not very Progressives don't like about Glen Beck is that he doesn't live in their world of political correctness, Beck is not a bigot but he's not afraid to offend people which really pisses off lack of Progressives. Who like to label anyone a bigot that offends people they like or says something they disagree with. I'll give not very Progressive commentator Larry O'Donnell ( as I call ) him from MSNBC The Last Word credit. Because he knows what Glen Beck is and understands his whole act. Doesn't agree with him on anything probably, even the price of gas. But sees Beck as an entertainer and actually finds him funny.

Glen Beck is clearly an easy target that can be made fun of, kinda like throwing rocks at the ocean. Because he does at times seems like he went to outer space and never made it back. My whole point about The Becker, is when he does his editorials, don't take anymore seriously then when you're looking at political satire. Take as the act that is and even listen closely if you like him. Because from time to time you might learn something.