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Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Chuck Colson, Former Watergate Figure, Dies: A Former Inmate who Rehabilitated himself

When someone dies its fair to look at that person's entire life. Good and bad, because of course no one's perfect, so we all have good and bad. Things we have to be proud of, mistakes we made and things we wish we would've done better. Chuck Colson who was President Nixon's Chief Counsel, is a perfect example of this. Someone who was sent to prison. For his role on the Watergate Scandal, Obstruction of Justice. But along with Bob Haldeman and others, was one of President Nixon's, pardon the term. Sons of bitches, was one of President Nixon's Hatchet Men, part of the Dirty Tricks Operation in the White House. Someone who's job was to dig up dirt on the Democratic Opposition. Like Sen. George McGovern, Sen. Ed Muskie, Sen. Teddy Kennedy. Daniel Elsburg who was a Defense Analyst in the Pentagon, who released what would be known as the Pentagon Papers. The politics of the 1960s and 70s, make me want to be about 20-25 years older then I am. But thats probably the only reason.

Thats the bad Chuck Colson, who ended up going to prison for what his contributions to Watergate. But thats only half of the story, the good Chuck Colson is the guy. Who once he got to prison, realized that even though he was a very intelligent well educated man. With a Law Degree, founded himself doing tedious jobs in prison, like folding laundry. And sitting in Prison Cells, when he could be helping other Prison Inmates. With their Legal Defense or helping Inmates get their lives turned around after Prison. Help them get an education while in Prison, who noticed all the Prison Overcrowding. Who noticed all the people who were in prison for marijuana, drug use and possession. And saw these things as problems and wanted to do something about it. Which is why he created Prison Ministry's once he left prison. To help Ex Inmates get their lives on track.

Like Richard Nixon, Charles Colson will never be mistaken for a Saint. They both had their good and bad sides and depending on who they listened to. Their Saint or their Devil, was going to decide what type of people they were going to be. When Chuck Colson left prison, he decided to listen to his Saint and because of this. Was able to turn his life around and be able to help a lot of people. Who otherwise probably wouldn't of gotten it. Move forward with their lives. And make positive contributions to society.