Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Rick Santroum: "Colleges Kill Religion, Push Liberal Agenda": Colleges Indoctrinating Students with Facts, how dare they

Imagine if we didn't have colleges in America or they were run by Religious and Neoconservatives. Actually we would be better off without colleges if Theocrats and Neoconservatives weren't running them. Because what are colleges for, to teach students what's going on in the World. What happened before and to teach people how to do things. To learn professions but if your a Neoconservative, you operate in a World of faith. In how you want it to be or how you believe it is and the hell with facts. Because they can get in the way of these Fundamentalist Beliefs. Because the way Theocrats and Neoconservatives see the World, its basically Fairy Land. Not in a sexual sense but its not real, its made up. So when students go to college and they learn what is actually happening in the World. And then they listen to someone like Rick Santorum, Theocrat, Neoconservative he fits in both camps. Where does Rick Santorum get his info.

Sen. Santorum is probably more qualified as a Cult Leader then a politician. College students think, where the hell does this guy get his info, does he live in the same World as I do. This is not what I see in college and the World. Not all homosexuals and viewers of pornography are immoral. Women aren't forced to go to work but a lot of them choose to go to work. I don't need a politician that lost his last Reelection Campaign by eighteen points. In a State that now has a Republican Governor and Legislature, telling me how to live my life. I find it hysterical when Theocrats and Neoconservatives who claim to love America. But they don't like Americans apparently or at least Americans who don't live in their small World.

Colleges indoctrinating their students with the truth, how dare they teach their students. How the World works, wait who said that. Isn't that what colleges are for, isn't that why they tend to cost 100K plus for a four year education. We want our college students knowing what's going on in the World. Otherwise we would just have a lot more ignorant Americans, something we can't afford.