Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Meso Steros: Real Time With Bill Maher- Bill Maher on Education

Source: Real Time With Bill Maher-
Source: Meso Steros: Real Time With Bill Maher- Bill Maher on Education

Twenty years ago the United States was somewhere in the top 10 in education. I really should look up exactly where, but thats about right, today according to the United Nations and I believe the World Bank. Today we are 39th, despite having the largest economy in the world and being the most powerful and important. The Daily Caller reported in a study today 30% of South Carolinians can't name the current Vice President of the United States. But probably 99% of them know who Steve Suprrier and if you're not a college football fan, too bad for you. Now I realize that South Carolina is not known for producing genius's, if you can read, write, add and subtract in either English or Redneck, you're considered educated there. But still when 3-10 people in any state can't name who the Vice President of the United States, the First Officer of the Executive Branch, but can tell you what Kim Kardashian had for lunch today, or what are her favorite shoes, but don't know where the Pacific Ocean is, even if they live in Hawaii, you have a low-educated public.

These are excellent clues on how far America has been dumbed down and what a lot of Americans see as important and not important. If its something they enjoy doing and is cool, its important, but if its something that makes them think and requires more than a sound bite answer to answer the question or be intelligent, then its not important. And thats where we are as a country and why are kids aren't learning, because a lot of them don't consider education important enough to actually get one. Because it takes time away from their activities that they enjoy doing. I'm not a parent and glad not to be, but as Bill Maher another man without kids said he cares about our kids not being well-educated for selfish reasons, because their stupidity effects us. For example some dumbass kid crashing into you, because he was texting while driving. That one message that he or she had to deliver at that exact moment, was more important to them, than paying attention to what they were doing.

Our educators are partially at fault for the lack of educated workers we've produced the last ten years. And why we are importing people to take the jobs, that not enough Americans are qualified for. But a lot of our educators are working in a bad system that rewards seniority over work product. And the parents have a role in this as well, devoting more effort in keeping their kids busy and entertained. So they aren't bothering them with whatever they have to do. And that gets to things like entertainment centers, i-phones, ipads, laptops, etc, things that use to be gifts and rewards for good behavior. Like turning in a good report card, but now they are seen as needs to get kids your kids to do something, they are like bribes now. Because the kids are in charged and their parents are worried about losing them. I'm all for new technology and entertainment and everything else and generally those are positive things. Until they take the place of things that are more important. Like making sure you get a good education so you can be productive in society. And not have to live on public assistance for most of your life. Because you didn't get yourself the skills that you need in order to take care of yourself. Getting a good job and paying your own bills.