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Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Sunday, March 4, 2012

She's The One Trailer: A Romantic Comedy about Real Life

I'm not a fan of Romantic Comedies by in large, they tend to be cheesy and cookie cutter to me. They all look alike generally speaking, like the Duel Purpose stadiums of the 1970s. That were designed for both football and baseball, sorry for the sports reference if your not a Sports Fan. But thats also why I like She's The One by Ed Burns who also stars in the movie as well. Because the movie seemed very real to me, about two brothers who weren't satisfied in life. But for different reasons, Ed Burns plays Mickey Fitzpatrick an Irish American from Brooklyn, New York, in case thats not obvious enough. Who was dumped by his ex fiance a few years ago for a much older and fatter man. And Mickey is a guy who's an ex Film Student and hasn't quite gotten over. Losing Heather played by Cameron Diaz, who as far as I'm concern She's The One. Is the only good movie and role I've ever seen her in but thats a different story. Who's now having an affair with Mickey's brother Francis played by Mike Maglone the Geico Guy. Francis is cheating on his wife played by Jennifer Anniston and Francis is a successful Wall Street investor. Making six figures with a great apartment in Manhattan, with a gorgeous sexy adorable intelligent wife. Yet he's not happy and is between his wife and mistress who doesn't see him as long term. Mickey is unsatisfied because he's a Cab Driver and not sure what he wants to do with his life. But falls in love with one of his customers, played by the gorgeous baby face Maxine Bahns. And they literally get married within twenty hours of meeting each other. Francis is doing great professionally but in between two women and feeling guilty about it.

John Mahoney a great Character Actor and an excellent Comedic Actor, plays Mickey and Francis's father and is unhappy. Because his sons are unhappy and is going through a "Down Cycle" as Francis calls it. Being the Wall Street titan he his with their mother, Mr. Fitzpatrick wants to spend the rest of his life on his boat. And Mrs. Fitzpatrick their sons mother actually wants to see her husband and has an affair with their Priest. Mr. Fitzpatrick is not sure how to help is sons and not sure about who Mickey married and thinks she might be an Illegal Immigrant. This movie is like a ninety minute Soap Opera but much better then that, because these characters seem so real. Mickey is a very intelligent and talented guy but a bit of an underachiever. Francis seem to have every going in his life but is not happy and and doesn't appreciate or realize what he has. Francis's wife doesn't know why he's unhappy and why they aren't having sex, with each other. And thinks Francis might be gay and Francis finally tells her he's having an affair. With Heather and Mickey finally finds out that Francis is having an affair with his ex fiance and goes ballistic. The movie is actually written by Ed Burns who's a very good Comedic Writer, who finds the people to deliver his material.

If you like actual Romantic Comedies and don't just see the latest one, just to see it and hope its good. But you know what your looking for and what a good Romantic Comedy actually is. And you have a quick sense of humor and don't need to hear humor thats obvious and used over and over. Then I suggest you see She's The One if you haven't yet, because thats exactly what you get from this movie. You need to a bit of a smartass to watch She's The One and get it, because thats the type of humor it is.