Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Friday, February 10, 2012

The Master Illusion: Real Time With Bill Maher- New Rules- Occupy Wall Street

Source: Real Time With Bill Maher-
Source: The Master Illusion: Real Time With Bill Maher- New Rules- Occupy Wall Street

The 1960s Hippie movement not that I'm from that generation or even old enough to remember it happening, even though I wouldn't of mind living through it and even being part of it, marching for civil rights, marching against the Vietnam War, marching against the War on Drugs, which the Federal Government officially launched in 1971, perhaps President Nixon was high himself when he declared that War, which would explain a lot of strange decisions he made as President, but thats a different blog. The Hippie movement of the Boomer Generation, was about individual liberty basically. There was nothing socialist about it, sorry today's so-called Progressives, but thats what it was. The ability for free adults to live their own lives and be individuals. Again as long as they aren't hurting others with what they are doing. All things that make Rick Santorum (excuse my French) shit in his pants when he thinks of it. He's still having nightmares about college students having sex on campus, women actually defending their country in combat. But again thats another blog, just throwing a few ideas out there off the top of my head.

The Hippie movement of the 1960s and early 70s, was of course not perfect and they made their mistakes like a lot of others. The Manson Crime Family comes to mind, the whole notion of free love, which of course is bogus. Because babies get made out of free love, consequences come from it. There's nothing free about it, but the broader point had to do with again free adults being able to make those decisions for themselves. Gay and women's rights was part of the Hippie movement. Interracial dating and marriage didn't seem strange anymore. The President of the United States is a product of this. This is a movement that Liberals and Libertarians should love, because it was about individuals being able to live their own lives. And they didn't like the establishment and didn't feel they fit into it and wanted to live their own lives and be individuals. Whether the establishment and even their parents approved of their lifestyles or not and is something that Religious and Neoconservatives hate. Makes them want to get plastered and high themselves, just thinking about it.

Because of the individualism in it and the fact that people wanted to live their own lives, what we have now is a modern Hippie movement, which isn't a liberal movement. Not fighting for individual liberty, but a movement that wants to dramatically change the economic, as well as government  system in America to put in their own agenda and make America less individualist or more collectivist like Europe. The Generation X and Y Hippies resemble the Boomer Hippies, in a few senses. They like sleeping in tents, they like pot, they hate the War on Drugs, they hate bigotry (at least for most people) and they hate are current military operations. But ideologically they are a lot different. It's great to see especially with young people, people getting behind a cause and organizing behind a broader movement. Especially with all of the modern distractions we have today, with New Technology and everything else.

Whether I agree with what they are trying to do or not, which I don't as far as what they would do instead, but to compare both Hippie movements as if they are similar, is a stretch. Yes they are both made of young people. (Who else would they be made up of), senior citizens living in nursing homes) and yes they both sleep outside like homeless people, but do it by choice. They both smoke pot and are both anti-war. But they are different in what they were organizing for. And based on what the modern Hippies would like to do instead, if they came to power, perhaps less pot in the future and do your policy planing with more sober minds. I think Hipster would be a more accurate term for the so-called modern Hippie. People who'll do anything to seem hip and have a far-left bent in their politics. Because Hippie means someone who is very free-thinking and non-establishment and collectivist. Who doesn't fall for whatever the current fad is. And is able to think for them self even if the so-called popular will disagrees.