Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Greek Far-Right Man Launches TV Assault: Commies vs Nazi's, A Choice Between Nothing

A Greek Nazi, this is a first, I've never heard of that before, I would need to do some research on that, before I can write anything substantial about it, like lets say a blog, just to use an example. In Germany Nazi's are people who basically want to eliminate all non Ethnic Germans from Germany, especially Jews. If you are half German or 3/4 German or 1/4 German you wouldn't qualify as German to them. The German Nazi's killed other Non Germans not just Jews, like Slavs, French, Gypsies, Hungarians and others. So maybe a Greek Nazi is someone who wants to eliminate all non Ethnic Greeks, especially Turks but again I don't know but Commies attacking Nazi's and vice versa, is probably a good thing. Maybe they'll destroy each other and Greece will have less Statists to have to consider in voting for. Communists and Nazi's have one thing in common, a vote for them, is a vote to not vote again or at least not be able to vote for a non Communist or Nazi, depending on who's in power. Because they are both Statists and Authoritarian, at least with a Communist, you probably don't have to worry about being murdered because of you're ethnicity, so I guess Turks could sleep easier in Greece.

To say Greece is different from America or even Canada politically, would be like saying there are differences between the weather in Alaska and Florida. Greece is so far to the left, Socialists there are considered Center Left there, where they would be Far Left in America and perhaps even in Canada. The Center Left Party there is the Socialist Party and the Center Right Party there, would be like a Liberal Party in America but there Socialist Party actually believes in certain forms of State Socialism. The Greek Government owns Greek Airlines and Greek Islands or at least a lot of property on those islands, that they are considering selling off. To help get their National Debt and Deficit under control. The Greek Government is heavily invested in the Greek Economy, unlike in America or Canada. Big Government in America looks like a midget in Greece.

A political battle between Greek Communists and Greek Nazi's would be a good thing for Greece, maybe they'll knock each other off and not be a factor at all. And Greeks will figure out that a vote for a Communist or Nazi, is a vote not to vote again, I mean what would their message be. If for just the hell of it, they ran an honest campaign and Rush Limbaugh endorsed President Obama for reelection tomorrow. Same chances of happening for both, vote for me and I'll take away all Freedom and make you a Ward of The State.