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Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Friday, June 1, 2012

'General Hospital''s Laura Wright on Show's Extension: The Best Drama on TV Gets Extended

I don't watch a lot of Network TV except for sports and the occasional PBS Documentary and back in the day NBC Law and Order. Was my favorite TV Show outside of ABC Monday Night Football and as well as some Network News, CBS 60 Minutes is still a great show. ABC Nightline is no longer the same, give the whole show to Cynthia McFadden and maybe that will change and at risk of sounding like the only straight man. Who's watched ABC General Hospital enough and I don't watch it everyday or even in a regular basis. But have watched it enough to get a pretty good feel for it and its great cast, when I have watched it, its generally the replay on Soap Net. Which is actually surprising to me a good channel, if you have nothing else to watch but what I've seen from General Hospital, which by far is still the best show on ABC and this point is not saying much but its still a great show. But what I've seen from GH and yes this show has the stereotypical scenes, with Joe sleeping with Mary, so Mary doesn't tell Joe's wife Sally, that they use to have an affair and has pictures to prove that. And all sorts of things like that but GH is different, its more of a comedy/crime drama then a real Soap Opera.

General Hospital is not a stereotypical Soap Opera, its more of a Crime Drama, centered around Organize Crime in a made up town outside of New York City called Port Charles. With Maurice Benard, who's not only the best actor doing Soap Opera but perhaps the best actor on TV. Who I believe should be having a bigger career, working in movies, who plays Sonny Corintos a Mob Boss. But a Mob Boss with a conscience who's very charming and likable, who's been married like four times and none of his wives are criminals, they are all essentially Mob Wives and he has kids with all of them. Even though he's ordered the hits of people, also plays a very loving father, who loves his family and friends and will do anything, except give up Organize Crime, which is how he's raised his kids and given them practically everything. For them and still cares about his Ex Wives as well.

I'm someone who loves Mob Movies, Casino, Goodfellas, Donnie Brasco are three of my favorite movies of all time. Because they are all based on True Stories and played accuratlely so, as well as all being very funny. With Sunny Corintos reminding me of the Lucky character from Donnie Brasco, General Hospital is not a scandal driven Soap Opera, of who slept with who and is trying to screw the other over. But more like a Mob Movie and a TV Drama that has a lot more flare, creativity and character to it, as well as being more realistic. And if you are a fan of Sopranos, you should also check out General Hospital.