Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Sunday, April 22, 2012

"Democrats: Obama Has Dicked Us Around For Four Years, Now It's Our Turn": Why Progressive Democrats are Disappointed with President Obama

Progressives are stereotyped as intelligent, well educated, open minded, reformers and willing to look and try new things. As well as living in either a big Northeastern City, like Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, Boston. Or living in Chicago or San Francisco or Los Angeles and look down at people who don't. I'll grant where Progressives tend to live. Which is why their Political Candidates don't tend to do very well outside of these areas. But the way they treated President George W. Bush, someone I voted against twice. And consider him to be the worst President, at least in my lifetime. Its hard to label Progressives as a group, open minded, as well as things like on Education Reform and other issues. Where they tend to be for the Status Quo. As open and reform minded, as well as supporting someone like Barack Obama as strong as they did. In 2008, because they saw him as a Progressive Democrat, thats common in Europe. Someone who would try to make America like Europe, which is what Progressives have been trying to accomplish since the 1930s at least. They saw Candidate Obama as the new George McGovern or Dennis Kucinich. But someone who could get elected.

If Progressives are so intelligent and open minded as a group and I'll admit they have their share. Of intelligent people, as well as ignorant people who say the wildest things. And have their own Conspiracy Theories, they would've done their research on Barack Obama. And instead of finding the next George McGovern, would've saw Bill Clinton or Jack Kennedy. Someone who doesn't believe the Federal Government has all the answers. And that we have to be creative and intelligent and how we deal with these issues. And that raising taxes or creating a new Federal Program or spending more money on a current Federal Program. Isn't always the best way to solve these problems. You would think with all the Progressives that go to Ivy League schools. They would've bothered to of do their research on then Sen. Barack Obama. And wouldn't now be so disappointed with him today.

I have my own issues with Barack Obama, he's not Liberal enough for me on Social Issues. And doesn't have enough respect for Civil Liberties on National Security. On things like the Patriot Act and Indefinite Detention and the War on Drugs. But I didn't vote for him in the Democratic Primary in 2008. And had a pretty good idea what we were getting from him as President. I've never seen him as a Saint or a God or voted for him because he's cool. Which is the main reason why a lot of young people voted for Sen. Obama for President. I feel no remorse for Progressives that worked as hard as they did and voted for him as President. And are now disappointed in him now.